Bnaughty unleashed - egg vibrator by B Swish - review by Carrie Ann

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Hello. My name is the Bnaughty Unleashed and I think batteries are teh nom!

The Bnaughty Unleashed is a nice toy, well made, well packaged, with a great concept. No wires to trip you up , the ability to hand the control to someone else and have it work so long as you're in the same room. Unfortunately, it chews thru batteries like a starved mouse thru an M&M, making it expensive and frustrating to actually use.
Nice, over sized bullet, waterproof, retrieval cord, no wires
Battery life makes this toy fairly useless
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The Bnaughty Unleashed is, as is obvious from the pictures, a wireless bullet vibrator. The bullet is oversized, large enough to be felt quite well when used internally - as opposed to smaller bullets which can feel a bit lost once tucked into a vagina - and controlled by a wireless remote.

Wireless! How awesome! No cords to get tangled up in and I can hand the remote to my partner and let him drive my orgasm from across the room! I can tuck it inside my vagina or panties and go out for dinner with a little, buzzing secret!

It can stimulate clit, nipples, vaginal canal, testicles, anywhere you like a bit of buzzing. It's a bullet... with no cords!

Unfortunately, it's like a relentless slot machine, always asking for more quarters - er, batteries - before you get the payout. I have never in my life seen a vibrator chew threw batteries quite like this one does.

Material / Texture

The Unleashed is made of plastic with a velvety, matte finish to it - a nice touch, as it gives a bit of drag and tug against the skin rather than being overly slick. It has no taste or smell, doesn't seem to retain odors much and gathers no lint. It is very firm, which can be uncomfortable if you get it pressed too hard against tender bits but which can also be wonderful for those who love pressure.

There is no extra stimulation to be received as there is no actual texture; while velvety to the touch, it's still completely smooth other than a slight seam where the bullet screws apart to insert the batteries.

This would be a great bullet for any level of user if it weren't so riddled with battery issues.

Design / Shape / Size

The Bnaughty Unleashed is, as mentioned, an oversized bullet. It has a tapered tip, an actual bullet shape, but unlike most bullets, it measures a full 3.5" long and has a thick, 1.5" diameter. This is super beneficial when using it as an insertable vibe (in your vagina, not your arse. this does not have any anal safety measures at all and your ass WILL swallow the retrieval cord) because it actually touches the sides of the vagina and can be felt really well. A lot of bullets slide so far in, hitting only areas that don't have a lot of sensitive nerve endings. The Unleashed does a great job of hitting the sensitive first few inches of the vaginal canal.

It is less effective as a clit vibe if you're going for hands free. It's a bit big to tuck into panties and stay put, though it works well if you're holding it in place.

The retreival cord works as intended but, because it's plastic, can be a little irritating if it rubs against your labia a lot.

It is quiet and quite discreet. The remote looks like it could control anything from a child's toy to automatic window blinds so anyone seeing it isn't going to question it. The bullet, especially inserted, is very, very quiet. You could easily use this out and about in a busy restaurant or club and no one would have a clue. It won't be heard thru a closed door and you could tuck it in a travel bag or purse without much worry - so long as you take the batteries out so it doesn't get bumped and turn on.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Bnaughty Unleashed is waterproof, sealed with an o-ring that is very effective. It performs well on dry land, in the shower and in the tub - though you want to keep the remote dry, so let your partner buzz you up if you're in the wetlands.

Vibrations are controlled via the remote, which is simple to use even if you're not the one feeling the vibrations. It has an on/off button and a dedicated button for scrolling thru the vibrational settings. It also has an LED screen that shows you which number of vibes you're on (1 - 10) and a little graphic that imitates the pattern you're on. This is awesome if someone else is controlling the vibe, since they can "see" what you're feeling.

Vibrations are felt in the entire bullet and are kind of buzzy - as vibrations tend to be in a plastic toy - but surprisingly not very strong. It runs on 3 N batteries in the bullet and a single A23 battery in the remote so you'd think you'd get a pretty strong vroom out of this thing - after all, push button mini bullets that run on 1 N battery are often quite powerful. Unfortunately for most, this one is weak to moderate in strength.

The patterns are interesting, the steady vibes work well for me, but I don't require a lot of oomph. Most do and this just doesn't provide it.

There is also the fact that the batteries are unusual sizes and can be spendy to replace - and you'll be replacing them a LOT.

For me, the included batteries for the bullet lasted about 15 minutes. The remote lasted quite a bit longer. It was nice that they included batteries for each but the life was so short I was entirely sure they were old batteries so I went and got some more. 6 N's for the bullet and an extra A23 for the remote. At this point, batteries have set me back a third the cost of the toy itself - and my fresh batteries didn't last any longer than the ones that came with the bullet.

Running this thing is like trying to run all the lights in Las Vegas on a car battery. You get "wwooooo, cool!" for a small flash of time and then... dead. Dark. Poof!

I do not understand why they didn't make this run on standard, AAA or AA batteries. They'd have given more power, lasted longer and been far more reasonably priced for replacement.

As a side note, the remote battery lasts forever. I'm still using the original. Anyone want the extra A23 I bought?

Care and Maintenance

You can wash your Unleashed any way you find easiest; spray cleaner, a toy wipe or rinse it with soap and water in the sink. It's waterproof so it'll be fine. You can even sanitize it with a mild bleach spray or alcohol wipe.

Wipe the controller down, if you need to, with a damp cloth.

Any lube can also be used, as plastic is non porous and non reactive to lubes.

Store it anywhere you like as it also won't react to other materials - though your jelly may react to IT.
Follow-up commentary
After trying the Couture Collection bliss egg, also a remote bullet, I realize just how fully awful and horrible the Bnaughty actually is.

I would be okay with the idea of it chewing thru batteries fast if it was effective but the range was not great, the strength was moderate and the fact that it stopped working, completely, almost immediately just makes this one a total fail.

It is now in a landfill somewhere.
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    Man shame it guzzles batteries urgh
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