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"L" for Lovely or Lame?

Want a rechargeable wand that's easier on your arms? This is a good option. The 90 degree flipping design makes it easy to handle this half pound toy. A good option for a rechargeable - powerful and responsive with 7 different functions, it's a good toy to add to any collection.
Rechargeable, powerful, 7 functions, dual motors, simultaneous operation.
Not waterproof, no charging light, low quality accents.
Rating by reviewer:
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I think the best reason to get this toy is the fact that it is rechargeable. This is the first rechargeable wand type vibrator I have had, and I'd say it sets the bar pretty high in that regard. It's not a discrete or purse friendly toy, but if you're going on a long trip that requires a suitcase it's a good choice, and you won't have to bring a box of batteries with you.

The wand head is by far the most useful in my opinion. When I got this toy I didn't even know you could use the other end as a G-spot vibrator. So as a result this toy can be good for both external and internal use. My preference is the rubber ball head for clitoral work, but you can also use either end as a general body massager. It did its work wonderfully.

I tried the G-spot end, but I couldn't bring myself to enjoy it. It's large for a G-spot toy, but it's not size that turned me off. It was the darn light purple rubber/plastic that sits right at your vaginal opening. It gave me the creeps and did not give me confidence that what I was putting into my body was clean. The ribs would catch any fluids and I was not sure that it was properly sealed to protect the motor plus the texture is odd and in general not orgasm inducing. Get rid of that ribbed rubber ring and I would have enjoyed it more.
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Material / Texture

It smelled pretty heavily directly out of the packaging, but the smell has faded. The silicone-feeling material of the body (dark purple) is a nice texture, but the light purple rubbery substances for the buttons and the joint of the G-spot end are very not high quality.

The box states that this toy is phthalates and latex free. I am not sure if this is actually silicone or if it's abs plastic as there are no instructions or ingredients list in the box, but it feels a lot like Lelo's Lily.

Design / Shape / Size

The design was the main reason I chose this toy. It can flip to a 90-degree angle from a wand-like position, which does indeed make it much easier to hold. I honestly didn't think it would matter, but I prefer to have it in the 90-degree angle position and rest the 'L' on top of my hand rather than gripping and actively holding it as a wand. It's much more relaxing.

The aesthetics leave something to be desired. I just can't get over those awful light purple rubbery accents. They give me goosebumps. Replace those with something else and I think you have a very appealing toy.

This is a LARGE toy. Not quite as thick as the Hitachi but probably just as long, it's about a foot in length and is a hefty toy, but it's not ridiculous considering the two motors and the recharge ability. It's not for short discrete traveling but can sit in your nightstand rather unobtrusively.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The functions are pretty self explanatory. There are two sets of buttons, one that controls the wand head and the other controls the G-spot tip. Both sets of button have the exact same functions and CAN BE RUN SIMULTANEOUSLY and functionally independent! You can be running function 1 on the wand and function 6 on the G-spot at the same time. That probably is a big plus for those that use their toys with others.

There is a power button for each end, and a function button. The power button of course turns it on and off, and pressing the function button will cycle through 7 different functions and then it will loop. There is no separate intensity control on this toy. You'll have to choose a function you like.

The functions:
1) Standard fast vibration
2) Fast pulse
3) Pattern: Fast pulse -> purring/medium vibration -> fast/intense vibration
4) Pattern: Slow pulse -> medium pulse -> fast pulse
5) Pattern: Fast Vibration -> medium vibration -> low vibration -> medium vibration -> fast vibration
6) Pattern: Bu bu bu BUZZ (pause) bu bu bu BUZZ (pause) bu bu bu BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ (pause)
7) Pattern: Bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu BUUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ

The control set up is easy to use, but I am disappointed that there is not a wider range of intensities on this toy. There is some variation, but it's no where near a Fun Factory scale. Most functions seem to be at the same range intensity.

Care and Maintenance

This toy can be washed in warm water with mild soap. Pay special attention to both ends, and be careful of the G-spot end with the light purple accordion-like rubber section. I am not sure why they put that there since it will make the toy harder to clean if you use the G-spot motor. It can't be submerged and is not waterproof so be careful when cleaning it up. A damp cloth for the wand handle should be sufficient to clean incidental dust, etc.


