Getaway Luxe - g-spot vibrator by Nomi Tang - review by Ryuson

Getaway Luxe

G-spot vibrator by Nomi Tang

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How did I live without this?!

Do you like spaceships? Do you like strong, rumbly vibrations? Do you like body safe, waterproof toys? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, GET THIS TOY NOW! I have to admit that this has beaten out almost all of my other toys as my new favorite, and not just because of my science fiction obsession. It's a great addition to anyones collection, no matter how many toys you have.
Powerful, quiet, waterproof, safe materials, badass controller, rumbly, spaceship
Not rechargeable for the price
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This vibrator is for people who want a piece of fine handywork that will become their new go-to toy. Vibrators, unlike most dildos and plugs, are motorized. This makes them slightly less realistic, but they are more intense than non-motorized toys.

This toy is mainly intended for vaginal insertion. The large, rounded tip makes it great for g-spotting, but not quite as intense or likely to get caught on your pubic bone as the Getaway Wild. The smooth design is very easy to thrust with, and it doesn't have much drag to it at all.

While it's a great length for insertion, this toy is also great for external stimulation. The large head is great for broad stimulation, and since the motor is located at the tip it has enough oomph to please most ladies, even if you're bordering on 'clit of steel' status.

Anally, this toy can be used if you're experienced and careful. The 'fins' on the base will prevent it from accidentally slipping in if you're keeping an eye on it, but this shouldn't just be left inserted like a plug, or even a vibrator with a 'real' flared base. The curve would also make it great for prostate stimulation.

If you're looking for a toy to introduce into a relationship, one of the Getaway toys would actually be a pretty good choice. It's versatile, powerful, and does not look like a piece if male anatomy. As long as your partner doesn't get too enthusiastic while thrusting, which can cause bruising with the firm material, this would be a great couples toy.

Similarly, this would actually be a great first toy in general. It's got both very weak settings and very strong settings, it's slim enough for those who aren't as used to insertion, and it has a slight g-spot curve for newbies to play around with.

This toy 100% passes Ryu's dorm seal of approval. Being waterproof, quiet, and an easy to care for material it's a great toy to use either in the dorm showers or while your roommate is out for a few hours. It also has a separate off button if you have to shut it down in a hurry.
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    • Couples
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Anal
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    • G-spot

Material / Texture

This toy is made of silicone coated plastic. Silicone is rated a 10 out of 10 on the safety scale, while plastic is rated an 8 out of 10 on the safety scale. They are both nonporous and body safe, meaning that bacteria can't get inside of the material and cause infections and that they don't contain any nasty chemicals that can leak into your skin.

Silicone is a soft, pliant material. It's one of the few materials that get a perfect 10 on the Eden Scale. It's safe to boil on its own, but because there are plastic components to this toy you can not boil it. Silicone does have a bit more drag to it than plastic, but weather that is 'good' or 'bad' is a personal preference.

Plastic is a very rigid material, but is still one of the safest available on the site. You can't boil it to disinfect it, but you can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. This is the best way to disinfect the Luxe. It has no give to it at all, making it one of the less realistic materials.

The silicone is a bit of a lint magnet, but has relatively little drag. A bit of lube may be needed, especially if you haven't done much 'warming up' before trying to insert it, but a little bit goes a long way.

Even though silicone is a soft material, there is a very thin layer over the hard plastic. Because of that, this toy has no give to it anywhere. It's not 'squishy' like some silicone toys that have plastic components, and actually feels similar to some 'velvet touch' toys.

Both plastic and silicone are great materials for both beginners and advanced users. They're going to last at least as long as the electrical components because they don't degrade, and they're safe to switch partners and orifices as long as you disinfect in between.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Fair and square, the entire Getaway line looks like space ships. This sexy fleet features wings, aerodynamic 'hulls,' and flashing indicator lights. Luckily for those who wouldn't drop $80 on a vibrator JUST because it looks like a spaceship, this design is lovely for stimulation.

There are three different 'intensities' in the curves of the Nomi Tang Getaway line. The Getaway Pure is almost not a g-spot vibrator at all, and has a very subtle curve. This is best for people who have a major problem with things getting caught on their pubic bone or don't really like g-spot stimulation. The Getaway Luxe, this toy, is meant for people who like light, soft g-spot stimulation. Finally, the Getaway Wild is for people who love intensity and toys with very pronounced shapes.

The Getaway Luxe is 8.5 inches long, with 6 inches of that being insertable. This is about 'average' in length for vibrators, and is going to be long enough for most people to reach their g-spot. I personally only need to insert it about 3.5 inches, and the rest acts like a longer handle. This long length also makes it easy to use externally.

It's also about 4.25 inches thick at the widest point. This is a bit thinner than average, but it's still thick enough to provide a bit of a 'filled' feeling. This would be a good girth for people who are used to penetration with average sized toys/penises, but it may be a bit large for people who aren't used to thicker things. Size queens also might reach for one of their larger toys, because this certainly isn't going to make you feel 'stretched.'

The tip of the Luxe is much thicker than the shaft, so it's good for feeling filled internally but not feeling 'stretched' at your entrance. This shape also makes it more comfortable to thrust with, especially for people who are a bit of a girth wimp, like myself.

