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Sure, the Crystal Teaser is a cute toy that has a lot going for it like its powerful clitoral stimulator but it's not without its faults! The super soft material is easily grabbed by the rotating beads which results in twisting at the area between the beads and the control base. The entire head literally spins around with the twisting taking place near your vulva. If you're not careful, this could easily cause some pinching and discomfort.
Soft, powerful clitoral stimulator and it's cute.
The soft material twists when squeezed causing bunching/twisting and possibly pinching.
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The Crystal Teaser is a dual action vibrator designed for those who enjoy multiple stimulation points without the use of separate toys. That means that not only can you indulge in the internal stimulation provided by the rotating head and beads, but you'll also receive intense clitoral stimulation from the well placed clitoral attachment. Just keep in mind that clitorises are variable and while the placement worked well for me, that may not be the case for everyone. It's just not a "one size fits all" location because we're all different and wonderful!

Feel free to give the Crystal Teaser a try with your partner too, because the material is ultra soft and pliable! The unintimidating 1 3/8" diameter also makes it partner friendly! Just remember to listen to your partner and if they feel any discomfort, change your technique or position to optimize their comfort.

Material / Texture

Fresh from the package the Crystal Teaser failed to emit any noxious fumes which, as most of you already know, is always a huge relief! There was also no oily residue present which is definitely a plus too! These attributes calmed my fears about giving it the old taste test and I'm happy to report that it passed that as well.

The TPR material is very soft, stretchy and pliable so it would lend itself well to first time users but you don't have to be a first time user to appreciate the soft material. I found it to be very similar to a really soft jelly toy but thankfully it doesn't have as many drawbacks. That doesn't necessarily mean that the Crystal Teaser is phthalate-free though because it's not clearly stated anywhere on the packaging.

The Crystal Teaser does have some added textures down the shaft to increase your pleasure as well as a realistically ridged head. Again, the material is very soft and pliable which seems to negate the purpose of the ridges. The material is simply too soft to be able to receive much stimulation from them but the non-jamming beads are able to be felt even when they aren't turned on.

Design / Shape / Size

The shaft of the Crystal Teaser is designed to be somewhat realistic looking while the clitoral attachment resembles a dolphin with an elongated nose. They go together quite nicely to give the Crystal Teaser a sleek look, but the coolest part is that the material is transparent. You can literally see right through the material to view the inner workings. Pretty neat, huh?

The dolphin shaped clitoral attachment is quite powerful! You can actually watch its elongated nose flicking back and forth when it's turned on. One of the best attributes of the little dolphin though is that its attachment to the vibe is flexible rather than fixed and stiff. That gives you a little freedom to bend it in order to place it right where you need it to be. It won't stay bent at different angles but it's not too difficult to use a fingertip or two to hold it in place.

Below the three rows of non-jamming, rotating beads, there is an area that extends down the shaft about 1 1/4". This area is only covered by a very thin layer of TPR that is hollow inside. This is where the shaft coming from the motor extends up to the rotating metal beads. There is just enough room here to allow the material to twist on top of itself during rotation if you use your vaginal muscles to squeeze against it too much. It causes the metal beads to grab the material and just twist the entire head of the toy around. That means that the previously mentioned 1 1/4" area, which will be near your vulva, will be where the actual bunching and twisting takes place. Just use caution to prevent any pinching to your sensitive bits and keep in mind that relaxing your muscles can help prevent the twisting.

The Crystal Teaser measures in at about 9 1/2" long with 5 1/2" of that being the insertable portion. It also has a 1 3/8" diameter to suit a wide range of users. That means the Crystal Teaser probably isn't going to be a toy that you'll want to toss in your purse before heading out, but it can be stashed away fairly easily in a dresser or nightstand drawer away from prying eyes.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Crystal teaser sports a plethora of functions that should prevent just about anyone from becoming bored. For example, you not only have three speeds of steady shaft/bead rotation to choose from but you can also change things up a bit with the two optional functions. They both offer you the ability to make the beads/head rotate in a back and forth motion but one is a shorter pulse from one direction to the other. They are both customizable by the speed of rotation too so you'll be able to set it to what suits you the best.

