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Iconic pocket

Pocket rocket by Jimmyjane

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It goes vvrrOOOOMM!

A Pocket Rocket is one of those toys every woman should own. It's almost like instant satisfaction for your clitoris. And with the Iconic Pocket, Jimmyjane has created one that you shouldn't be able to resist. Super strong, with a punch that your clit can feel before it's come anywhere near it! This isn't a toy for the really sensitive, or the girls just getting started, but if you're looking for power, this is likely to please.
Very strong! No frills or gimmicks, just a classic look and strong feel.
Perhaps a little too strong for Newbies. Only one setting.
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The Iconic Pocket is a "distillation" of one of the ultimate girl's best friend; the Pocket Rocket. This sturdy little toy is meant for your clit, and if you're one who likes the power, this baby's for you. A definite oomph comes out of the Iconic, a Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Sir! for your clit and all the area around it.

In fact, because of it's intensity, the Iconic (I think I'll call him Ic) seems to feel the best when sliding it around your clitoris before directly stimulating it. Dragging it smoothly over small areas to the right and left of your clit feels delightful, and is still strong enough to rock your socks off without going near your clitoris.

It takes one AA battery, which normally I would completely scoff at, but Ic uses that little battery brilliantly, and three long uses later it's still running strong.

Material / Texture

This little angel is hard, solid plastic and probably the better for it. It's solid white, with no apparent scent, and that plain smooth plastic feels like an everyday appliance.

I love the weight of my little Ic; a just-barely heavy feeling, that makes it feel sturdy and built to work. I'm not sure why it's so pleasant, but something about that weight just makes it feel more comfortable and worthwhile.

It's easy to hold, without too much of the vibrations pouring into your fingers (more than I'd like, but not more than I can bare), and with little ridges to help with your grip when things get slippery.

Design / Shape / Size

The Iconic is the typical rocket shape, like a thick, tiny little wand, with four little nubs on the tip. Personally, I don't find these particularly stimulating, but they do provide a nice smooth ability to slide across the skin. I think if the tip were simply rounded, there wouldn't be as many great position and stimulation possibilities.

It comes with a little plastic cap which is great for travel. It keeps lint, hairs, dust, and other little dirties from the bottom of your bag from lodging itself in the important-areas. You can also leave this cap on during play if you like the smoother roundness; it only detracts a tiny bit from strength.

It's small and "travel-ready", and even fits nicely into my makeup/medicine bag. It doesn't have any frills or sexy gimmicky things, and looks so practical that if anyone asks you can tell them it's a specialty back massager; and there would be no evidence against it. You could even say it's medical!

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Iconic works simply with a twist. A right turn turns on, a left turn opens up for the battery (Did I mention it comes with one!? Already inside?! Ready to use!?). Turn it to the right and hold on tight! This baby packs a mean punch that I love and can't get enough of.

One downside of the Iconic is it's single setting. While I believe this is typical for a rocket, it is a little unfortunate because, sometimes it's just too strong for you to start off with. When you're just getting ready for action, a giant POW! of vibrations isn't exactly what you're looking for to get yourself to that "Oooooh" stage. A single other setting (a lower one) would be very helpful, to give you something to warm up with. However, being that there isn't one, I'd definitely recommend some serious prep time before applying the Iconic directly. Or try using its side, where the vibrations are a little duller.

The sound-meter isn't too bad considering how strong the toy is. I'd say it's just a little louder than my boyfriends electric razor, and I've had a lot of toys that were a lot weaker but still a lot louder.

The box claims that it's Water-Proof and Bath-Friendly, and while it might not look it (it's got a big seam where you twist it to open and activate), it does appear to be true. While using it in the bath I was paranoid and tried to keep most of it above water, but the time it did spend completely submerged didn't seem to hurt it at all. Upon closer inspection you can see a little rubber ring around the inside of that seam, so I'd try not to dunk it too much or too often, but don't worry too much. Using it in the warm wonderful-ness of the tub is a wonderful feeling and I'd definitely recommend it.

Care and Maintenance

It isn't often that a toy comes with cleaning instructions, so I love the fact that they're part of the oodles of information on/in the box. The company recommends cleaning after each use with a "mild" soap and water, and then dried with something soft. Typically being lazy and impatient, I have been using my usual toy cleaner, and a soft pillowcase-turned-cleaning cloth. So far there isn't any problem with this, so it's probably what I'll continue to do.

The toughest part in cleaning is getting the very bottom of the bumps on the top, but it doesn't present a real problem and nothing's gotten stuck there or anything so far. All lubricants are acceptable since it's plain hard plastic, and storage (when it's not tucked discreetly in your makeup bag) is simple in it's nice little box.


The Iconic came in a delightfully sturdy and information-packed little rectangle box. As it's part of Jimmyjane's "The Usual Suspects" line, one side of the box has a small but clear image of the other members (a rabbit and a vibrating "love ring", both classically "distilled" white.). The idea behind the line and the company are elaborated on the opening flap - and the Usual Suspects slogan "Enjoyed by many, curated by us."

The box also has these delightful little icons depicting the Icon's attributes, such as an airplane for "Travel-Ready", and a small leaf for "Body-Safe Materials". And on the inside flaps, there's more! Safety Notes, Instructions for Use, Getting Started, and even Cleaning. This baby will keep you reading, and happily informed.

Personal comments

I rarely get toys by the big time, uber-classy, crazy expensive companies, and while I figured it'd be nice, I assumed they would never be worth the price. But Jimmyjane has proven me wrong. I'm a girl with a moody clitoris and if it doesn't get a big enough oomph, I don't get a good "O"; if I get one at all. The Iconic has given me just that. A great punch with a price that is a little more than I'd prefer, but pretty much worth every penny. Not to mention, I just think it's pretty!
Follow-up commentary
It's been 7 months and the Iconic Pocket is still my absolute favorite toy. Simple and versitile, and still super strong! My go-to toy for solo-play or a good boost during sex, and I haven't gotten sick of it once.

I have noticed that it seems to go through batteries a little faster than it used to, but luckily I've started hoarding them in the cupboard anyway.

7 months and it's still going strong. I get the feeling I'll love this toy for a long, lovely time.
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    Hello Sin Secret,
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    I was never attracted to pocket rockets but after reading reviews that rever them so much, I'm sort of turning towards them more and more. Great review.
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    I've only had one pocket rocket and found it very disappointing. Thanks for a detailed review, would you mind explaining if these are deeper or more superficial vibrations? I'm interested and this looks like a great product : )
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