Crystal Teaser - rabbit vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Darling Dove

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I'm in love. Completely, totally in love

Coming into this toy, I wasn't sure what to expect. I'd never owned a rabbit before, and had heard so much bad news about the cheaper (under $80) rabbits. However, my expectations were met - and exceeded by this outstanding toy.
Power, functions, features, easy to clean, beautiful.
It's a little loud, but that's fine with me!
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Now I know, rabbits truly are a girl's best friend- screw diamonds.

The box is simple, it lists functions and vibration speeds, says not to submerge the toy, and it promotes the healthiness of TPR. I do not believe it is TPR silicone since I have another TPR Silicone toy and it was very tacky to the touch. This toy is not tacky to the touch at all, and is as easy to clean as my pure silicone toys, in fact a bit easier since even pure silicone is pretty tacky to the touch. It has very little scent, but what is there is a new-sneakers like scent that you must sniff the toy to detect.

The material is surprisingly soft - softer than my jelly toys, yet not so soft that you can't feel the texture on the toy. The clitoral stimulator especially benefits from the softness since it allows it to caress your clit rather than being pokey. The stimulator is also very flexible allowing it to bend if you insert a lot of the toy.

Feature wise, the head rotates, the beads rotate, and the clitoral stimulator vibrates. The head and bead rotation is controlled with the same set of buttons, so you can't control these separately, but the clitoral stimulator has its own set of buttons so you can have it on or off separate from the shaft features. This toy also has programmed functions and they are as follows:

Function 1
Shaft does half circles back and forth, to rub the g spot.
Clitoral stimulator pulsates a simple bzz-bzz-bzz-bzz pattern.

Function 2
Shaft does shorter, faster rubbing back and forth.
Clitoral stimulator does faster short pulses with long pulses every so often.

These are the only functions - the box says it has three functions, I guess they are referring to either the three things the toy does (head rotation, bead rotation, and clitoral stim) or they are counting straight vibration/rotation as a function.

Speaking of the rotating and vibrating - these are both fully fleshed out features, both have a full range of speeds and are very well done, however the vibration may be surprisingly strong for some - I only needed the lowest speed to get off. The shaft is stimulating enough from me that in my opinion it does not need vibration- moreover the clitoral stimulator is so amazingly strong that the vibes carry over a little to the shaft. Oh- and this toy has a main on/off button too! No cycling though all the speeds to turn it off!

This toy is loud.. not Hitachi loud, but significantly loud- you need to live alone, with someone who is okay with hearing it, or you need some alone time to use it. It takes 4 AAs and you can feel it, as the bullet in the clitoral stimulator is hands down the most powerful I have ever felt, and the vibrations transmit excellently to the tip of the stimulator. The vibrations are deep, not too low pitched but enough to give you a great orgasm even without using the shaft functions at all.

I apologize for only now getting to my personal opinion.. But there is so much to explain about this toy. Every feature is well done, every function is effective, and it's just so epically powerful. It brought me to orgasm faster than I thought possible, and the beads didn't jam or stop at all while inserted. Aesthetically, it's beautiful, water clear, and the toy really seems high quality despite the simple and slightly generic appearance of the box. Every chance I have to use this toy, I will. It has completely changed my outlook on rabbits and I have to wonder if this is an outstanding fluke or a mistake in pricing because I can see nothing on this toy that says it is cheap, or it wont last. The only 'cheap' thing is minor, there is a slight seam on the toy but you can't feel it and it doesn't make it harder to clean.

I wholly recommend this toy to absolutely everyone who likes rabbits - or even people new to rabbits like I was. The shaft is a comfortable size, and soft to the touch, and the clitoral stimulator is strong but flexible enough to accommodate most girls' anatomy. I truly LOVE this toy. I don't have one bad thing to say about it. Even the noise doesn't bother me, for how awesome it is.
Personally, this toy was perfect for me. It fit my anatomy well, every thrust would being a welcome flicker to my clit, and deeper thrusts would hug my clit and vulva, vibrating strongly and just where I needed it. The tip of the stimulator REALLY moves, flicking back and forth or up and down depending on the speed or function- I'm not sure what exactly changes to make the direction change, but if you just look at it, you can notice and the range of motion is simply incredible, especially with the tip flicking so fast it's just a blur.

The soft material makes the flickering stimulator feel amazing with even light pressure, comparable to an oscillating toy due to the movement. With pressure, the bullet vibrator will nestle closer to your clit and give deeper, more general vibrations.

The shaft and beads continue working even when I clenched around them during orgasm- it took a firm grip with my hand to even come close to stopping the beads, and since the inside of one's vagina is usually soft, I don't think there is much possibility of them becoming stuck or jammed inside you. The beads and rotation is easily felt inside - very different if you're only used to standard vibrating insertables, but very pleasurable nonetheless. The toy would press against my g spot every time it rotated around, providing me excellent stimulation even without thrusting. However, even when thrusting vigorously, the toy holds up. It didn't stop or get damaged at all, and it was nothing short of a completely orgasmic experience.

I cannot recommend this toy enough- the material is soft and supple, and easy to clean, and the features and functions work well.

Of course.. it is porous, so please do clean it well with toy cleaner or soap and water (be careful not to get the controller wet, and do not submerge the toy) or use a condom over the shaft. I don't believe there is much that could be done to cover the clitoral stimulator. This toy should not be shared without a condom with any partner to whom you are not fluid bonded with (aka anyone you yourself wouldn't have no-barriers sex with). But, who am I kidding? Once you use this you wont WANT to share it! I certainly wont be sharing mine anytime soon.

UPDATE: I don't have enough room to put this in the normal review- but I have found ONE small problem with this toy.

If you insert the toy so that you are clenching around the part just below the beads - the surface of the toy CAN get caught and twisted by the beads. It does not happen every time, and if you use enough lube, most likely wont happen at all. Moreover.. the toy seems to have been programmed to encounter this. I have never just let it sit there stuck (I don't want to break it) but when you notice it slowing down, just press the off button and it will untwist itself.
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  • ToyGeek
    Oops, you made me want this toy, and I already have two rabbit type vibes from Cal Exotics. *sigh* Good review.
  • Rayne Millaray
    This sounds so much better than my rabbit. Totally want to try this toy. Thanks for the review!
  • Saraid
    You basically have made me want to buy this now! I usually don't want to buy TPR toys, but since it's just me using it I guess the material would be okay.

    I'm kind of scared of the beads getting caught, but I guess I'll just be careful. It's going on my wishlist. Thanks for the wonderful review, Darling Dove!
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