Mimi lil'massager - clitoral vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by TacoODoom

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I'm sorry, I can't hear you over my massager!

Petite and discreet, this massager is travel friendly and astonishingly powerful. I think it's better suited for working out muscle knots or frightening the family pets than aiding in bedroom activities.
Travel size! Doesn't look like a sex toy.
Not waterproof, one setting, the one setting is REALLY INTENSE, HOLY CRAP IT'S LOUD.
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Cal-Exotics Mimi Lil' Massager

Incredibly powerful for it's size this massager is better suited for aiding an actual massage than anything remotely rocks-off-ish. With the intensity of vibration this puppy churns out I have no doubt you could use it to aid in a stellar orgasm, I wasn't able to, but I'm sure it is possible. It did, however, do a number on the annoying and persistent muscle knot that likes to hang out in my mid-back. I'd recommend this for anyone who enjoys nerve-numbingly intense vibration.

The Specs:
This cute, discreet tiny titan of a vibrating powerhouse holds one hell of a shake-rattle-n-roll for it's petite 3 x 3 size. It comes in a retina traumatizing shade of pink with white trim and is made of hard plastic, shaped like a “pinched” pillow or perhaps a vague flower-ish shape. It's hard as a rock, think of Tonka trucks and you'll know the texture of this device. The Mimi runs on 2 AAA batteries which are inserted into the middle of the massager, the back portion(side without the white button) slides off the batteries go in, and you slide it back on.

The Features:
The Eden site lists it's special feature as being “Powerful”, and it is that...oh boy, is it fricken' powerful. It has one speed, arm numbing. I kid you not, I flipped it on and a few minutes later my arm was asleep up to the elbow, and as I suffer from crappy circulation it took a few more minutes for the feeling to return. I found, if you don't depress the button all the way, but press it lightly and repeatedly you can get a pulsing action which I found less nerve rattling than letting it jiggle about full stop. It's spec page also says it's “nubbed” my best guess is they are referring to the three points on the bottom of the massager which have five little plastic dots, the forth point has an arrow showing “open” and “close” so you can access the battery compartment.

The Good:
The intense vibrations this puts out are great for breaking up muscle knots quickly so your nice sensual massage can actually be sensual as opposed to painful, or just for a little post work de-stressing.

Tiny and travel-friendly

The hard plastic is non-porous and can be cleaned easily.

It's incredibly discreet. You could totally leave this on the kitchen table and I doubt Mom would think it had been used for "nefarious purposes".

You can pin-point where the vibrations go by using the points of the corners.

The Bad:
Its vibrations are so intense they would likely be far too strong for someone who isn't used to or doesn't like that particular sensation.

It's really, really, obnoxiously loud...really...I switch it on, and my puppy starts barking and proceeds to try and save me from the buzzing pink device.

It's hard plastic, it can scratch and bacteria can grow in the scratches.(I'd like to note it did survive my 6 month old boxer puppy with only a few small dings)

The feeling of the plastic is also very un-sexy in my opinion, but I'm sure there are people who dig it.

I noticed when I used it button side in my palm(rubbing the bottom along my hubby's bare skin) the battery cover slid open, not all the way off but open. This was lessened with use of a little lotion but the cover still came open, This is a big problem for me since it's not waterproof, if the cover is open it exposes the battery compartment to liquids such as lotions, oils, lube, ect. When I flipped it over the button would depress and it would shut off.

Care and Feeding:
It is, alas, not water proof so my best suggestion is to just wipe it down with a toy wipe or rubbing alcohol, Clorox wipes would work just fine on this as well.

DO NOT submerge this bad girl in water or it will more than likely meet it's untimely demise.

Always remove the batteries before cleaning, and to prolong the life of your massager DO NOT store it with the batteries inside, the only corrosion I like is a song by The Sisters of Mercy.

Compatible with all lubes and lotions, but I suggest limiting the amount of slippery stuff to just what you need, due to the non-waterproof nature of this item.


Un-remarkable clear plastic box with blue dots printed on it. No offensive or standard "adult" toy references or scantily clad ladies, just blue dots and hot pink lettering.
As soon as I turned this on, I knew it wasn't going anywhere near my girl parts, okay so I ran it around my nipples a few times, and I held it against the chain of my nipple clamps, and that was a whole lot of fun, but my boobs aren't anywhere near as sensitive as my nether realm. I did enjoy using this over my t-shirt on my back to wiggle out a few bothersome muscle knots. Overall I believe this is a versatile toy and can be used in many capacities, it just wasn't conducive to naughty fun time for me.
Follow-up commentary
It still makes my arm numb. It kinda helps with muscle knots in my shoulder, but otherwise...waste of batteries. Maybe if it had the "velvet-coat" it would be a little nicer. it was kind of like trying to jill off with a giant Barbie shoe.
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  • LicentiouslyYours
    So loud the dog tries to save you...that's bad. How do you get off while the dog is trying to rescue you? That does work at all! Smile Nice job.
  • TacoODoom
    for the record, i don't let the dog in the room when i'm trying to get off, i was just using it on my back when he tried to rescue me Winking
  • ......
    Very nice review!
  • Carrie Ann
    Lmao at the dog bit. too funny. Smile
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    Wow, at least the dog obviously cares about you, lol

  • Sammi
    It's so cute, but I can imagine my dogs doing the same thing Smile
    Great review!
  • Kynky Kytty
    Hmm strange how yours seems so strong, I just had the round purple one and it was only moderate. I should try with another set of batteries. Thanks!
  • toxidlotus
    LOL Great review. Got my laugh for the day and will definitely stay away from this toy. Thanks!
  • KrystalFayeO
    it's too bad that it's loud, it's really cute, great review!
  • Shellz31
    Damn, that is LOUD for a little star. It's cute but with living with others, I'd never be able to turn it on. Lol at the giant Barbie shoe!

    Nicely done on the review
  • 7Miles
    Thanks for writing. I love your title!
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