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Her skin is like velvet, her face cut from stone.

The Pure is a luxurious upgrade from the basic traditional vibrator. A simple vibrator with no bells and whistles, it is a high quality toy with a strong, quiet motor. It is very non-threatening and would make a good first toy. Those who enjoy the simplicity of this style, but are looking for a quality toy will find this a delightful toy. However, those who need texture, fancier shapes, and patterns of vibration or Hitachi-level power may be disappointed.
Waterproof, strong, quiet, quality construction, beginner friendly.
Simple design, no patterns of vibration, doesn’t hold up well to squeezing.
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The Pure is a simple creature, like a swan among peacocks. Simple and elegant, hard yet velvety, with smooth, clean lines, she is neither showy nor extravagant. She is lovely in her simplicity, and yet I almost relegated her to the depths of the toy drawer by my own mistake. My grievous error was using average rechargeable batteries in the Pure, which unfortunately I cannot recommend (unless you have some of those super-rechargeables that don’t wimp out in your toys).

The Pure comes in a lovely padded storage tin, which is a very nice touch. Unfortunately, the tin, with its viewing window and descriptive print, is in no way discrete. That’s not going to keep it out of my desk drawer, though.

This is a classy reengineering of the basic traditional vibrator, with a few significant changes. The motor definitely got an upgrade, a very waterproof seal was added, and the body is both thicker and more strongly built.

Unlike your average basic vibrator, the Pure is built to last. The construction is solid, and the toy has heft without being heavy. The cap screws on and off easily and smoothly with no fuss. When wet or covered in lube, that cap is not going to budge; given that this uses a push button instead of a twist to change speeds, this is a great thing. No more accidentally opening the vibrator to the water when trying to adjust the speed in the shower!

At 1.25” in diameter, the Pure is definitely thicker than your standard basic vibrator, and on insertion most will feel every millimeter of it. The barely tapered head is very abrupt, making insertion more difficult than with a more tapered toy, even with generous amounts of lube. On the other hand, once in the shallow curve of the end makes it very noticeable inside, making thrusting much more interesting than with more tapered vibes. Also, there’s no hard point to poke at the cervix, which is a definite plus.

There are three power levels in the Pure, all of them steady vibrations. The very sensitive will find the lower two levels to be in a wonderful range, while the third level is significantly stronger, catering more to those who need strong vibrations to get off. Overall they are still relatively gentle, but they are a deep, thrumming sort of vibration that easily makes up for their lack in power. Bear in mind, if you need a Hitachi to orgasm, this is not the toy for you.

For more non-standard use, it has speeds gentle enough to drag tantalizingly over just about any tender erogenous zone; except inside the ass and on the eyeballs. Good luck explaining that one when you get to the emergency room.

The vibrations are centered in the top inch or two of the straight portion of the shaft. Unlike other vibes of similar design, the strength is much stronger at the sides than the rounded tip, so very pinpoint stimulation is difficult.

Unfortunately, the one flaw in the Pure’s motor is that it does not hold up well against squeezing or pressing until you get to the highest level. While the vibrations are still noticeable when squeezed, there is a severe drop in power on the first two levels. If you need pressure to get off, or tend to clench your vibrators right before and during orgasm, having the strength suddenly drop can be a nasty surprise.

I don’t ‘like’ discretely quiet vibrators, I absolutely adore them. Though it cannot match my beloved ideal for power, the sound level of the Pure won it a cozy place in my heart. Across the room, it never gets above a white-noise hum. Underneath blankets, this vibrator is a stealth machine.

While other, cheaper basic vibrators waterproof seal may fail you, the Pure's thick O-ring will protect your precious vibrator from the water. It passed the splash-proof shower test, with the velvety texture of the hard plastic making it easier to keep your grip on. This means an easy soap and water cleanup!

The waterproof test it passed with above and beyond the call of duty. I’ll be honest, I forgot that I was testing it and left it submerged in the sink for a few hours. The batteries never even got the memo that they were under water. So, it’s safe to use and lose your grip on in the tub. No guarantees about deeper water; it just wasn’t made for that, so take it scuba diving at your own risk.
At first, I was feeling rather let down by the power of the Pure, even after I changed the batteries. But my are those vibrations deep and thrumming. They are feel-them-through-your-jeans deep. I’m often impatient with my orgasms, I want to get off NOW. If I can’t get off quickly I get bored to the point of losing arousal.

With my Pure I’ve come to appreciate and enjoy longer, more drawn out sessions. The vibrations are deep enough to keep me interested, but gentle enough not to numb me. While I couldn’t tilt it far enough to reach my g-spot, like I can with more slender toys, this was not its designed purpose so I wasn’t too disappointed.

When I got a chance to use this for partner play, we had loads of fun. We passed it off between us, trying to think up new and unexpected ways to tantalize each other like: perineum massages, nipple teases, and light temperature play by running it under cold water.

It enhanced oral by laying the Pure against cheeks or jawbones. They we started running it over each others bodies in random designs, to see if we could get a flinch of pleasure. (Who knew the back of the knee, and the arch of the foot could be so sensual?) The Pure may be basic, but that translates to me to be a much more general-use toy instead of a very specialized one. No frills does NOT mean no thrills!
Follow-up commentary
While I enjoy the Pure, I rarely reach for it anymore. Don't get me wrong, the Pure is still a fun toy. If I remind myself to go use it, it still delivers. But it is a very plain toy, and I have other, far better "plain" toys. I still think this is a good, well-made, pleasurable toy. However, I personally need variety and novelty in my toys, and there just isn't much to set this above others for me, so newer toys have taken it's place.

I still would not hesitate to recommend the Pure as a first or second toy. It's great for those who don't need or want super-fancy, complicated, realistic, or ridiculously strong vibrators.
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