When I got this I was surprised it was so large, but the packaging is very sleek. It's a clear plastic rectangular box with translucent purple areas.

The box says phthalates-free and latex free. Two motors, two tips (top and bottom, both have motors), NOT WATERPROOF, rechargeable, includes AC adapter for recharging. 7 functions, Charge 12 hours before first use. "Wash after use with anti-bacterial soap and water".

Personal comments

My first thoughts: No light to indicate recharging anywhere but it needs to charge at least 12 hours before first use. I needed tweezers to open the little cover for the batter plug, but if you have longer nails that might work, too. I charged it overnight - easy enough. Seriously, it should have at least a light that turns green or something.

No directions, but buttons are pretty self explanatory. Product smelled slightly of paint primer, but that faded. Silicone feeling body seems like good construction but the light purple plastic/rubber accents and buttons seem cheap and poorly molded and obviously GLUED together. For an $80 toy there are a few simple features missing and the polish just isn't there. I might pay $60 for this because it's rechargeable, but not $80.

It does indeed turn 90 degrees, and I think that's one of the big sellers. It's much easier on your arms. After charging, the intensity was surprising - another selling point. Overall I am not impressed with the quality, but I think it's a solid toy. The motors seem to have good 'oomph' and don't rattle around in the toy.


I think I really wanted the function to match the poor presentation, but I have been very pleased with how it has performed regardless of the lack of finishing touches. It has strong vibrations for a rechargeable, although the vibrations are a very high frequency - I think that's why it works so well. With high pitch/frequency vibrations I for one don't need as much power to accomplish the goal. I could use this to warm up or to go all the way even though it doesn't have a wide range of power.

As for noise, I was surprised that this toy isn't louder than it is. I would say it's between 2-3 "Bees" but there's no option for that so I went with 2. You probably couldn't hear this toy over soft music or even through a closed door if you're under the covers.

I've used it 3 times and it hasn't died yet, so the battery life seems decent. I am reluctant to say it but I like this toy despite the first impression. I think you'll like it too.
Follow-up commentary
Well, despite the finishes not impressing me, the toy still seems to. I haven't used it all that much, but I used it the other day without recharging it since the original review (over 2 months)!! So the thing can hold a charge, that's for sure. It's probably getting a tad weak after this use, so I can probably get one more out of it before I have to recharge. I'm impressed.

I still don't like the G-spot end...wide and kinda useless for me, but the ball end still works great. I think it's a good toy overall, but a little pricey. Rechargeable for the power I think is a pretty good deal though.
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  • LicentiouslyYours
    Nice review Smile
  • Sammi
    Can this be left charging, or should it only be charged a maximum amount of time? Some of the rechargeables I have can't be overcharged, but some warn about charging too long.

    Nice review!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Wow, amazing review! Big smile
  • ArmyWife Kira
    Hmm, what an interesting looking toy! Grat review!
  • Miss Cinnamon
    The dark purple parts are definitely plastic with a soft texture to it. I completely agree with your sentiments about the rubber parts of the toy. Nice review!
  • Renewing Desire
    Sammi, I have no idea if this can be left charging. There's no light that indicates it's fully'd say I wouldn't leave it more than 24 hours. That's usually the standard for rechargeable camera batteries and the like from my experience.

    For my Nintendo DS I usually charge it until the light goes off, unplug it, wait a minute, then replug it in which usually charges it another 5-10 minutes. So I guess you could wait 8-12 hours with this and unplug it for a minute, and plug it back in for another hour and it might do the same thing?

    It does get a little warm when it's charging, so at least you know it's working in that sense.

    And Miss Cinnamon, glad I wasn't the only one who didn't like the rubber accents. Not that it takes away from the great functionality, but just could've looked better. Ah well, I do find myself liking it more and more. I'll definitely be doing a follow up on this one.

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    very nice review
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    Good job.
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    Thanks for a great review of this most unusual looking toy.
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    Thanks for explaining the vibe patterns.
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    Great review. I didn't know both ends could be used when I first looked at this massager!
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