Slimline G deluxe vibrator - vibrator kit by Topco Sales - review by Darling Dove

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It will make you a squirter!

This toy WILL make you a squirter, if you are at all capable of it. It is a great value, very usable, and provides options for internal and external use. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this toy.
Targeted stimulation, strong vibes, moderate price, waterproof, easy to clean.
Slightly loud, tough to close battery compartment the first few times.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
This toy is the best I have ever tried of its type. I-LOVE-IT, and it is a great value for its price. If you know you like G-Spot stimulation, this IS the toy for you. That being said, I do want to give them a proper review, and not just constant praise; so here we go.

The packaging is simple, easy to open, and has all the necessary facts. It tells you the sleeves are only to be used externally, which is good advice. They are made of cyberskin, and can retain bacteria. They do, however, work very well on the toy; providing some cushion, in the case of the smooth cover, and some texture, in the case of the pointed cover, for those who prefer soft toys for their clit. I've met some girls who are super sensitive, and hard plastic clit toys are too intense for them. The covers can also be used for other bullet shaped toys, or possibly pocket rockets, making them a versatile item to receive even if you prefer the toy internally as I do.

On my clit, the toy is nice. It's smooth, so I used the sleeves, as I prefer texture against my clit. You can use this toy to get off via clitoral stimulation; I have no doubts about that. I personally just prefer to use a toy intended for it. This toy has targeted vibrations, but they are intended to target the g-spot and surrounding area. Trying to use them to target the clit is possible, but it will end up being a more general vibration, as opposed to pinpointed.

However, I must say, the place where this toy really shines is insertion. It takes two AA batteries, and is about as strong as a bullet toy. The vibration is concentrated just at the tip, and it’s a relatively low-medium frequency vibration, but it is VERY powerful. The angle for me is perfect. I have used other toys of this nature before, but never one with the extra bump at the tip. I believe this, somehow, makes ALL the difference.

If this toy weren't as loud as it is, I would use it every single day. As a former squirter, I have been searching for the perfect g-spotter to get back into practice with. Most of the other toys I've used, though sufficient, have been either: too loud, not waterproof, or they eat batteries. This toy is perfect in all regards. It is loud, don't get me wrong, but it's waterproof and the noise could easily be covered up by a shower. Some other similar toys I have sound like a weed whacker.

While I am not sure this could help you find your g-spot; if you know where it is and you know you like g-spot play, this toy WILL get you off. There's also the added benefit of the toy being relatively small, and yet satisfying. So for tighter girls, or girls who aren't size queens, it's easy to fit inside. As with a lot of other g-spot toys I have, the curve makes it hard to insert. Some of the toys I have in the same style as this with the bulbous end, are still rather large at the end; or they are curved too hard and can catch on your pubic bone, which hurts horribly and will instantly end a masturbation session.

I will say that I think honestly, for the price; this is one of the best g-spot toys I have used, and I have a lot in this price range. It's also very well balanced, very versatile, and it comes with fun sleeves.
Technical details: adjustable speeds via a dial, takes 2 AA batteries, waterproofing in the form of a rubber washer, actual vibe is smooth, hard plastic, only the sleeves are cyberskin.
Follow-up commentary
I've continued to use this toy, and I've gotten much more used to it! I think I like it even more now with continued usage. I stated in the first review that it can be hard to insert, and might get caught on the pubic bone. But now that I am used to the toy, I find that I rarely if ever have this problem. It's simply a question of finding out what works for you, and what your body likes; and my body... likes this toy a lot!

I find that if you lube this toy up, it becomes very easy to take a small pause during thrusting and rub it against your clit. Due to the angle and the smooth texture, coupled with the strong vibrations, it is much easier with this vibe than most straight ones. The round bulb may not give pinpoint vibrations, but they are very deep and the generalized vibes make it satisfying; even if you aren't right on top of your clitoris with the toy.

All in all, I loved this toy, I still love it, and it's still my favorite g-spotter. The motor shows no signs of wear and tear yet, and it's been used in the shower with great results and no consequences - so it is showerproof, and very effectively so. I have nothing but recommendations of this toy. It's definitely worth a try if you know you like g-spot stimulation, so give it a shot next time you're looking for a new toy!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Mamastoys
    Is the speed adjustment a continuous turn of a dial or are there specific speeds? Thanks for the review..
  • Darling Dove
    It's a continuous type of dial, there are a full range of speeds.
  • her.royal.redness
    Sounds lovely!! Thanks for the review!
  • spicywife
    I like texture on my clit too. Hmmm... might have to try this one Smile Great review!
  • TinyTease
    Does the shaft bend or is it stiff?
  • Darling Dove
    The shaft is stiff plastic.
  • Miss Naughty Kitty
    I love how soft the sleeves are
  • lamira
    It seems like a great toy, but I just can't get over the fact that it looks like a toilet bowl scrubber.
  • kfdarling
    Do you tink that this would be a good p spot vibrator?
  • ShadowKitten
    I second the above question about p spotting with it.
  • sixfootsex
    Thanks for the review! Love how powerful it is!
  • Lady Marmelade
    Great review! Thank you.
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