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The Calla Lily is a beautiful rabbit made of soft, sumptuous, completely unscented material that would be a good choice for those with deep G-spots. The moving, vibrating part of the long shaft is likely to be farther inside than is optimal for most women. Its waterproof and easy to clean, but is also loud.
Wonderful unscented material, very flexible attachment of clitoral nub, waterproof
shaft is too long, loud
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The Calla Lily is a rabbit vibrator that would be a good choice for those who want subtle sensations inside them and a decently strong stimulation from the clitoral bullet in a waterproof toy that can be taken into the shower or bath. It might be best for those who live alone or at least those where the loud noise of this toy won't present a problem.

Sadly the shaft is much longer than ideal. For many women it will be too far inside to provide significant G-spot stimulation, but if you have a deep G-spot, this could be the rabbit for you.

Material / Texture

The shaft of the Calla Lily is made of unscented TPR and it truly is unscented. It is also quite soft and squishy. I was concerned that the bump that sticks out of the shaft might be irritating, but the material is too soft to irritate. The TPE used to cover the shaft and bullet is one of the nicest aspects of this product. This would be an excellent material for a dildo. It looks and feels wonderful.

Design / Shape / Size

While the clitoral bullet is quite nice, this product really needs the shaft shortened by about two inches. With 5 1/2 inches of insertable length, the tip will be far past the G-spot of many women. The far end of the vagina doesn't have many nerve endings, so unfortunately the wonderful micro-bullet and curved, rotating end can barely be felt when used as designed.

If inserted so the tip is on your G-spot, it provides good, but not intense stimulation. Its probably not firm enough to offer that. When inserted and rotating, the controller end also rotates, as there is less resistance from air than from vaginal muscles. If the shaft were shorter, less of the toy would be outside me and this would likely be less of a concern. A shorter shaft would also result in more torque and a more powerful rotation.

The clitoral bullet has a small amount of TPE material extending from the tip. This flutters rapidly when the clitoral bullet is on. Touching just that tip against a clitoris feels surprisingly nice, but its such a small area that it can be difficult to keep this in the right area for constant stimulation.

I examined this toy from every angle and can't see how it looks like a Calla Lily, but no matter. Its a nice name anyway.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The shaft rotates in three different patterns, while the clitoral nub has three subltely different vibration patterns of its own. At the tip of the shaft is a micro-bullet, to add vibration to the rotation. It is described as powerful, but its quite small. The use of the word 'powerful' is an overstatement.

The instructions don't explain how to use the vibrator, but it only takes brief experimentation to master it. One button at the top turns it on or off. Buttons on the one side control the intensity of the clitoral bullet. Buttons on the other side control the intensity of the shaft. A button in the middle controls the vibration/rotation pattern of both the clitoral bullet and the shaft.

Increasing the intensity of vibration of the clitoral bullet didn't affect the vibration/rotation strength of the shaft and vice versa.

The first pattern is steady vibration of the bullet and a 'come here' motion of the shaft.

The next causes the shaft to rotate alternately twice in one direction, then twice in the other direction. With this function the clitoral bullet vibrates for a second at a time with very brief periods of non-vibration in between.

The last pattern causes the shaft to change directions alternately without making a full rotation. On this last setting, the clitoral bullet vibrates on and off rapidly.

Care and Maintenance

The Calla Lily is waterproof, so washing it before and after use is straightforward. I use liquid soap and water. Probably a silicone lubricant is ok with this but the instructions recommend using a water based lube. I tested its waterproofness by letting run submerged in water for several minutes. No water entered the battery compartment or under the TPE covering of the shaft.

The instructions state that it can be cleaned with alcohol. I tested rinsing it with rubbing alcohol and letting it air dry. This actually is a nice way to keep it lint free.

The batteries snap into their own holder, making them easy to remove after use, something you may wish to do to extend battery life.


The Calla Lily comes in a cardboard box with a brief description of its features, along with the Chinese characters for Love, Happiness, Health and Vitality.

The instructions are written in six languages. Its clear that the verbiage on the box and instructions were not written by native English speakers, giving them a certain amount of endearing charm.

One warning is that overuse will cause the vibrator to overheat, however after using it at the highest speed for a half an hour, the motor wasn't noticeably warm.

For now I'm storing it in the box it came in. How odd. Products that come in luxurious boxes (the Pure Wand) I store in socks. For this one, with the simplest of packaging, I use the box. I'm an enigma. Later I will likely store it in a plastic bag.

Tuesday's pet peeve:
Along the side of the box is a caution that the product is for external use only. Sigh... The instructions inside specifically say to insert the shaft in your vagina before turning it on. How is that possible while keeping it external? I do wish companies would drop that nonsensical warning.


During my first use of the Calla Lily, I applied quite a bit of lube. This turned out to be a mistake, making it too slippery to control.

I found that when its inserted far enough for the clitoral bullet to be in a good position, the tip of the shaft is too far inside to be felt strongly. If I position it so the tip of the shaft is on my G-spot, the clitoral nub doesn't touch me. But I have a shallow G-spot. For those whose G-spot is three inches or more inside, it might work perfectly as is.

One nice feature of the Calla Lily is that the clitoral nub is very flexible and can easily be stretched closer to the tip of the shaft without damaging it. I've done this repeatedly and it springs back every time. Its possible to stretch the clitoral bullet out and wrap one hand around it to hold it in this position. So it actually can be considered to be an adjustable rabbit if you're willing to devote one hand to this purpose.

The easy flexibility of the bullet makes the Calla Lily a good thrusting toy. The bullet repositions itself without irritating/bumping during thrusting.

After a few uses, the tip of the shaft lost some of its shine. Apparently the tip is rubbing more than I thought. Where it is less shiny its also more of a lint magnet. I've noticed this with other TPE toys. I don't believe its anything to be concerned about.

This toy didn't really excite me despite its beauty and wonderful material. I believe this is due to the mismatch between my shallow G-spot and the Calla Lily's long shaft. For most women though the Calla Lily would work better than it has for me.

I'm torn between giving it three stars for weak shaft sensations and a too-long shaft and four stars for how I think it would work for others. The shaft vibrations feel as strong to me as with Ina, which other reviewers describe as strong, so it could be that I'm not as sensitive to internal vibrations as others. Calla Lily, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. Four stars for you.
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  • Contributor: Kynky Kytty
    I think my heart stopped when I saw you pulling on the bullet in the video. Smile Great review!

    And I have to agree with your pet peeve, saying that a sex toy is for external use for legal reasons is one thing, but contradicting it in the instructions is a 'fail'.
  • Contributor: removedacnt
    Very nice review, thanks!
  • Contributor: Rayne Millaray
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    Amazing review.
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    Looks nice Smile
    Good review!
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    Thanks for the product review. I found it very helpful.
  • Contributor: MasterBlaster
    Thank you for the review. This item does seem to long. You can try using a cock ring on it to shorten the length of the shaft and get you clitoral and your g-spot stimulation at the same time.
  • Contributor: Tuesday
    Goddess Heather, What a good suggestion. I didn't think of that.
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