New impulse rabbit - rabbit vibrator by WHK GmbH - review by Minette

New impulse rabbit

Rabbit vibrator by WHK GmbH

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Impulse buy, except this time I didn't regret it.

I really like this toy. It is a little on the uncomfortable side au naturel, but with a little lube (or a lotta lube, maybe) it can be a blast.
Little bunny is really fun, and it has good vibrations.
The cycle, and the faces. Can't get past the faces now I know they're there.
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This is only my second vibe (or toy, period), so I can't honestly compare it to any others (yes, I know. I'm a baby) but as far as I'm concerned, this is a pretty awesome little doo-hickey. It's made of jelly (if I'd done my research I might have stayed away, but just don't share it and it's not that bad) and it's squishy and somewhat flexible, particularly the little rabbit's ears. It's got a motor in the main part and a motor in the rabbit attachment, so both of them vibrate of their own accord (they don't rely on each other to get vibrations). It's waterproof, although I don't really use it in water. It takes two AA batteries, and it's got three vibration levels and seven programs.

Material / Texture

When I think jelly, I think peanut-butter-and. Which is a weird intro, but it works, because this toy is sticky. If I understand correctly, it can't be sterilized, either, so I don't guess I'd share it, or at least if I did, I'd require protection (but I don't share anyway so that's ok). It also has a very strong plastic-y smell straight out of the box, if I remember correctly, and it still carries it, although it's less noticeable now than it was.

I never examined it before I sat down to write this review, other than to make sure it worked. Now that I AM examining it, it's a little weird. The head of it is actually a "head" complete with hair and a little smilie face, and there are little bumps like a necklace. The rabbit has little arms and legs molded into the sides, and eyes on its face. I guess I could commend them on attention to detail... but it creeps me out a little, so I won't.
    • Sticky
    • Strong odor

Design / Shape / Size

I like the design, although I think I'd like an upgrade from the jelly material (and something that didn't have faces on it, preferably). It has 5" of insertable length, and a circumference of a little less than an inch (estimated by me). The rabbit ears held the most vibrations - when it was on the highest setting, the ears look like one thing.

I wouldn't call this toy particularly easy to hide, or discreet, or, frankly, suitable for travel (unless you're driving). It's pretty big. I keep it in a Crown Royal bag under my bed, but I don't think I'd keep it somewhere without putting it in something; just having it out to write the review has gotten so much cat hair on it (I only have one cat, but the jelly material has found every hair my cat has shed in recent history) that I'll have to wash it just to put it back up. It's not very noisy though; when I put it on my bed, left the room, and closed the door, it wasn't audible through the door. It's just big, and it's pretty obvious what it is.

As far as who this might be for, I'm a beginner in the EdenFantasys world, and I use it just fine.

Functions / Performance / Controls

You turn it on by a little button on the bottom; You mash it and it goes through the following (approximated) cycles:
Push 1: Low vibrations
Push 2: Medium vibrations
Push 3: High vibrations
Push 4: 2, with split-second pauses between vibrations
Push 5: 2-2-2-2-3, with longer pauses (but still very short)
Push 6: Up and down between six different vibration levels
Push 7: Cycling between the six new levels, with two vibrations on each level.
Push 8: Highest vibrations, with six long pauses, six medium pauses, and six short pauses
Push 9: Highest vibrations, with twelve(ish) pauses, then about two and a half seconds of constant vibrations
Push 10: Short, quick bursts of medium vibrations (30-ish) followed by about two seconds of constant, higher vibrations
Push 11: Off.

The button is on the very bottom, so I have a hard time getting at it in use. You also have to cycle through the entire thing, and turn it off, to get to one you've already passed. If you're counting and miscount (like I do) it's really frustrating, but I'm sure if you were to be patient and give it time to actually show you which function it's in, that wouldn't be as much of a problem.

I only used it in water once. It didn't really do it for me because water is sticky (to itself, anyway) and the jelly is sticky, so it was just one big sticky annoyance to me. But, it must truly be waterproof, because I've used it a bunch of times since and it still works.

Care and Maintenance

I usually don't leave this out; it tends to gather dust and other such ickies, much like a Swiffer duster. I also usually keep it separate from my other things (in my Crown Royal bag under my bed). Jelly is compatible with both water- and silicone-based lubricants. I wash it before and after every use with hand soap and warm water, and dry it off with a paper towel before it goes back into hiding.
Follow-up commentary
The reason I don't like it any more: I left the batteries in too long and they leaked, and it doesn't work any more. It's hard to like something that's teasing you, saying, "Hey, look, won't I be fun? Come out and play!" and then it doesn't even work.

However, I will say I really do miss it. I enjoyed it every time I used it prior to the leakage issue and have considered getting a replacement (although I'm leaning now towards branching out into more interesting areas). It's definitely worth the practically nothing you'll pay for it as long as you don't make the mistake I did.
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    @Sammi - the coloring in the picture is a little more saturated than the one I actually got. It's definitely still a pretty color, but it's not quite that deep blue.
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