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Yes it's a Jopen but where's the Vrooms?

The Ceres key original by Jopen is part of a new line of battery operated silicone toys. It's a basic straight vibe with a minimal amount of texture on its silky smooth shaft. It's a narrow vibrator great for vaginal insertion and stimulation of any erogenous zone other than the anus. It is waterproof and significantly cheaper than Jopen's luxury line. Unfortunately it only has one speed, but Jopen trys to make up for this by giving us 7 patterns to choose from.
Lots of patterns, Smaller girth, Luscious silicone, no drag, Waterproof
Could be stronger, Only one intensity level, Price
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Ready to wear is to fashion design as the Key line is to Jopen. Jopen is California Exotic Novelties luxury line and Key is the battery operated yet still otherwise luxury line that consists of internal and external, silicone, waterproof, battery operated vibrators.

The Key Ceres Original is a basic straight vibrator- perfect for stimulation of any erogenous zone, although I think it's mainly designed for insertion of the vagina. Though its a perfect first toy for solo use or for couples, anal use is out or only for extremely advanced and/or cautious users as the anus, as opposed to the closed reproductive systems of females, is an open part of our digestive system and leads all the way out our mouth. Don't worry, a toy of this size is highly unlikely to get lodged in your intestine, but could easily slip your grasp and require an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

You could also use this toy for massage- especially because the vibrations are so rumbly, but vaginal insertion- even g-spot stimulation, even though it has a straight shaft, is where it's at. Home use is probably best, unless you're comfortable carrying around something that is so obviously a sex toy!

Material / Texture

For a battery operated toy I absolutely love the luscious silicone that it is made of.

Silicone is a 10 on the Eden safety scale because it is hypoallergenic, latex and phthalates free and impermeable. Due to its non-porous nature, as long as you clean it properly between orifices(remember not an anal toy)and/or users, it is safe to share.

This particular silicone, which comes in blue (more of a turquoise)purple and raspberry, is absolutely luscious. It has no drag whatsoever and is smooth and silky with just one ridge of texture that winds around the body of the toy but actually does a great job stimulaing my G-spot. I think that for newbies to texture sonething this simple is nice, it probably won't bother you if you aren't wowed by it and if you are, go for more! It does have some flexibility, I don't think that it's solid silicone but the plastic underneath is not as hard as the Picobong line by by Lelo.

Thankfully it does not taste or smell which is a huge plus for me because generally tastes and smells in vibrators equal chemicals that I personally prefer not to have in my cootch.


Design / Shape / Size

I think the design is great- I'm a big fan of G-spot vibes and this is one of my first straight vibes that isn't super thin. It is very simple, just a straight shaft that does increase slightly from base to tip with a bit of texture and a simple push button control. Despite not being shaped specifically for the g-spot, that slight increase and ridge still managed to scratch my spot.

I think my appreciation is mostly in the size. Its definitely not what you would call a girthy toy and is therefore a great option for a gift (in my experience too small is always better than too big when it comes to things going in my vag and I have met very few women who differ- those that do are self proclaimed 'size queens').

The dimensions of the Key Ceres Original are as follows:
Length: 7"
Insertable length: 5 1-4"
Circumference: 4 3/4"
Diameter: 1 1/2"

It's quite obviously a vibrator and its small enough to hide in a drawer but travel with it might bring up some questions and it is the type of toy that can accidentally turn on in your purse.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Ceres original functions great, but I do wish it was stronger. The biggest drawback, I believe of this toy, is that it only has one speed or intensity level. It's operated by a single push button, located on the bottom of the handle, which is a great place for it because then you don't end up accidentally hitting it when in use.

Once pressed it has seven functions or patterns.

Jopen has this picture to describe them on the side of the box:

To turn the toy off, simply hold down for three seconds. This seems to be the favored way to turn any vibrator off lately. The battery cap is a twist off version, leading to a compartment that holds 2AAs- alkaline batteries are best for sex toys.

The vibrations themselves are definitely rumbly (even more so without the battery sleeve) but they aren't very strong. I would rate them at 3 vrooms and like I said, this is the only strength available. Without the battery sleeve (see personal comments) its a crazy loud toy- 4 bees, but with it in place it's a super quiet 1 bee.

