Jenna's G pleasure - strap-on vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by MissFae

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Great until you have to pee...

This toy delivers what you would expect from it. The vibrations were surprisingly intense and I am happy with the feel, shape and positioning of it. Just don't strap it on when you're drinking!
Feels good, strong vibrations, easy control pack, reasonable price.
Tangly straps, not easy to remove in a hurry, not quiet enough to use in public.
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I enjoyed this toy a lot. It didn't seem to come with any offensive smells, it feels good inside me, the vibrations are intense, the straps hold it in place very nicely and are reasonably comfortable. I also like the control pack. Simple design and reliable function. The batteries lasted longer than I expected.

It would be nice if there were instructions for how to use the straps. The front ones are easy to figure out... the back one... I could only figure it's meant to go up my back, around my belly, then around to the back again to connect on the other side. That's be fine if I had a firm, flat belly, but it's not the most attractive thing for anyone prone to squishing.

When I first slipped it inside me I noticed that it has a really nice, full feeling, I love the pressure I can get against the opening of my vagina. The clit stimulator is just close enough to tease without giving me enough to get me off. The back nub... well if I want that to stimulate my anus I can press it up in that direction intentionally and it will stay there, but doesn't just fall into place the way you might expect. Still, it's a very nice added stimulation if I choose to make use of it.

Honestly, I had no serious complaints until the second time I went to use it and the straps are all tangled up. Why don't they come off so we can detangle them one at a time? I think they are PVC straps... like the clear bra straps you can get for a convertible strapless bra, so they're kind of sticky and with one loose end, they can get really tangled up. Being made to fit around a thigh they are very long too, a major undertaking to get straightened out. I did it though!

Ok, the straps are straightened and I'm ready to get it on. Again, I'm noting that as I do this, they are trying to re-tangle themselves along with the cord for the control pack. Why does the control pack have a jackpin connector but the toy doesn't? I got it straightened out anyways and went about some regular activities teasing myself with the toy under my clothes, then suddenly I had to pee. That happens to me sometimes...more often in the winter or if I've had a few drinks (in this case it was both). There just is not a quick enough, easy enough release to take it off/out for those times. I managed to get it off juuust in time, but it ruined my fun for the night. I was going to be drinking and couldn't take that risk.

My BF loved the idea of me teasing myself with it inside me for extended periods of time before I am able to relieve myself. It was quite a turn-on for both of us. It lead to very intense orgasms later. It is too loud to turn vibrations on around other people who are not aware of it. It is however, powerful enough to make up for that. I enjoyed the vibrations a lot. Using the thigh straps, there was something erotic about the thought that the further I opened my legs the harder it pressed into me, especially if I am trying to behave like a lady around other people.

Overall, this toy gets the job done, but could do with a couple design tweaks to make it more user-friendly. I would recommend it to others. The price is right and it does what it is supposed to.
My boyfriend would have liked to watch me inserting it, but the straps are such a complicated mess I couldn't figure out a webcam angle to make that work. Instead, once it was in and strapped on, I bent over in front of the webcam so he could see it positioned inside me and I took a glance back and liked what I saw too. It is a pretty esthetically pleasing toy, from that angle anyways.
Follow-up commentary
While this toy was novel and fun, it seems to have fallen to the bottom of my toybox. I just can't be bothered with the tangly straps and the more times I use it, the more uncomfortable they seem. I will still pull it out now and then when I need to mix things up a bit. For now, It's just too much effort.
I do have to give it credit for being the only toy I own that has lived through at least 6 uses with the motor still functioning. :D
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