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I can't stop impulsively using it!

Looking for a super-powered clitoral vibrator that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Found it! For $40, This egg-vibe will pleasure even those who have 'clits of steel,' and can be used on low speed for those seeking less stimulation. With multiple patterns of vibration, this egg can tease your clit for hours, or make you come in minutes! Beware that this toy does have fragile wires and must be treated gently.
Super POWER! Labeled vibe patterns, Multiple vibe patterns, Easy to use, Pinpoint bullet.
Weak wire, light, Ugly packaging, Large controller, Louder/more expensive than most egg vibrators.
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Ok folks, I'm impressed. This doesn't happen often when it comes to bullet vibrators. I heard this was one of the strongest clitoral vibes around, and let me just say, It is! Since my Form 2 has been on the fritz and my eroscillator was in the shop for repairs, this has been my only masturbatory buddy in the last 2 weeks, I have used it so many times! It's great for solo use, it also performed like a champ while having sex with my husband.

This vibrator is strong at it's highest level, so ladies like myself who have 'clits of steel,' might find this vibe to be useful. I can have an orgasm in under 5 minutes with this egg, that's almost impossible to achieve with other eggs I've tried! However, it also has lower powers for those who don't require as much stimulation.

This vibe can be inserted vaginally, but I would recommend putting a condom on it so you have something other than the cord to pull it out with. If you read comments people have left about this vibe, many say that the product has issues breaking at the wire connections. For this reason, I would recommend never inserting this vaginally and trying to get it out by the cord, it will probably break. Also, under no circumstances would I recommend using this vibe in your ass! It doesn't have a flared base and can get stuck easily.
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Material / Texture

This vibe has two parts, a purple-green-metallic shiny plastic controller and a silver bullet. The two are connected by a black wire. The bullet has a seam that runs around the middle, but it doesn't affect how the toy performs at all and cannot be felt when used on the clit. It is about 1 inch in diameter and 2.5 inches long. The bullet is smooth, cool to the touch, and has no other textures. It feels very light when held in the hand.

Neither the bullet or the egg have any smell or taste. Both the bullet and the controller are firm to the touch and are not flexible in any way.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The shape of this bullet is perfect, it is longer than most and has a narrowed end that allows for pinpoint stimulation. It is easy to grip since it is a little longer than some eggs I have seen. It does get slippery when it gets wet. The controller is bigger than any controller I have seen, BUT also houses 4 AA batteries to provide an abundance of power for those of us who need it. The controller itself is rectangular, being about 6 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 3/4 inches thick.

Since the controller is so large, it can get in the way when you are having sex or any sort of sexual play. I have also read some comments from many users of this product stating that the wire breaks and so I have been EXTREMELY careful with mine as it is already one of my favorite toys. So far, after lots of use, it has held up for me.

This toy is not discreet, I also advise any users to take the batteries out before it is packed in any luggage for traveling as it easily turns on accidentally.

Although the toy takes 4 batteries, I have not had to change them since I have gotten the product 2 weeks ago and I have used it exclusively and extensively.

Functions / Performance / Controls

On the controller the vibe has 2 buttons, one that turns it on and off, and one that scrolls through 7 modes of vibration. The on/off button is easily pushed in error when you put the toy down wrong, or when you place it in its storage container. It is raised on the surface of the toy and I have had many occasions when it's buzzing in my drawer because something shifts and it falls on the buttons. The scroll button only works one way so you must scroll through all the patterns (or turn it off and start over) if you pass your desired pattern setting. Otherwise the buttons are easy to use. There is also a colored light that flashes in sync with the vibratory pattern. The controller also lists all the patterns of vibes next to the buttons.

The patterns/lights are as follows.

1. Low- oooooo (light is green)
2. Medium-OOOOO (light is red)
3. High- 0000000 (light is brighter red)
4. Escalating- (low-med-high...repeat)- oooooOOOO000000 oooooOOOOO00000- (light green to red and back)
5. High Pulsing- 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - (red flashing light)
6. Faster High pulsing- 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -(seizure inducing red flashing light)
7. High Pulsing with longer high pulse- 00 00 00 000000 00 00 00 000000 00 00 00 000000-(Red flashing light)

The box states that pattern 5,6, and 7, are low pulsate, medium pulsate, and escalate and pulsate respectively. I can't tell the difference between the low and high in these modes.

Personally, I enjoy the high, constant vibration, but I also enjoy the pulsing patterns when I'm in the mood to tease myself.

One thing I don't like about this product is the lights. Although they do tell you what speed/pattern you are on, they are bright! I was having sex, and I had to turn the controller over (risking accidental button pushing!) to avoid the brightness! It's like having sex in the red-light district! Bright enough to be distracting and/or flashing fast enough you worry about seizures...I put black electrical tape on the actual light to avoid the light as it drives me crazy! Although some might like it...

This toy does can also be noisy, but with the power it packs, I am not surprised. On full power, I use my blanket to muffle it, but I can't hear it through my closed door. Just to be safe as I do have a house mate, I usually play some music to cover any stray buzzes.

Waterproof? Not so much. I have also been very careful about cleaning this toy and getting it wet as I don't want it to die on me.

As I stated earlier, be careful with cord, even though mine has not broken yet, I've been very careful with it.

Care and Maintenance

Part of taking care of this toy is preventing any unnecessary cord stress. I literally baby it as I love it and don't want it to ever stop working. I make sure I never lift it by the cord, that I support the bullet and controller when moving it, and that my husband doesn't accidentally put his knees on it during our sexual encounters. I also tuck it into my bra (if I'm wearing one during sex) to avoid it flopping around. So, in a way, that can be annoying and a downside to this toy.

I clean the bullet with mild soap and water carefully applied with a moist washcloth. Toy cleaning wipes also work great because they don't have as much potential to accidentally introduce water into the toy. I don't ever use lube on it, but a small application of water based lubricant if you wanted lube would be fine too, just don't get too much around where the cord connects to the egg.

I store it in a pouch I made with lots of fleece padding so the button doesn't get pushed accidentally.


This toy comes in a fairly old-school looking cardboard box. It has misspelled words, and seems old fashioned, and definitely not very attractive. However, no naked ladies, so I can't complain too much. The box is pink and the toy doesn't even come with a plastic tray to keep it stationary in the box. There are no instructions besides those on the box, which aren't very detailed.

Not going to lie, this box is pretty ugly. Not suitable for storage, I made my own pouch as usual.

Personal comments

If I could, I would give this toy 3.5 stars. One one hand, the power level is awesome! On the other, you have to be so careful with it, and deal with the light show, lack of attractive packaging and noise. The power is most important to ME, but others may feel that the quality is lacking because of the fragile wire. It's a balance...I love the power and am willing to put up with the annoying issues this toy has because of that.
Follow-up commentary
Even three months later, this toy still keeps me satisfied in the bedroom. It has continued to function normally, although I do take extra care to be gentle with it. It is a bit of a battery hog, but with that kind of power you need some fuel! Still happy with this purchase and if it broke would get another.
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