Double-ended vibrator for couples

Increase Your Flex-Abilities

We've been having the time of our sex lives with the O-Flexer and recommend this toy to anyone wanting to broaden their experiences in the bedroom. Whatever your sexuality, you will find a use for this double-ended vibrator that packs a punch while delivering quality for the money. Be creative, use your imagination, and leave your inhibitions at the bedroom door. The orgasm possibilities are almost endless!
Powerful, versatile, silicone material, simple controls. Solo or partner play.
The molding line in the middle of the toy slightly cheapens the look.
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First impression

One vibrator is good, so it just makes sense that two vibrators would be even better. When people talk about the 'new math,' I assume this is what they mean. Now, what if there was such a thing as two vibrators in one?
You can bet your booty that there is, and Eden sells a very good one!
Meet the O-Flexer.


Our first thoughts at seeing this toy focused on the sheer length. At just over a foot long, the O-Flexer definitely looked like it could pack a punch. Removing the toy from the packaging let us feel the luxurious soft, yet firm silicone material. The molded veins along the shaft were subtle, as were the slightly pronounced cock heads at either end. The penetrative diameter differs between the sides, with one end being about 1 1/8 inches and the other being 1 3/4 inches. It's a good design that allows for variations in play and user experience levels or preferences. In layman's terms, you can f*ck tight little buttholes with half the toy and stretch some pussy with the other end!
At the halfway point of the shaft is the magnetic charging connection, which just further screams quality to us. It makes for a simple power top-up and eliminates fiddling around trying to find the hole.

First Use

Both my hubby and I were working from home the day that the O-Flexer arrived in the mail, which meant that we would be taking a longer 'lunch'. The new toy got a quick wash with soap and water, and we decided to put our new friend through its paces in the bedroom. First up was me laying on my back while my husband gave my pussy a good licking with the vibrator humming on low against my clitoris. It wasn't long before I was wet enough for him to slide the larger end inside me and start stroking away. He moved up to suckle on my nipples while f*cking me, and I easily took the toy slightly past the halfway point. He was a little overzealous a couple of times and uncomfortably banged the silicone cock against my cervix, which is a risk with a product as long as this vibrator. He just adjusted his hand closer to the middle of the shaft to provide a stop to keep from stroking too deep. The controls were very simple to cycle through, and we tried all 9 patterns in this position to develop a feel for the power and rhythms. They ranged from mild or intense buzzing to staccato tempos that built in intensity. I flipped over on all fours, and he f*cked me from behind with the O-Flexer doggy-style while I rubbed my clit. It wasn't long before I felt his fingers probing around my ass, and I knew what was next on the menu. The lube in the nightstand was being spread around and inside my butthole, and the thin side of the vibrator soon after was inching inside. Keeping the toy nestled in my ass, he moved to the front of me and started to f*ck my mouth while slowly stroking my tight hole with the toy. It was a delightful spit-roasting, and I closed my eyes to dream about having two guys fucking me from either end. After a few minutes of me slobbering all over his cock it was time for the finale, and he flipped me onto my back with the O-Flexer still inside my ass. He slid his cock into my pussy while I used my hand to pump my little hole with the toy. Everything felt so delightfully tight and the vibrations transmitting through to his shaft had him emptying his load into me all too quickly. He kept pounding me, and I soon followed with a fantastically strong orgasm of my own that left me panting on the bed.

It was a pretty awesome first run with our new friend, and we both knew that there was so much more to try!

Further Experience

Since our first use of this vibe, we've had plenty of time to broaden our experiences and try new ideas. Double-ended toys can be very versatile, and the world is your imagination. I've masturbated with the O-Flexer both vaginally and anally and coupled it with another vibrator for double penetration. My husband has also taken both ends of the toy in his ass with me, f*cking him with it while jerking/blowing his cock. I've f*cked his ass with it from behind with the other end in my pussy in a doggy-style position. We've gone 'ass to ass' and slammed the vibrator in our buttholes with our cheeks slapping against each other. With a little sphincter control, it was possible to alternate who was having the shaft slide in and out of them. I'm sure there are even more things we have yet to try, and we will likely never grow bored of this product. We still haven't tried out the waterproof feature, but some hot tub play will definitely happen in the future.

Because the toy is made from high-end silicone, it is non-porous and easy to clean after use. Be certain to pay attention to the cock head ridges as they tend to collect lube and bodily fluids. Make sure water-based lubricant is used as silicone lubes could dissolve the material into a sticky mess.

I should also mention that the rechargeable battery has excellent life, and we've yet to have it die on us even after more than 30 minutes of high-speed use.

Vibration Map

I've already mentioned the myriad of settings this vibrator has. The wonderful design has two separate motors placed strategically at either end of the shaft, and they can be controlled independently of each other. Power is focused at the tips and transmits well to the user's body. Maximum power is extremely strong for those hungry for hard stimulation, but plenty of options will satisfy the personal likes of anyone. Even with all the power at its disposal, the noise levels are quite low.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

We've enjoyed the O-Flexer for almost a month now and have yet to be disappointed in the orgasm department. Whether it's used alone during solo play, with a partner, or coupled with other toys, it always makes for an awesome experience. I've come with it just buzzing against my clitoris, and my husband has had prostate-style orgasms as well. I'm guilty of getting off alone whenever I get the chance with this vibrator and prefer the thicker end in my pussy with a vibrating plug in my ass. Couple that with me pinching my nipples, and I'm sure the neighbors can hear my moans!
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