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If you weren't a fan of the Silicone Finger Bunny, you won't be one of Blossom either.

Upon the first few minutes of using, this seems like a wonderful finger toy with plenty strong vibrations. Unfortunately, I jumped the gun and thought this was going to last me long enough to at least use for an entire session. The bullet completely stops working, and there's no fixing it. I'm afraid the sleeve alone just simply isn't worth it, and that's what you end up with. A sleeve. A lonely, non vibrating sleeve.
Comfortable sleeve.
Sleeves design is fun and useful.
One time use only.
Bullet is complete crap.
Frustrating cap on bullet.
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Blossom Finger Friend is so clearly designed to stimulate the clitoris and other parts you enjoy vibrating. This small guy is going to please your clitoris the most, not your insides. The tiny tip can be inserted, but will not go very far. However, that tip makes for fun teasing. Most women will find this to be used like any finger or bullet vibrator on the clitoris and nipples.

The ring attached to the back of the silicone sleeve slides on your finger for ease of use. You can simply hold the darn thing if your fingers are skinny as pencils, like mine.

Blossom can be used alone, for foreplay, between a couple or in the shower. You could put this on your finger and use it to stimulate your clitoris during intercourse. And if you happen to love mini road trips, Blossom could be the best for those kind of occasions, as long as yours holds up--I'll get into that problem later. You could even get a little naughty and take Blossom on a date with you if you're going to be somewhere with noise, and where you won't be seen such as in a movie. Do you and your Lovie enjoy the drive-in? Blossom does too! Blossom would bring along some fun, even for those of us who've been there and done that over and over with these little toys. Like I said, if it will continue working.

While this isn't designed to be a G-spot toy, I think it could be possible to remove the bullet and slide your finger into the silicone sleeve, if you can reach. A partner's longer fingers could be of more use for gentle G-spot stimulation, and I even had the idea of sticking the sleeve onto a thin, longer toy and reaching real far. However, I have plenty of G-spot toys-or my partner's finger--that work wonderfully, so this wouldn't be my first option for G-spot stimulation unless I was desperate.
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    • Clitoris
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Material / Texture

Doc Johnson is certainly steppin' it up when it comes to design and material. I'm used to less than luxurious material from them. Doc Johnson toys mainly consist of little teasers and the cheaper versions of other brands. However, I have been a fan for a long time, but I found myself choosing more quality material than what Doc usually has to offer. That's not to say they don't have fabulous toys, but lately it seems they're really listening to our silicone desires, and making even nicer toys. This little turquoise colored knub is a nice, squishy silicone. It doesn't feel like Cleo or Matryoshka, but it's velvety, smooth and squishy.

The bullet is made of smooth, hard ABS plastic that could be used alone, but I much prefer the grinder-friendly silicone. The button is a clear, squishy plastic.

Unlike the more expensive, "luxury" toys, this silicone sleeve has a slight drag to it when ran across my crotch. Lubricant is your best friend in this situation, and if you're like me, adding a bit of lubricant will give more slide and glide, helping your clitoris pick up the vibrations better. I could just have a freak of a clitoris here, but I figured others were the same way. And while we're on the subject of lubricant, I want to take a second to remind ya'll that your silicone lubricants should be limited to toys made of other material, not silicone. If you happen to own a "silicone-safe" silicone lubricant and you're fine with risking your Blossom buddy, you go right ahead, but not this girl!

The toy is only a simple curved knob, but it has a tiny little beak protruding from it. It makes me think of a dolphin with its fin misplaced. The beak or fin sticks out in the front, under the curve, and on the back of the silicone sleeve is a groove. I'm not sure what the fin or groove was designed for since it's hardly noticeable, but when you're all lubed up, and you glide the toy up and down your cooter, you can feel it a little. I thought putting my clitoris right under that fin would feel nice, but I couldn't really notice anything. Still, it's there so it may be useful for one of ya'll. As for texture, that's all there is. The rest is smooth.

Blossom has no scent at all. Hold it to my nose, nothing. Blossom does enjoy covering itself with lint and hair, not too badly though.

As previously mentioned, this is made of silicone, which if you don't already know, rates a 10--the highest--on EF's Material Safety scale. Don't forget that this is made with food-grade material, is hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free, non-porous. In easier words, it's as body-friendly as they come!

As I've tried showing you in my photo, this guy is flexible! It can be bent every which way without appearing to damage. The only part that looks possible to damage is the ring. If stretched carelessly far, it turns white and shows signs of tearing. You would have to be intentionally trying though. The knobby sleeve that fits over the bullet is flexible and isn't going to tear easily.