It's a waterproof toy, just make sure that you have the battery cap tightly secured and feel free to enjoy its patterns under water or in the shower.

The vibrations are all along the shaft and into the tip, but thankfully the handle doesn't vibrate so no worries about getting a numb hand.

Care and Maintenance

Waterproof silicone toys are easy to take care of if you remember one golden rule- NO contact with other silicone, be it solid or liquid. Silicone tends to bond with other silicone which can cause deterioration.

Store in the bag that Jopen provides, taking out the batteries when not in use for any period of time to avoid corrosion, or tuck into a drawer as is. Plastic and other materials can be stored along with it, but make sure it doesn't touch other silicone toys.

Lube MUST be water based, like Intimate Organics Defenseor oil-based but I recommend water. Absolutely NO silicone lube.

Cleaning is simple, as long as the battery cap is closed tightly. You can fully submerse it in warm water with anti-bacterial soap or a 10% bleach/90% water solution. Commercial toy cleaners and wipes are also options.


To tell you the truth I like the Key line packaging better than Jopen's vanity line. My Key Ceres Original came in a strong, discreet cardboard box with another cardboard sleeve over top. The toy itself was nestled in a foam insert (not recyclable) cut to match the shape of the vibrator.

Instructions were included and so is a 1 year warranty! Love it when you get a warranty with a toy that's under a hundred bucks and battery operated.

It's a great gift box and even better for storing the toy, plus its recyclable. They do make a point of pointing out in the included pamphlet, that the toy should not simply be 'thrown away' when you are finished with it. Instead dispose of it properly through electronic recycling.

Personal comments

When I first put the toy together I must have dropped the plastic battery sleeve because when I inserted the batteries it was the loudest toy ever- seriously you could have heard it from outside the room. I read this review here and the info on the battery compartment. After that I searched for a sleeve and finally found it under my blankets. She is absolutely right it's tough to get the batteries it with the sleeve in place, but without it it rattles so loud that you probably wouldn't even want to use the toy. I did notice however that without the sleeve, if you squeeze the end of the vibrator the sound is greatly diminished. If you lose the sleeve you'll need to cut a piece of plastic or paper to slip around the batteries and into the compartment.


Although this isn't a very strong vibe, in my opinion, it does have great vibrations for internal use. They are rumbly instead of buzzy and when inserted feel great, despite the lack of a strong G-spot curve. The single ridge of texture along the shaft also added to the pleasant stimulation but it wasn't strong enough to satisfy me clitorally, although not many toys are. I also used it to stimulate a male partners perineum and balls.

It bugged me that it only has one speed, which I guess is supposed to be made up for by the amount of patterns but I wasn't impressed. I think for seventy dollars a company like Jopen could have made a stronger toy. That said, it was exceptionally well made and the luxury is obvious, even if it lacks the convenience of a rechargeable. I have to say that I think Jopen has done a much better job with this line then Lelo with Pico-bong but I would suggest Evolved Novelties Roulette line over both, based on superior strength, cheaper price and matched material quality.

The one thing the Key line has over the others? The one year warranty.
Follow-up commentary
Yes! This was a fantastic toy and still is. I must admit that the lack of speeds is an issue but it still is strong enough to satisfy my G-spot.
I almost tried the G-spot version of the key line itself but decided against its girth.
I have kept it in its box so I'm not sure how the included bag holds up.
I will say again that I think the evolved line is much better value as the motors are much stronger, but the key line is more attractive and I will keep the Key Ceres Original around simply because it was my first assigned video review.
Thankyou Eden!!
Also it's a nice alternative for those that can't afford the Jopen vanities.
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  • Ryanne
    Thanks for the review sorry to hear this was so weak
  • Wicked Wahine
    Another great review! I loved the video - it's nice to hear someone speak quickly, animatedly & with purpose! I can hardly get past the lackadaisical delivery of some video reviewers! However, you are as articulate in the video as in your written review. Thanks for comparing this item & the whole line to other manufacturers' lines. I appreciate your honesty & found this info very helpful, thanks!
  • Sera26
    love the review & photos
  • GingerSpice
    thanks so much!! glad you still like it
  • zinazum
    Thank you
  • bratcat
    Thanks for this review! While he intensity of this toy may be on the low side i think i'd still really like it.
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