The dolphin shaped clitoral attachment on the other hand, is tricked out with 5 speeds of steady vibration and two pulse type patterns to choose from. Again, the pulse patterns are just that; a pulse pattern that has short bursts of vibration. One of them is just a shorter burst of vibration than the other but these are also fully customizable with the speed of vibration so you can adjust it to suit your needs.

Of course, you won't find any vibrations in the shaft, just sensuous, non-jamming metal bead rotation. The only location for vibration is in the dolphin shaped clitoral attachment and it's quite powerful. Of course, you can customize the intensity and use a lower setting if you don't prefer an intense vibration but if you need an intense vibration to climax, this dolphin is packing!

The controls aren't anything overly complicated to use. There's just a different set of up and down arrows for each feature with an additional "f" button to change the functions. They are pretty self explanatory in that you push the up button to increase intensity, the down button to decrease the intensity and you push the f button to change the functions. When both of the features are on, the "f" button will change both of their patterns though rather than just one. At least there is a separate off/on button, though, so you can instantly shut the vibe off anytime you want.

The Crystal Teaser isn't an overly loud rabbit vibe but like most rabbit vibes, it's not really on the quiet side either. It's really only barely audible from behind a closed door and it's not even close to as loud as my hand mixer so it shouldn't be too much of a problem for most people.

The Crystal Teaser is NOT a waterproof toy so make sure to keep the control panel and battery cover dry during use. Otherwise, there's a chance that water could get in and damage the toy.

Care and Maintenance

The soft and squishy TPR material that this toy is comprised of is less porous than cyberskin but more porous than silicone so a condom is recommended if you plan on sharing. Of course, it's also a good idea to always wash it before and after each use with either antibacterial soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner. Also, it probably wouldn't hurt to wrap this one up in a soft cloth for storage to help protect it from any possible reactions to other materials. Just remember that silicone and water based lubricants are the only lubes recommended for use with TPR.


The packaging is pretty basic and consists of a thin cardboard box. The box displays a picture of the vibe itself with several descriptive statements about it. There is a thin plastic insert inside of the box to hold the Crystal Teaser in place as well as a universal instruction sheet for battery insertion.

I would say that this box is not designed to be reused as a storage container nor would it make the ideal gift box, so definitely keep that in mind if you plan on giving this as a gift.


I really thought that this toy was going to work out great for me because it felt so soft and I absolutely love the clitoral stimulator! Unfortunately, that turned out to not be the case but the fault lies more with the design of the toy than with me. You see, there is a thin, hollow area that's about 1 1/4" long in between the rotating beads and the control panel. This area allows the whole head/shaft of the toy to twist with this area being the area that actually gets twisted. Needless to say, my vulva was on this area when it twisted and I got pinched pretty badly. I'm just glad that my labia isn't any longer than what it is or it probably would have been worse. After that, I've refused to use this toy any further.

I do feel that I should mention that I also have the True Love vibe that is made practically identical to the Crystal Teaser with only some minor differences. Since using the Crystal Teaser, I have tried relentlessly to get the True Love vibe to do the same twisting thing but it just won't. Maybe it's the difference in the beads but I really have no idea, but the Crystal Teaser will not be going on my list of favorites any time soon!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Darling Dove
    Eh, I suppose this is a toy that really depends on anatomy- for me, normal use with lots of lube doesn't make the toy twist up, and it was far from enough to make me not like the toy with how awesome it feels in use. Like I said though, its obviously dependent on anatomy.
  • Contributor: Oggins
    Hi Darling Dove, I'm glad to hear that this one worked out so well for you! You're definitely right in that we're all made different! The twisting up on this one really wasn't so much of a problem for me but it pinched the crap out of my labia. Because of that I just couldn't rate it highly. It only took minimal squeezing with my PC muscles to cause it to twist no matter how much lube I used too.

    There are other, better rabbit vibes out there that feel just as good and won't twist up on you. As a matter of fact, as I stated in my review, the True Love vibe is practically identical to this one but it lacks the twisting problem that I encountered with this one.

    Hope that helps! Smile

  • Contributor: Kathryn Kelley
    I haven't a problem with twisting at all. In fact....I find I like it better than the Jack Rabbit I got. I bet the Jack Rabbit is going to end to collecting dust..haha.
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