The way that the batteries are inserted is also actually pretty cool. When you unscrew the base, a small plastic loop sticks out. If you pull on this, an entire plastic casing where the batteries snap into comes out. You then place the two AAs into this and slide it back in. It makes it impossible for the batteries to get stuck in your toy.

In all, this toy is wonderfully designed. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it's extremely functional. The curved g-spot tip is good for people who like mild stimulation, and the girth is very comfortable to thrust with.

Here's the Luxe VS a pencil:
Luxe VS Pen 2
Luxe VS Pen 1

The battery case:
Luxe Batteries

What the control pad looks like:
Luxe Buttons

And a close up of the curve:
Luxe Curve
    • Ergonomic
    • Futuristic
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Now here's where things get awesome. This vibrator is fairly strong, fairly rumbly, and the deep vibrations are located at the tip of the toy where they are the most useful. This, though, isn't enough for me to find a vibrator amazing after trying hundreds of them.

The thing that makes this toy special is the control panel. There are two 'buttons' on the base. The top one is a power button, and just turns it on and off in general. The second, the white stripe you see in the pictures, is the 'touch slider.' This is not actually a button, but is a sensor.

The sensor can be used through fabric (and even works through the thick fabric of the storage bag) but doesn't work with a pencil. You swipe your finger down (away from you while in use) to make the vibrations stronger when it's on the solid pattern, and you swipe it up (towards you) to make them weaker.

When the toy is on one of the patterns you can swipe your finger up to slow the pattern down, and down to speed the pattern up. Though it speeds up and slows down the patterns, they stay the same 'intensity', which is about a high on the steady vibrational mode.

If you want to lock the toy (because it is actually fairly easily to accidentally move your finger over the sensor and change the settings) you can hold the base of the sensor for two seconds. This turns the logo red and locks it. You can hold it for two more seconds to unlock it.

To switch from one setting to the next, you have to place your finger over the blue Nomi Tang symbol for two seconds. The patterns are as follows:

1) Solid
2) bbbbBBBB bbbbBBBB

While it doesn't have the variety of patterns that some toys offer, the ability to speed them up and slow them down certainly gives me enough variety to be happy. I'd say that on high this is about a 3.5 vroom and a 1.5 bee. The low noise level makes this great for people who need to be discreet, either because they have roommates or thin apartment walls.

This toy is also entirely waterproof. I have used it in the shower and submerged it for cleaning, and neither time did I notice any water in the battery compartment afterwards. This makes it awesome to use either solo or with a partner to make getting clean a more enjoyable experience.

It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to the functions and controls of a vibrator, but this one has done it. Between being super futuristic, functional, and offering a wide variety of rumbly vibrations I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't need Hitachi power.
    • Discreet sound
    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

The Getaway Luxe is both very easy to store and very easy to clean. The smooth, silicone shaft has no ridges or places that gunk could get stuck in. There is a slight seam where the battery compartment connects with the rest of the toy, but because it's so far down I have had no issues with it being tough to clean.

You can wash this toy with soap and water, an antibacterial toy cleaner, or even a toy wipe. If you want to switch orifices or users, you can disinfect this toy by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. This prevents the spread of bacteria and infection.

I store this toy in a cool, dark place with the rest of my toys. I keep it in the provided storage bag, and it's a good idea to do this in order to keep the silicone from coming in contact with any other silicone toys. Silicone can potentially react with other silicone-based materials and leave you with a ruined toy. For similar reasons, you should not use silicone based lubricant with this toy.


This toy comes in just plain AWESOME packaging. It's sturdy, classy, but still presents it like a sex toy and not some medical device. There are two layers to this awesome packaging.

The first layer is the outer 'slip.' This is a very thin cardboard box that goes around the actual box. On the front is the brand name and little else, on the back is some basic information, and on the side is some 'pictograph' information and an image of the toy inside.

When you remove this you get to the real box that it is held in. This is very hard plastic, and opens up on one side. The only marking on this box is the Nomi Tang logo. Inside is the toy, a manual, and the storage bag presented on silky, white fabric. I would LOVE to wrap this up and give it as a gift, just because it's so classy. The storage bag is also one of the highest quality I've ever gotten with a toy.

Here is the outside:
Luxe Front
Luxe Back

The inner box:
Luxe Inner Box
Luxe Box Open

And the bag:
Luxe VS Bag


This toy has been on my wishlist for a while, mainly because it looked like a spaceship. Once I got into Tantus toys, silicone dildos, and toys that were on huge sale, though, it slipped out of my mind and my 'next cart' wishlist.

I got this to review and, let me tell you, I haven't been so excited for a package to arrive in quite a while! Something told me that this was going to be a keeper. I was 100% right.

Everything about this toy works for my body, from the shape to the type of vibrations. The controls are intuitive and futuristic, and it's quiet to boot! To the Eden community who let me go so long without making me buy this toy... How could you?!

Seriously, though, this toy is amazing. If you're interested in a high quality toy, and can look past the fact that it's not rechargeable, this is for you. The three different designs of this line mean that almost anyone (unless you need Hitachi power or something thicker than average) will be able to find one that will work for their body. This is a TOTAL 5 star toy.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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