7th heaven bangin' beaver - rabbit vibrator by Pipedream - review by Nymphomaniac

Intense Pleasure

I LOVE this vibrator. It was my second one, and while I thought it was WAY too big and "scary," I now call it my favorite toy of all. I would recommend it to anyone that has already had some experience with toys.
Amazing stimulation for the clitoris and vagina combined. Easy access to controls.
Can be a bit loud when it is not inside. Harder to hide it. Things stick to it easily.
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This was only my second dildo that I had ever owned, and when I got it, I was really surprised at the size. The first dildo I had was a small little one, and then I got this thing and I was really nervous to use it. However, once I began to use it, I immediately knew that this was definitely my favorite toy, and it still is.

The different vibrating speeds are extremely nice in customizing your own pleasure. The shaft has beads in it that gives it six possible different speeds that really stimulate the vagina. Then the clitoris stimulator has seven different speeds that you can choose from. However, unlike the speeds for the shaft, the speeds for the clitoris stimulator has different constant speeds (low, medium, and high) and then the next four are different kinds of pulsations. Some are steady pulsations, others start out slow and work their way up to faster ones, and one has longer time in between each pulsation than others do. I personally just prefer using the steady first three, but this bangin' beaver really gives you many options that you could never get with anything else.

When you are done with it, be careful where you place it, because if you are like me and just drop it on the floor to clean up later, you are going to find it with a lot of hair and fuzz on it in the morning (however, a good toy cleaner would get that right off - takes a little longer with water.)

They jelly material makes it feel life like, and I really like it that its not flimsy, but nice and hard. The ridges near the head really add for extra stimulation when you are pumping it in and out.

The controls are also really handy. I never really liked the toys that have the controller as a separate thing and has a cord attaching it to your toy. Its right there on the toy itself, so its very easy to use. The vibrator does get less intense after a while of using the same batteries, so if you notice that you're not enjoying it as much as you used to, then switch out the batteries.

Also, my rating that I am going to put for noise is the rating for when it is inside you. I would recommend only turning it on once it is inside you, and before you take it back out if you are trying to be discrete, because otherwise it gets pretty loud.
I first began using this toy just on my own, and it was amazing. When my boyfriend wanted a chance to use it on me, I wasn't really sure how to incorporate it into our usual nightly fun, but after a while, I got a nice rhythm down. Because the toy stimulates both through the shaft and through the clitoris, and has so many options, its hard for a guy to use it on a woman as well as she would be able to do herself. Moving it just a little might be good for the stimulation of one area he was concentrating on, but then you remember, that movement also affected the stimulation on the clitoris, so he has to be careful.

I found a great way that works for me and my boyfriend. I use it on myself, and he lies next to me and whispers in my ear, and plays with my body in other ways. He might suck on my nipple a little, and with one hand grab my other breast and play with it, or he could move his hand down south and run it along my inner thigh, or gently run his fingers across the are right above my clitoris - if he does it soft enough, it seems like there are extra vibrations right there and it really adds to the stimulation. Or if you are into anal pleasure, you have have your man use another vibrator or something down there. I like my boyfriend cuddled up next to me when we use this toy, so usually if he wants to go that route, he just uses his finger a little bit so that he is still beside me and holding me when I orgasm.
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  • Juliettia
    Did you find that the beads jammed at all?
  • Nymphomaniac
    I personally have never had any problems with the beads. The only thing I have really found a slight issue with is how long the batteries last, but I happen to have a bunch of rechargeable batteries for camera equipment and such, so that was never a problem for me.
    Thank you
  • freshbananas
    Thanks for the reivew
  • LilLostLenore
    nice review
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