I normally would not label something so simple as an "all user level friendly," but the vibrations on this baby make it hard. I normally don't do the bullet vibrators, but this pleased me--while it worked--so much that I have to say it's a great option for even those of us who've used and tired of the simple bullets. I feel that most women will get some enjoyment here. This is a vibrator that can be appreciated by even the most easily to bore toy user.

After this messed up on me after only using it once, I stuck my lighter flame to the ring part. Here's what happened after the material caught fire and I blew it out:
    • Flexible
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

As I've briefly talked about already, the shape is a curved "knub" with little fin protruding from the front and a groove on the back of Blossom. Since the silicone is so soft and flexible, this does not poke or jab you, even with vigorous humpin'. The design is somewhat more unique than your typical bullet.

As you'll see in my photos, you have a seperate plastic bullet and the silicone sleeve. Both are turquoise and lovely. You may be able to tell in my photos, that the color is more vivid and happy than the product page shows. Simply slide the silicone sleeve over the bullet and get busy. Taking the sleeve off isn't as easy, but we'll discuss that later.

At 2 1/4" in length and 1" in diameter--2.5 inches of it being insertable--this is short enough to be used all over the vagina and just inside the entrance. Weighing only 0.2 pounds, this slides away without a worry into your purse, clutch, pocket or panties! If anyone looks at the finger vibrator, there's no doubt what it is, but the tiny size makes it discreet enough for travel. Here's where I should tell you to take the batteries out if you do take it in your purse or travel with it along. I make the mistake of leaving Zini Deux in my purse and pretending that vibrating sound is coming from someone else, and not me way too often. As soon as I got done with Blossom, it went right back in my purse for my mini-road trip fun, but not with the batteries still in, only to be disappointed when I tried using it again and it wouldn't work.

As long as the batteries are taken out of Blossom, it won't get started without you. If you want to travel with it, put it in your suitcase. For someone who enjoys taking toys on vacation, this is probably one of your best, most discreet options.
    • Beginner
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

As someone who hasn't ever gotten far with a bullet or finger vibrator, I was excited that Blossom had the potential to do it for me, had it worked longer. I'm easy to please, but not so easy that most bullets can do it unless it's one kick-ass bullet. Blossom was earning a special place in my cooter, I mean heart, due to its outstanding vibrations, until it stopped working before I could even get there!

Roomies rejoice! You can vibrate to your cooter's content because this guy is quiet. I wouldn't say it's silent, but it is certainly one of the most quiet I own. The Silicone Finger Bunny from Eden is louder than this. Water lovers, do a dive! There's no chance blossom will tell on you when your in the shower, hot tub, bath or pool.

For the rest of us, we can just be happy that nobody in the house can hear us vibrating. I prefer having my air condioner going just in case, but our sound test passed with flying vibrations. Outside my bedroom door, it cannot be heard. If it's turned on and in the bathroom, it cannot be heard outside of it.

Whether you're a steady, strong vibration kind of girl like me, or a girl who needs the thrill of different pulses, Blossom is eager to meet your desires. There's 10 functions, both pulsating and steady vibrations. Although they usually do nothing but relax me to sleep, I can enjoy the pulsing functions if it's after steady clitoral stimulation such as oral sex or steady vibrations. Blossoms pulsing settings were strong enough that they could've possibly gotten me somewhere.

Before I go into the vibration settings, I want to go ahead and mention how finicky the bullet can be. At any time, if the batteries are inside (upside down or not, doesn't matter) in bullet and the cap is screwed on, it has a tiny vibration that does not stop unless the batteries are taken out or the cap unscrewed. Since the batteries only last for a few minutes, you don't have much time to experiment with the different patterns. For me, 4 minutes of use left me with nothing but a steady vibration. It's like the pulsating settings totally disappeared. Since this takes 3 watch batteries, I don't have those on hand and therefore cannot know the vibrations well. All I'm able to get is a steady pulse, it's strong enough to work, but very disappointing. This type of problem makes this vibrator useless for some since we don't have 20 watch batteries on hand. Apparently Blossom sucks batteries down like an alcoholic does beer.

I can say that the vibrations are strong and are enough that I can feel them instensely, even through my shorts. Also, when pressing hard or grinding on the toy, the vibrations supress a tad bit.

The package states that this will turn off after holding the push button down for 2 seconds. That's untrue. You cannot turn my Blossom off unless the cap is completely off, or batteries removed.

