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I'm going to get lucky; my Roulette experience part 3.

Lady Luck is not on my side when it comes to the Roulette Lucky 11. It's a very nice silicone toy that is girthy, offers decent power, and has waterproof capabilities, but it just didn't do the trick for me. I have a very hard time reaching climax so if that is your case I'd skip the Roulette line and look somewhere else.
Too girthy for some
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The Roulette Lucky 11 by Evolved is a traditional vibrator designed for vaginal stimulation. It can also be used for clitoral stimulation as well. I was not able to insert this all the way due to its larger size so I primarily used it to stimulate externally.

It does not have a flared base so I would not recommend using it anally.

You can use this solo or with a partner inserting it for you.

It's considered waterproof so you can take this along with you in the shower, bath, or pool for a little bit of excitement in the water.

It is best for those who prefer girthier toys with moderate texture.

Material / Texture

The Roulette Lucky 11 is made out of silicone and plastic. The toy itself is the silicone and the handle is the plastic. Silicone is a non-porous material that rates a 10 on the Eden safety scale and plastic rates an 8. Both materials are considered to be a food grade material, hypoallergenic, latex free, and phthlates free.

It has a visible seam at the handle, but not on the toy itself. The upper half of the toy is semi-flexible, wheras the bottom half is firm. The texture at the shaft is like two lassos spread out in a stretched out O fashion.

I was not able to insert this all the way, but the texture couldn't be felt for me when it was inserted. I don't know if I have the inability to feel texture, so this may be different for you.

It does not have any smell or taste.

It is best suited for those who enjoy textured toys and not smoother toys.

Design / Shape / Size

It has an overall length of 8" with an insertable length of 5 1/4". It is 4 1/2" around at the top, 5 1/2" in the middle, 5 1/4" at the bottom right above the battery cap.

Due to its larger size, it's not suited for beginners, it's best for those who prefer girthier toys. I prefer thinner toys, but I went on a buying spree to try the Roulette line to see if I might accidentally like a larger size.

Just because it doesn't have a phallic shaped head, doesn't mean this couldn't be easily recognized as a sex toy. If discretion is important to you, I would suggest keeping it stored away.

You could easily travel with this in a larger purse or bag. Just be sure to remove the batteries first.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Roulette's have what I call a mix breed of vibrations they're somewhat rumbly yet at the same time sumewhat buzzy as well. The vibrations are located throughout the entire length of the toy. I'd consider the vibrations a low 4 Vroom. Unfortunately for me, I'm not able to climax with it, but that may not be the case for you. I have a very hard time reaching climax so unless it's a higher 5 Vroom I might as well expect no success.

It has a very easy to use twist dial control to turn the Roulette on and increase or decrease the power. The twist dial is located at the bottom of the handle. To use, twist up to increase the power and down to decrease the power. Again, it's very simple to use. I'm not a fan of twist dials because I want to have set vibration levels that I can go back to.

There's a purple line distinguishing the battery cap from the toy. Twist off and pull up to remove the cap. It requires 2 AA batteries that were not included.

It is considered to be waterproof, and I did not have any issues using it in the water.

It can be heard by someone in a room with you, but shouldn't be heard through thin walls or a closed door.

Care and Maintenance

It is really a lint magnet picking up stray hair and debris so I'd suggest washing it before and after each use.

Since it's waterproof, cleanup is a breeze! All you need to do is simply run it under the water with anti-bacterial soap or you can use your favorite toy wipe or cleaner.

Only water based lubricants need to be used with this toy.

I store this in a Edenfantasys bag in my closet.


I really like how Evolved packages their toys. The Roulette line is no disappointment, they come in a hard plastic container with a metal clasp on top that can be used for storage or used to store various household items in. I haven't come up with a use for mine yet, but I'm saving them because I have a feeling I will one day.


I have all but two Roulettes, and my experience with each and every one of them is the same. I have the inability to fully insert them because they're too girthy for me. The vibrations are too weak for me to be able to climax with. I ordered all my Roulette's at the same time so I did not know this was going to be the case for me or I would not have ordered them all.

If you are wondering how the Roulette's compare to each other, they all have the same amount of power, but some are disbused differently than others.

I'm going to give it 3 stars out of 5. I'm deducting two stars for my personal experience with it. For me it was too girthy for me to effectively utilize the entire toy and it did not have enough power that I require to achieve satisfaction. However, it's still a highly crafted toy that will be perfect for some and should last a long time.
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  • Allstars316
    I'm sorry this also didn't work out for you. The search continues...wonderful review!
  • Femme Mystique
    Your review was great, but I guess I'm a little confused. I understand that you're rating your experience with the toy, but if you know ahead of time that a toy is too thick from experience with toys of similar proportions, 1.) why review something that you know doesn't work with your anatomy and 2.) if you do decide to review it knowing this information, why mark the rating down for it? I'm not trying to be critical of you, because I generally think your reviews are great, I just don't understand rating a toy down due to the fact that you already know it doesn't work with your body. Perhaps you have a totally good reason for it though, and I'm open to hearing that too.
  • unfulfilled
    I actually didn't know that the Roulettes were going to be too big for me until I got them. They were the first toys I had gotten that were thicker than I normally get. It was one of those, my eyes thought it would work but my intimate parts didn't allow it. That's why I rated it the way I did because it happened to not work for my anatomy. I didn't buy them individually, I bought all of them on the same day.
  • mpfm
    I'm sorry you didn't "accidentally" like girthier toys. That line cracked me up. I really do hope you find the perfect toy for your body soon.

    My Lucky 11 will arrive later this week. I am not so sure I will like it as well as the others because it doesn't have a tapered head. I figure it will at least be good externally if I don't like it inside.

    Thanks for the great review.
  • xMila
    Great review, thanks for sharing! Sorry it didn't work for you.
  • Kitka
    Sorry this didn't work out for you but fantastic review nonetheless! Thanks for sharing it with us
  • unfulfilled
    That's the thing, if they don't work for me internally, they'll usually work for me externally, but it wasn't strong enough to do it that way either.
  • Beneath The Bed
    Great review and pictures. Thanks!
  • TheSinDoll
    It's hard to review a toy that just didn't work for your anatomy. I had to do that for Fifi. Very well made toy, but it just didn't work for me, personally. However, I didn't count off for that. We have to keep in mind that everyone writes reviews differently.

    Nice job. This review was extremely useful to me, period.
  • Arch600
    Thanks for the review. My wife isn't very sensitive to texture either. Sorry the Roulette line isn't working out for you.
  • LUCKY69
    thnks for the review!
  • ejrbrndps
    Great. Thanks
  • iabicpl09
    Thank you
  • ARPKasso
    Thanks for the review.
  • Real or memorex
    Thanks for the great review.
  • monkey87
  • Wicked Wahine
    Thanks for the review! The comparison photo of all the roulettes was nice to see. Thanks for describing the type of vibes as well as the strength.
  • snowminx
    Why would you buy almost all of them without testing at least one out first???
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