Rabbit pearl purple - rabbit vibrator by Pipedream - review by Airen Wolf

I Picked It Out Myself

This toy seems to me to be good value for the money. It is sturdy enough to stand up to my vigorous use and the different speeds and intensities make for an exciting play session. This is a good addition to any toy chest. This is a fairly quite toy that could be muffled easily if privacy is a must.
Very nice selection of speeds and intensities.
Rather unpleasant smell just out of the package.
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This was the first toy I had ever bought for myself. My husband and boyfriend have wanted me to be a bit more experimental and so armed with a recommendation from a friend and some money I ordered the Rabbit Pearl Purple by Pipedream.

When it arrived I was anxious to use it, but I was a bit shy as well, so it was my husband who actually opened the package and put in the batteries. The battery compartment was easy to find and open. It was also clearly labeled and the whole process went smoothly. I was a bit disappointed by the fact that they seperate control device doesn't have an on/off switch and the dials are very easy to move leaving the toy running on a very low vibration which could run the batteries down and burn out the motor quickly. I solve this by removing the batteries after each use before cleaning the toy. The seperate control device is attached by a wire which could come loose or detach with vigorous use but it seems to be very sturdy. I use the toy rather vigorously and it is still holding up very well. The toy has a jelly sleeve which makes the dildo softer than most toys I had played with in the past. If you share toys I would recommend a condom as it is be a bit porous and might not get as clean one would wish. It is not waterproof which was a bit of a bummer. I noticed it had a very strong smell which didn't begin to dissipate until after I cleaned the toy after the first use. I am confident the smell will continue to lessen over time so it's not a real large detraction in my book.

So I had batteries installed and I took a long look at the toy. The rabbit was cute very detailed though I was a bit disturbed by the face on the dildo smiling at me... it was purple though and for some reason that made it more erotic to me. I tried all the various settings and I was impressed by the strength of the vibration of the bullet. The rotation of the dildo head was very strong and described a nice circle making me very keen to try it inside! The length and circumference of the dildo is nice, not overly large and still enough to reach all the applicable areas.

I looked up at my husband who was leering at me suggestively and took a deep breath. I lay down on the bed, feeling decidedly wicked and sensual, after handing him the vibrator and controller. He tried the various speeds and chose one he was certain I'd like. He ran it over my clit and watched as I started to get aroused. He really enjoyed the fact that he could position the rabbit where he wanted and then adjust the speed without having to hunt for buttons on the device itself. He inserted the dildo gently and angled the head to be against my "G" spot. He gave me the controller while he gently used the toy on me. I tried all the settings on the vibrator first and noticed that even though I normally like a hard raucous vibration the lighter settings were very pleasant and there was a lot of variation in them. I then tried all the settings on the rotation and they were also very pleasant leading up to a nice stroking of my "G" spot without causing that sensitive area pain. I could feel the rotating pearls like a light thumping at the opening of my vagina and the sensation was one of the most pleasurable I've ever felt. When I tried both the vibrator and rotation at the same time I noticed that the sensations of both were a bit diminished. Still the combined sensations were nice and lead to an explosive orgasm and a nice hard fuck which is always a plus in my book.

I wanted to review the rabbit pearl after I had used him solo. So I set the mood with some nice music and a bit of teasing. I teased my nipples with the bunny and then I teased my clit with the head of the dildo thinking about the smiling face and wondering if it was smiling wider now! I know I was. I giggled as I inserted it into my now throbbing canal and turned on the rotation. It was easier to find that "sweet" spot by myself and I drifted into a lovely orgasm and then to my suprise another! So yes I would definately say this little guy is a wonderful addition to a toy chest and very user friendly for the novice.
Follow-up commentary
This is one tough toy! It is jelly which isn't my favorite toy medium now a days but it hasn't caused any significant problems for me with BV or yeast infections. It has held up to strenuous use without showing signs of wear and tear and all the parts are still moving and whirling along just as they did when I first bought it.

I always wash and dry this toy before and after use and allow it to dry completely before storing it in it's own little box which has cut down on any stickiness or lint attraction it might have begun to show after such a long time. The color is still true and hasn't faded. The controller is still firmly attached at both ends of the cord and the cord is still intact and without the typical fraying that can happen with rough use. With washing the toy has lost most of the nasty out of the package smell it had and the toy has taken on the smell of the toy cleaner I use.

All in all this is still a good example of a rabbit toy both for the price and for the longevity. I would still recommend this toy even though I have moved on to other materials, generally speaking. As long as care is taken during cleaning and it is not shared either between partners or between vagina and anus it will hold up nicely to fairly regular use.
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  • Jimbo Jones
    That sounds like a pretty impressive rabbit vibrator considering the price. Very similar to the Vibratex Rabbit Pearl which I sure is what they Pipedream was trying to do. C batteries are pretty unusual in a sex toy, but it doesn't sound like the power is much more than a toy with AAs. Once you get it situated where you want it, do you just leave it there until the vibrations carry you over the edge, or is there some thrusting involved? Thanks for the review.
  • Airen Wolf
    I have done both leaving it and letting it sweep me along and some thrusting. Learned that you don't really want to go with really vigorous thrusting as the rabbit can caue some pain if you get too carried away! Still it did tun out to be a good vibrator for the price. ~Airen
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