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Kitty Goes Where?!?

The Hello Kitty Vibrator, while having reached a "cult classic" status, still doesn't make a good vibrator. The vibrations are pretty weak, it has many design flaws, and it's unfortunately loud. It's great as a collector's item, but as a vibrator, it ends up failing.
Collector's item, Adorable, Comes with battery
Poor kitty, Bad vibration center placement, Loud, Weak vibrations, Cleaning the crevices
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The Hello Kitty Pocket Rocket is an adorable little pocket rocket vibrator that features the favorite Hello Kitty on the top.

Just in case you wanted the coolest little lesson ever - this toy is actually a back massager. It was marketed as such in 1997 when Sanrio released this. It was being sold in restaurants and gift shops to tourists. Slowly, the toys were integrated into adult shops until Sanrio noticed what was happening. They quickly pulled it off the market in 1999 after figuring out what women were doing with their poor little "back massager". (It actually was a huge battle since the company who owned the license to make the massager refused to give up their best-selling product.) Sanrio still feigns that they only intended it as a back massager.

In 2007, Sanrio, under a new license, released this "back massager" again. If I could read the packaging, it would probably say something about back massaging as well. Unfortunately, the packaging is all in Japanese. Sadness. Anyway, there's your neat little history lesson. I read about this little "back massager" about eight years ago when I was obsessed with Hello Kitty. It's suiting that I would now own it.

Anyway, this little toy comes in a basic plastic box that shows all of the Japanese writing on it. It comes in the multiple colors as well to suit your needs.

This sex toy uses a AA single battery. Surprisingly, it is provided with the toy. The bottom of the Pocket Rocket is unscrewed in regular pocket-rocket fashion. From there, the battery can be inserted and the bottom can be rescrewed on. This same bottom that includes your battery actually also includes your vibration controls. However, the manufacturers did a good job of actually making the turn from "Off" to "Open" require a bit of extra strength while the turn from "On" to "Off" is nice, smooth, and easy to make.

The vibrations in this toy center in the Hello Kitty. This is really awkward to me to be honest. I feel horrible for Hello Kitty to go into someone's crotch. I could handle using Hello Kitty's head as a handle; that much I could handle. But to actually make that where the vibrations are centered? That just creeps me out a bit. You also then have to take into account that the kitty has to be cleaned after use. With all of the little crevices on the little kitty, that makes things a lot harder than just picking up a washcloth since you have to make sure to get around the little cracks. There are a lot of the cracks too since the little Hello Kitty is done in detail. The little Kitty is not detachable from the toy.

The vibrations do leave something to be desired as well. They aren't horribly weak, but they weren't strong enough to do anything more than tease. I'd say they are about the same strength of a cell phone's vibrations. They aren't rumbly, but they aren't buzzy either. It's like they're just there. They're really not pleasurable when used to be honest. Along with this, unless you use the back of the kitty, the front of the Hello Kitty has a lot of texture that feels really when used externally. Also, the vibrations are LOUD. They can easily be heard in the same room, and they could easily be heard through a closed door as well. That means that, as adorable as this is, if you leave with roommates, all you will be using this for is shoulder massages unless you want to arouse suspicion.

As something to "seal the deal", since I'm holding it by the base to use it, and I enjoy applying pressure during use, the great "easy to turn on/off" feature that was talking about earlier becomes a nightmare. When you apply pressure and try to move the vibrator around, it ends up turning itself off from the circular movement that flips the switch.

I'm just not fond of the little kitty. I bought it since it's one of those "cult classics", but it's not something I'll probably ever use again. It's adorable, and it's a neat collector's item, but I honestly would not consider this a good investment as a vibrator. However, if you have some sexual fetish for Hello Kitty, it might be a good way to mix the two of them. If you are actually seeking a vibrator, though, you may want to look into something else.
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