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G vibe

G-spot rabbit vibrator by Fun Toys

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I expected a lion, but got a kitten

After reading more about the Perineal Sponge, I feel like this style of toy could really be a hit - but not this one. It needs to go back to the drawing board and acquire some sass and brass.
Unique(ish), well made.
Weak vibrations, not much pressure from the split
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Like the Split Dildo, the G-Vibe is split in order to (in theory) stimulate the two "spots" inside the vagina - the G-Spot and the lesser-known Perineal Sponge (PS-Spot here on out). For many women, the PS-Spot can produce sensations similar to the G-Spot and perhaps is what you're feeling when you are having anal sex/ using an anal toy and feel it press up against something awesome. It's usually only noticeable, though when the person is aroused. Like other sexual organ parts it becomes engorged with blood; it compresses things and makes for a tighter fit in the vagina.

G-Vibe, though, offers vibrations and the company has given a lot of various "suggested use" options. You can have the whole thing inside the vagina, of course. You can have the lower prong inside the vagina stimulating the PS-Spot and the upper prong along the vulva and clitoris. You can even apply it to the penis or balls if that strikes your fancy. You can grasp the tips, turn it upside down, and surround your clit with the prong tips (but I found that this put the dual motors off balance and threw them into an uneven tizzy). We tried most of the 8 suggested uses and didn't find a winner with any of them due to the low-end surface vibrations and the very pliable prongs. In fact, this was my general reaction to all of the suggested uses:
This vibe would work best for those who have a very sensitive clitoris, and who don't enjoy thick insertables. The split action is supposed to create a feeling of fullness inside the vagina without stretching the vaginal opening, but the split part is just too flexible and pliable to really give any real pressure.
  • Who / How / What
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    • Couples
    • Solo
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

Mostly made of silicone, with exception of course to the decorative plastic bits. The silicone is very silky, soft and has a matte finish. It doesn't attract too much lint & fur. They manufacturer says that it is water-resistant, but not waterproof, despite a power-adapter port that seems to be very well secured. But, whatever they say, goes.

The prongs are VERY flexible and not at all painful. I think they could stand to be a little more firm, actually. The motors are located in the tips of each prong.

Design / Shape / Size

The handle works out pretty well. I was able to hold it from two different angles and access the buttons, but yet not be able to too easily turn it off. The toy is pretty big overall and it wouldn't be easy to hide.

As I said above, it's not as intimidating as it looks. It can be a little difficult to use in the original, intended manner if you are built like me or lack flexibility (I have short arms, and a big belly AND lack flexibility). You have to hold the prongs together at the tippy top, you cannot just jam Squidward here into your hole and hope for the best. This maneuvering means, for me, awkward and uncomfortable positioning contortions. In fact it was damn near impossible for me to insert this. I had to contort and reach to basically shove my fingertips, along with the tips of the vibe, up inside of me to get it started. By the third test run I was not at all looking forward to using the toy. Since the prongs are so pliable and the split requires very little pressure to stay closed, I don’t really feel what the company advertises. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t aroused enough, after all the awkward positioning and dreading, for the PS-Spot to want any attention but the bit of vibrations that I felt on the posterior vaginal wall just made me feel a little like I had to poop. My g-spot requires a decent amount of pressure OR an intense level of thuddy vibrations, neither of which the G-Vibe could ever come close to offering.

The company gives you a storage bag but due to the design, this toy just isn't very easy to hide away and be discreet. There is no "vibration lock" feature.