The single, clear push button is located at the base/screw off cap of the bullet. To ensure the cap doesn't break, you have to exercise great caution when screwing and unscrewing. Where the bullet and screw-off cap meet, instead of threads being there like most toys, this has weird notches. It's identical to the Silicone Finger Bunny bullet. Seriously, the bullet you get with this is no different. Identical. OK, fraternal since the bunny has a purple bullet and this is turquoise. You have to press down and twist. Similar to a medicine bottle, only if you look closely, in the screw-off cap, there are two tiny notches that will break if they aren't lined up with the two, also hardly viewable grooves! That complicates this toy and it takes me several minutes to get it lined up right, twisted and screwed on every time I use it. It's a pain in the ass is what that is! I have a feeling those pieces will break easily.

Maybe I'm just stupid, but I have to fumble with the cap. Each time it snaps open, the batteries go flying out and hit the floor. This has happened 6 times since I've had it! Just now I had 2 in the floor and one down my shirt! Once I do get it on right, I can use the single push button to go through the 10 functions, which actually turn out to be one strong, steady vibration after it's been used for 4 minutes. I've only felt the pulsating vibrations one time and I'm beginning to wonder if I wasn't just dellusional then.

*UPDATE* The above was written yesterday. Early today as I went to use the vibrator, there's no longer ANY vibrations. It doesn't work. I had less than 10 minutes of use and it absolutely is gone. I even tried different batteries. Nothing. This is a cheap, piece of crap vibrator! It is clearly only meant to last for a few minutes only. I also discovered upon my suspicions, that this bullet is the exact same one that comes with Eden's Silicone Finger Bunny! More on that in my experience section!

The good news is, there's a clear rubber O-ring that certainly waterproofs Blossom. I've tested it under running water and with it fully submerged. All was perfect! No signs of water leakage. However, with the constant need to unscrew the stupid cap just to make it turn off, it wiggles the O-ring loose. When I last opened mine to take out the batteries, Mr. O-ring toppled to the floor! You should be careful and check to make sure your O-ring is on before using in the water.
    • Battery guzzler
    • Discreet sound
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

To bathe Blossom, take the sleeve off of the bullet first if you plan to boil the sleeve. If not, simply wash both the bullet and the sleeve well with warm water and mild soap. Or if your preference is a spray cleaner, that can be used easily as well, especially since this is tiny and wouldn't be hard to clean. However, if you have used lubricant or inserted the sleeve, you may want to use a finger nail, toothbrush or washcloth to clean out from between the "fins." Cleaning is simple, especially if yours only lasts for a one time use!

The small size makes storage easy. Tuck it in your purse, drawer or put it inside a sandwich bag and then into your toy box. However, I can almost guarantee yours won't be going back inside your toy box, but most likely into the trash after your first and only use with it. It's possible that others may last longer, but the bullet is nothing other than crap. I truly know no other word to use for it.

As previously mentioned, you should avoid using any silicone based lubricants with Blossom. Also remember to put it into a plastic bag or in the larger plastic "clamshell" package to keep it from coming in contact with other materials--it can degrade. However, if you're as pissed as I was after having the Silicone Bunny work for only one use, and then getting Blossom only to have it for only one use, you may not care to store it with its equally crappy friend, the bunny. I did. In fact, I just crammed the nub of Blossom into the ring hole of the bunny and stored the two idiots together. They didn't ruin, but I decided I like both the bunny and Blossom sleeves so I seperated them. I have hopes of using a better bullet with these sleeves.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


I hope you'll forgive me. I totally threw away the packaging before taking photos! I dug through my trash can for it only to remember we'd already taken out the trash, and while I love you guys, I don't love you enough to go outside and dig through a trash can larger than me! Sorry. Thankfully, the packaging is simple, nothing I can't explain to you with words. It's a "clamshell" type of thing, like the Silicone Bunny came in. I actually did comment on how the paper insert was fun and cute with colorful, almost retro looking flower designs. I totally appreciated that Doc Johnson didn't trash it out with nudity. It says the name of the toy on it and the back of the paper insert--which shows through the clear clamshell--had a small amount of information. It said " Finger Friends, 10 functions, silicone sleeve" on the front. The back says "Strong multi-function bullet, easy push-button control, soft, comfy silicone finger stiumulator, great for shower or bath, body safe, non pthalates silicone, and hold button for 2 seconds to shut off."

