In joy self pleasurizer - strap-on vibrator by Lady Calston - review by Ashe

In joy self pleasurizer

Strap-on vibrator by Lady Calston

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In joy self pleasurizer sex toy review

Overall, I can't say I would recommend this product to pros and novices. It's a bit cumbersome to use, hard to feel, and only creates a shadow of what real sex is like.
Does have a realistic feel to it in design and motion, can stimulate the in and out of real sex.
Can be really loud, doesn't really hit the g-spot like it should, dull vibrations on the testicles.
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I was so excited when the In joy self pleasurizer|In joy self pleasurizer - Strap-on vibrator arrived at my doorsteps.  A toy that stimulates real sex? Could it really be true?!  Believing that the In-Joy could give me the same thrill as any male could, I started envisioning a life completely man free.  I would have no use for the opposite sex if this toy was everything I hoped and dreamed it could be.

Made of firm but soft silicone rubber, the In-Joy features a shaft that has a tip that moves up and down, to give you the feeling of a penis moving in and out of you.  The moving head only extends an inch, making the veiny shaft 7 inches long at full mast.  The vibrating testicles on this toy have raised bumps to help you stimulate your clit.

A short cord leads to the hand held controller, where you find two dials - one for the speed of the up and down motion; the other controls the vibration level of the balls.  However, I should mention that it is best to use these two features separately.  When used together, you can feel a drop in power from both features.

I wasn’t pleased with the vibrating balls.  I like my vibrating toys|Vibrators to have some power to them.  These balls give out a dull vibration.  Not enough to really get my juices going.  Plus, you can only feel the vibrations on the balls - not at all on the shaft.

The pumping head can go from slow, where you can really feel the head against your g-spot, to extremely fast, giving you that hard and fast motion.

I tried using the suction cup on various wall surfaces but it never would hold - only to flat surfaces like a table or chair.  It also comes with adjustable, removable straps so the toy can be worn as a strap-on for a playmate.

As for the noise it makes; it varies.  At low speeds, its quiet as a whisper but the more you turn up the power, the louder it gets.  At its peak, it sounds like a bed squeaking as the head moves up and down.

Other things you should know: Since the toy is not waterproof, it is best to clean it with a soapy washcloth.  And when you are finished, it fits snuggly inside a shoe box, harness and all

Overall, I wasn’t too happy with this toy.  I found it hard to reach my g-spot while using the In-Joy.  After trying many positions, the only one where I could get any enjoyment out of the pumping head was if I was sitting directly on the shaft, pressing my vagina into the toy.  This is how I discovered it doesn’t work that well on soft surfaces like a bed or couch but best on a hard surface like a table or chair.  I never felt that the toy was going deep enough or really able to reach my g-spot.  It just seemed to graze my g-spot with its tip.

I wouldn’t suggest In-Joy as a replacement of the real thing.  Guess I won’t be having a male-free life after all.
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  • Alt
    Hey there Ashe, I am glad to read you did a review on this from a female's POV. Yea I wish this toy felt better but it really is just not worth it. It needs 1. Vibration in shaft and 2. more stroke length. Have you tried it in your butt at all to see if it does anything from a womans POV with anal stimulation? Anyway good review and I think others will now judge if this is worth it for them based on our reviews of this.
  • Nashville
    Would you say the straps are one size fits all?
  • sktb0007
    thanks for the review, thats too bad the vibrations aren't felt in the shalft of the toy
  • pinkzombie
    Nice review!
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