If you keep the prongs together, the G-Vibe is 1.5" at the widest point. If you use only one prong, it is just a hair over 1" wide. When you use only one prong, it's more of a tongue shape. When the two prongs are together, it's still more oval than round. The split only goes about 3.75" down, so you're limited to about 3.5" if you use one prong. I really don't see how you'd manage more than 5" insertable with the prongs together.
Flexible G-Vibe - A little too wimpy
The prongs just aren't conducive to vigorous thrusting. It just doesn't work like that. You should probably be the type who enjoys mild pressure and mild vibrations, with a little thrusting/movement.
    • Futuristic
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are 3 buttons - Increase/On, Pattern Mode, Decrease/Off. The buttons are nearly identical to the Lelo Insignia line and the vibrations even remind me of early Lelo and the Insignia Isla – very surface-buzzy and moderate at best. More bark than bite, actually – sure it’s “quiet” but it’s not “nearly silent”; yet even so the noise is more intense than the vibrations. There are two motors, one in each tip. At high speed the vibrations may fool you into thinking that they have potential, if you barely touch the thing, but any pressure at all gives you faux-vibrations. I’ve experienced this before in toys: the Extase Liberte, the original Lelo Tiani, and the Picobong Honi to name a few. It has the sort of vibrations that force you to try the patterns hoping, in vain, that the rapid-fire changing of the motor will give you something that maybe feels like a little more oomph. And in fact the final pattern does. Those staccato every-3-seconds bursts of just enough more intensity end up frustrating you more than anything. It tells you that the motor might have had the potential to eke into the realm of rumbly but stopped 2 miles from the border. Funtoys describes the G-Vibe as having “six modes with changeable intensity from light tremors to intense vibration”. The “intense vibration” part of that statement couldn’t be more wrong.

There are various speeds, I think I counted 6, and there are 6 patterns. They're best shown than explained, as FunToys did:
You'll get 2 hours at full/mostly full oomph level, and then 2 more hours of half-ass power level before it dies. Roughly. Initial charge is 8 hours, but it does arrive with a partial charge. Recharge seemed to be around 6 hours from dead, but I didn't time it perfectly.
    • Easy to use
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Weak

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning is the same as any silicone vibrator. Wipe it down, soap and water are fine. Toy wipes if you want to use it at night without having to then get back out of bed.

Since not all silicone lubes are incompatible with all silicone sex toys, I did the patch test and used a Hybrid Wet brand lube and a plain silicone Wet brand lube with absolutely no issues.


The box is pretty. It has some fancy artistic drawings which are nice to look at, but the box isn't discreet enough to make me ok with displaying the drawings. The lid is kept on magnetically and it folds off and back. Inside the vibrator rests on a cut-out foam bed to display it. I think that they used a bad glue in putting the foam bed into the cardboard backing, because it smells bad. Not super overpowering, but it was enough that the vibrator retained an odor for at least a week outside the box. The drawstring bag kept that odor too.

You can lift up the foam bed to access the other bits inside like the USB-only charging cable, the drawstring bag (which is made of a nice, synthetic nylon-ish material, nothing like the satin bags we're used to) and the manual. I have mixed feelings on the USB-only charging. It's great, if you're able to have a vibrator plugged into a UBS port. If you're not, then I hope you have a wall plug adapter that you can plug the USB cable in to.

Personal comments

If you ever read a review on the Split Dildo which complained about it being painful and applying too much pressure, you'll be surprised at how passive the G-Vibe feels. The ideal "split" would be somewhere in between these two.

Also, I really feel like the design and colors are lifted a little too much from Lelo's Insignia line.

Despite my skepticism, I WAS able to make the weird design work (sort of) as a dual stimulator. But of course, the only part of my vagina being stimulated is that back wall and it just wasn't that into it. The other prong did touch my clitoris but the vibrations were too weak for me to care.

I was torn about my rating. I do very much dislike this toy, but at the same time I feel like the idea has potential. As this particular one stands, though, I just can't really recommend it to anyone but the absolute most sensitive.


I think that, honestly, the split thing could work if it was just a little more....assertive. In the split, in the vibrations, everything. As it stands though, it's pretty weak and wimpy and just did nothing for me. If the motors were more deep & rumbly like the We-Vibe Tango/Salsa, Je Joue Uma or Mimi then I might be singing a different tune. But as it is, when it's inside of me I can barely tell that it's split. There is something different about the sensations but just not enough to matter.
Follow-up commentary
I've shown this to others, in hopes that my opinion is just from a jaded standpoint...but others have agreed that the vibrations are just not good enough. That's really the biggest flaw, because with better vibrations the lack of pressure could be overlooked.
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