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I didn't expect to like Ceres quite as much as I did, especially given the lack of G-spot curve. It's a decent little vibration, and I'd recommend it if you have expendable cash, but at $70 it's more novelty than anything else.
Reasonably deep/strong vibes, gorgeous, medium size, interesting settings
Price, too much packaging, have to keep plastic around batteries
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With bright colors and an elegant design, Ceres original is the vibe for people who identify as feminine, vibrant or artistically-inclined. Decent vibrations and and easy-to-use design make this a no-brainer for couples and beginners. Ceres original isn't intimidating to look at, but it does have a staggering price and lacks serious G-spot stimulation. Fortunately, interesting vibrations make up for it.
    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Solo

Material / Texture

Ceres original is made up of plastic and silicone. The shaft is silicone, and I was expecting it to real rigid like most of Lelo's toys. I was pleasantly surprised that this has a bit of give. There's not much flexibility along the length of the shaft, but it's not entirely rigid when you squeeze it. This leads to a pleasant feel that is still able to stimulate specific spots when you apply pressure.

The silicone is non-porous, so it won't pick up odors. The velvety finish offers a bit of drag, so I used lube. The smaller shaft means some might forgot this. The lack of bumps, ridges or other realism really makes this inviting to people who might be intimidated by larger toys.

The shaft meets a plastic base. My blue version is translucent in a way that looks glassy. Plastic can look awfully cheap, but it's truly gorgeous with the design. The Ceres original feels extremely contemporary and the silver plastic button that is surrounded by the colored plastic is offset stunningly.

There is a bit of a ridge between the shaft and base, but it's nearly seamless.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

If you look at this dead on, the Ceres original looks quite straight with a shaft that flairs to a slight bulb toward the end. However, from the side, you'll see the bulb creates the slightest curve. If you need a drastic curve for G-spot stimulation, the Ceres original won't be your ideal toy. Even though my G-spot is particularly easy to stimulate, I found it was the texture rather than the shape of this vibrator that worked for me. If it were softer and more flexible, for instance, I wouldn't have liked it.

There's a gentle ridge that runs along the side of this vibrator that I could not feel internally. Consider this decoration only.

With a maximum diameter of 1.5" at the widest part of the bulb, Ceres is a medium-sized vibrator. I didn't need much preparation at all before insertion. Just over 5 inches are insertable, so this isn't super long, either. If you're a size queen, look elsewhere. If you like things middle-of-the-road, Ceres might be your toy.

Although this doesn't look like a disembodied penis, it still have a vibrator look to it. It's not super discreet.
As I've mentioned, I really find the design attractive, even more in person than in photos. Cameras don't seem to do an excellent job at capturing the translucence of the plastic base or the brightness of the silicone shaft.
    • Beginner
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Ceres has different vibrations than I am used to. I expected to turn on to low vibes, medium then high, followed by some pulsation and escalation settings. Jopen has done away with the first two settings, so there's only a single steady vibration mode. The vibe always returns to this level when you turn it on. It's reasonably deep but not super strong.

However, those reasonably-deep vibrations lend to one special mode that I absolutely love. This says something coming from someone who almost never uses anything other than steady vibration levels. The second mode is a fast, pitter-patter pulsation that felt particularly good when I used it on my clit.

Up-and-down escalation follows this setting. The fourth mode is slower pulsation. Up next comes a repeating cycle of several big pulses followed by a couple smaller ones. A sort of flickering pulsation follows, and the final mode is a cycle of long-then-short pulses repeated.

The single Key button at the end of the base operates it all. A single press turns it on, while a long press turns off the whole toy.

Ceres is designed to be waterproof thanks to an O-ring surrounding the battery pack. This pack is the only complaint that I have. Ceres ships with a plastic tube inside this. Normally, I throw these away, but if you don't keep this surrounding your batteries -- 2 AAs -- you'll wind up with a terrible rattle. Ceres is surprisingly quiet once you dig this out from your trash and put it back. d=

The vibrations, while not super strong, are fairly deep. Ceres doesn't tickle my hand, and I can feel it no matter where I use it.

Care and Maintenance

Wash Ceres with soap and water. Stick to water-based lubes to be safe. Store in the included bag after drying.


I really liked the packaging for its aesthetic appeal, but less so for its function. Ceres comes in a box with a flap that opens to show off the toy. There's a cardboard sleeve that fits over the top of this box in the color of your toy. I find that any toy that calls me "Gorgeous" is going to get points. Totally gift-worthy.

However, you have to open up the box, take out the tray and pry out the foam from yet another piece of cardboard to get to the storage pouch and instructions. In fact, I think they're hidden away too well and some people might not find them at all before tossing the packaging.

Sleeve removed, flap opened
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