TongueJoy turbo pack - tongue vibrator by JJK Industries - review by married and adding spice

TongueJoy turbo pack

Tongue vibrator by JJK Industries

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Joy? Definitely!

It was worth it. Strong vibrations and easy cleaning are a real bonus to owning this toy. We are experimenting with other rings and we still kept going back to this one. We look forward to investing in another one.
Powerful vibrations
The cord when it is used as a cock ring
Rating by reviewer:
somewhat useful review
This product worked for my husband and me; however, it was uncomfortable for him during oral sex. He said that once he was use to it the vibrations were not too cumbersome. Used as a cock ring it did wonders for the both of us. The red silicone rings are stretchy and that may be what caused issues of them sliding off for other reviewers; however, we found a size that fit well. I liked the power of the little vibrator, but it was loud. We have used it for a couple of years before it did not turn on any more and during the last few months if the wire was not in the perfect location between the box and the vibrator it would spontaneously turn off, which was obnoxious.

I was surprised at how well it held up because I am very wet and am a female ejaculator. The toy did not rust and the battery compartment held up well to the abuse. Cleanup was easy because the little plastic sleeves could be taken off. When used as a cock ring the cord always had to be readjusted; however, it was understandable because of the vibrations it produced. I have never come across a cordless toy that could perform the way that the Tongue Joy did. The cord is very long and we never had an issue with the length or the cord getting in the way in our multiple positions.

The chrome alloy vibrator has a little bar that the other accessories slide onto before screwing it into the battery source. For the wireless unit the act of screwing it in turns it on with only one setting and it is powered by slightly larger watch batteries. The unit that has the wire has two speed variations, an off position and runs on two double A batteries.

Putting the colored silicone pieces on is easy and taking them off is a little more difficult, but it helps keep them on during action. I just pinch the top to take them off because it will create an air bubble and the slide off. The different textures are subtle and I preferred the blue one with vertical ribs. The yellow is smooth, pink has bumps and the green has a swirl on the end. My clitoris is sensitive and I could feel the differences; however, someone less sensitive may have a problem noticing the changes in texture.

I never noticed a scent and because it was made for the mouth, the taste was bearable. I used it in combination with a flavored oil to cover an unwanted taste. When we first opened the package the lack of scent was surprising because many toys with a similar sleeve concept have an awful smell. I am glad that we decided to buy it because we were reconsidering when we discussed what it must taste like.

Overall, the product produced awesome orgasms from me, but I could have lived without the cord. On the other hand, could it have the amount of power it did without the cord. I do not believe that it is possible. Even when it was in the mouth, the vibrations were softened, but his tongue made up for any lack of power that may have been present.

Inside of the mouth with the plastic covers on, the vibrations were lessened to make it safer for in the mouth. I have a small mouth and unfortunately it is uncomfortable for me because of a my gag reflex. My husbands mouth is larger and the smallest ring kept the vibrator in place. For a good fit choose the smallest ring that fits and put it farther back on your tongue and that will keep the bullet in place during oral sessions.
Follow-up commentary
We decided that this toy was necessary for our collection and bought another one. I am as satisfied with the new toy as I am with the old one. We stored it differently to see if the cord will continue to work longer than it did the first time. With the first toy we were wrapping the cord around the toy, but now we put it in a case for headphones and it is doing better. The power is not cutting out yet. Hopefully, we have solved the problem for our toy.
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  • Carrie Ann
    Did it aggravate the teeth at all?
  • Juliettia
    I'm curious about the teeth aggravation as well. Also, did the caps stay on the metal very well or feel too hard during play?
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    A lot of propel have had trouble with the band sizes and slipping off the tongue, was this the case for you?
  • EagleFire
    The description mentions that the product can be used by itself (with batteries) or with the turbo pack (corded)...what were the vibrations like without using the cord?
  • Oggins
    Wow, I was under the impression that this was cordless. Is that not the case? Also, did your tongue vibrate really bad? If so, did you find that annoying?
  • married and adding spice
    The caps stayed on the metal during forplay,but I found that because my mouth is smaller than his that the vibrations were too much and although it did not hurt my teeth, I felt a buzzing in my head.

    I had to use the smallest band size and it stayed in place fairly well for me, but if you have a bad gag reflex it probably will not work.

    The vibrations without using the cord were fairly weak, but because it was in his or my mouth it is probably safer.

    Oggins, it can be cordless. However, we preferred to use it as a cock ring and the vibrations were too slight to be felt. When we used the cord with the battery pack it became very powerful.
  • PurpleReign
    There's an awful lot in this package; I'd like to know more about how it works, fits together, the various configurations. There are a lot of things I'd like to know more about, and I think others would too.

    What are the cock rings like - material, stretch, effectiveness? How long IS that does it limit mobility etc.?

    Very intriguing product though.
  • snowgirl
    Very interesting Smile can you use it in your mouth with cord somehow or is it impossible?
  • married and adding spice
    I guess mechanically it would be possible, but electricity inside of your mouth just sounds scary. The cord would also be in the way and it probably would be a choking hazard. I personally would never attempt it.
  • Evoluchun
    is it not real big since it fits in the mouth I was wondering cause you said someone with a smaller mouth or has gag reflexes bad it probably won't work for so is it as small as maybe a real tongue ring?

    Hoe does it stay on in the mouth anyways? Do you have to use the cord when using as a cock ring?
  • Blooddragon
    Nice review!
  • lnf77
    Thanks for the review.
  • pinkcupcakes
    thanks for this review!
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