In my opinion, the plastic packaging just takes up more space than the bullet so it wasn't useful to keep. You can store it in there, but I chose not to. As for the look of the toy and the packaging, it would make a decent gift, but the bullet and cheapness of the toy together make it something I would not buy and give. Instead, I would buy a better bullet. If you really wanted the sleeve though, it is a nice sleeve after all, you could buy this and grab another bullet you already have or buy a new bullet for it. If you wanted to gift it this way, you could do that. You could open the clamshell package, remove the originaly bullet and replace that with the better one. Now that could make a pretty good gift!

The packaging is friendly enough for gifting this to a good friend. As long as you're comfortable giving sex toys as a gift, this probably wouldn't cause any excess embarrassment. The package is clear, and the paper insert says what this is. By now, you've probably already written this off as discreet, but in case you're still waiting for me to say it, I will. Darlings, this is not discreet!
    • Minimal


*After beginning this review and saving it, I have tried Blossom once again today. At this point I can't even get it to turn on. I can take the cap completely off, put the batteries in, and make sure the batteries are in contact with silver pieces on the side and the vibrator works, without the cap! I was left with one setting, until that quickly went out and the entire bullet stopped working.*

I want to just start from the beginning. I ordered the rhinestone dress--which you may have seen my review for--and two bra & garter sets as well as this darn finger vibe. After having major issues with every single product in my order, I got to the vibrator. At this point, I had no hopes. I assumed it was one of those days when everything you bought is crap. I turned the vibrator on and enjoyed it! I was kind of getting over such a serious let down of an order. After using the bullet for a few minutes, I put it away in my purse so it'd be ready for our mini road trip the next day. Oh what a disappointment that day was. Not only did I end up ruining our plans because I got out of the house and seen that the stupid rhinestone dress was see-through, but the stupid vibrator didn't work! I told my partner that I must be a curse when it comes to these finger vibrators because just weeks ago I ordered the silicone finger bunny and the same happened. I had it in my purse, never opened. We were stopping at Sonic to eat, so I got it out to play with since it was a long wait. Before our 8 minutes of waiting at the drive-through was over, bunny stops working. For Good!

So, now this fing vibrator stops working almost instantly on me too? It must be a curse, right? Well, thanks to me always having to poke, prod and dig, I found something real interesting later that night. I was determined to get one, just one finger vibrator to work. I got my new watch batteries and Blossom and spent a good 50 minutes trying to find the problem. I couldn't. It wasn't the batteries. I decided it must be the push-button not making a connection or something. That is until, in my confusement and suspicions of being cursed or either having some joke played on me, I went and found my one-time-use finger bunny!

Sure enough! I am not cursed. I am not stupid and even better, I found the problem. The Silicone Finger Bunny has the exact same bullet as Blossom! That's the problem. They're just really awful bullets. I was excited to have learned this, and plan to get a new bullet, one that works well to stick in Blossom and the bunny! You heard me, the bullets that come with these two toys are identical except for the color. Even the way the cap goes on, the push button, identical I tell you! Check it out below.

What's got me curious now is that I don't remember seeing anyone who reviewed the bunny saying that the bullet totally quits like that. If you own the finger bunny and did not like it, you will not like this one either. If you own the bunny and somehow it still works, you could try your luck with Blossom.

Needless to say, I'm not a happy camper. It's such a bummer that I thought I was getting a new, different toy than what I have and in reality, it's not. Only the sleeve is different. I don't think I'll try my luck with more finger vibrators, but I will buy a bullet with great reviews to use in both of these finger sleeves.

I personally cannot recommend this vibrator. It's awful because as I started to write this review, I was happy and positive about it, but as I tried using it again, I realized this review was not going to be what I thought. I had hoped to be able to say great things about this.

I can say, if this looks so irresistable to you, it won't kill you to take a chance. If it's the sleeve you're after, you'll have to ask yourself if you think the sleeve is worth paying for. If you planned on buying it in the future, don't. You'll be better off with something more reliable. Unless you can orgasm in a few minutes. If you can, this might just come in handy for that one orgasm. I feel that since two of these bullets have done the same exact thing, it's probably going to be that way for the majority of these bullets.
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  • K101
    Well thank you Katelyn and Kissy. That made me feel good that you would look to my reviews for reminders. I have the same issue, bullets have never done much for me. Usually they only numb me. I've finally realized that I simply am just one of those girls that don't mix with bullets--best to stick with a real vibe with some quality. And Kissy, oh yes, this was the biggest hassle bullet I have ever had!
  • ARPKasso
    Excellent review, thanks for sharing.
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