Jesse's vibro flex dong - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by SilverVixen

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Holy Big Shlong Jesse!

If you're hunting for a bigger, badder, heftier vibe, this is your 'guy'. Though the vibe is lacking in the power department, the impressive size is hard to come by. Definitely worth adding to your collection if you're a fan of unique items.
Attractive toy, silent, comfortable considering size and girth, BIG, flexible.
Not powerful, BIG, not many options for toying internally with such a large vibe.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Way to build a bigger vibe

The California Exotic Vibro Flex Dong|Jesse's vibro flex dong by California Exotic is probably one of the biggest vibes I’ve ever seen (let alone owned) in a very, very long time. Jesse's Vibro Flex Dong is definitely a looker; its transparent crystalessence pink shaft is covered with raised nubs and it narrows to a phallic shaped point. You can see the inner workings of the vibe; unique magenta colored flexor joints run the length of the shaft and the vibrator core is cleverly concealed so it definitely is a sexy looking toy. The vibe flexes and bends (almost completely in half) and the flexing is smooth and silent which is surprising considering the simplicity of the plastic joints. Aside from the initial intimidation factor of a near two inch diameter (5 ¼” circumference) vibrator that’s NINE inches long, I was a little nervous, but eager to take it on! Two AA batteries, and away we go.

It keeps going and going and going...

If you’re fortunate enough to gush like a fountain you could probably forgo the lube. But I’d say the average person might want a little extra lubricant simply based on the sheer girth of the vibe. I have a small pelvis so it took me a little while to get comfortable with this vibrator. Once the vibe is fully inserted, I can say from experience, nothing else will get by it. If you enjoy oral or manual stimulation in conjunction with vibrators, sorry, there’s no room for anyone or anything else with this inside. I couldn’t comfortably take the full length of this vibe, then again, it puts Ben English to shame so I doubt I’m the only girl who might have issues with the 'fully inserted’ size.

Shake Me?

You’d definitely expect a massive vibe to pack a massive punch but it’s quite the opposite, I actually think the motor in this vibrator in undersized. The vibrations seem to be absorbed into the framework and the end result, even on the highest setting, is not much stronger than the lowest speed on a traditional plastic vibe. The noise level is reasonable, but again, it really doesn't vibrate much! The flexor feature is a unique touch but it really isn’t feasible (at least in my case), the bulkiness of the vibe leaves little room to twist or flex it around. When the vibe is flexed it tends to slip out of position and does not stay securely in place for long.

Big Girls Won’t Cry

If you’re the type of girl that wants to feel completely filled with a comfortable vibe this is definitely one to try. The smooth, slick, pliable outer skin of the vibe is sensual to look at and equally pleasurable to play with. I would not recommend this vibe for a beginner but moderate to seasoned vibe enthusiasts would definitely appreciate the unique inner workings, shape, and overall heft/feel of this vibe. It won’t send you to the peaks of the Himalayas based on power alone, but what’s lacking in the ‘buzz’ department is made up for by hay~uge unadulterated shlong!
Be prepared to grab some extra lubricant. Take some time to toy first, play around externally, then slowly work up to inserting this vibe. It's a big vibe; no really, it's a BIG vibe.
Follow-up commentary
This vibe has fallen a little by the wayside. I still use it once in a while, but I really do prefer a smaller toy. I enjoy the fact that this vibe is large and flexible, but I usually reach for my smaller ones. Again this would be wonderful for queen sizes, or even those who enjoy a lot of length and girth, but this vibe is not my personal favorite (or even on a list of favorites). It still functions wonderfully though! So if a big vibe is what you want, I say go for it! It will definitely last!
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  • Once bent into a position, does it stay bent?

    Crystalessence is porous- use a condom if sharing! 
  • Dame Demi
    Yes, I, too, am wondering if this "locks" into a bent position, or just flexes with movement?
  • Essin' Em
    I had a bendy vibe that made HORRIBLE noises when you bent it -- do you have that same problem?
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    This does look nice but it's a shame that it's not more powerful
  • SilverVixen
    Hi thanks for commenting! I wanted to post a message to let you know that when the vibe is bent into any position, it does stay in that position and will still vibrate. The vibrations really aren't that strong as I mentioned in the review, but you can still feel them when the vibe is bent. The noise level doesn't change when it's bent that I've noticed. Thanks for asking! :)
  • SilverVixen
    Again, the vibe does stay bent when flexed, but it will not "lock" into place, it flexes slightly with movement.
  • Nashville
    Use a condom period, doesn't matter whether or not you're sharing! Keep it and yourself clean.. condoms will also prolong the life of your toy.
  • lamira
    Great review, thanks!!
  • ShadowKitten
    thanks for the review ^^
  • zracer
    Great review
  • beemonkey
    Thanks for the review
  • Breas
    great review!
  • Tbanda
    Appreciate great review!
  • J Peach
    This was the first vibe I ever had. I loved it.
  • Ms. Summer
    thanks for the review
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