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The Boomerang that Keeps You Coming (Back)

The Climax Twist is a double whammy: a fabulous rubber-coated external massager end, and a G-spot end. You can use it to get all wound up for playtime, or help a stressed partner wind down with a relaxing back massage. It's a little heavy, a little noisy, and you can't take it into the bath with you, but it's pthalates-free and delivers potent vibrations. For that perfect angle, just twist it around the middle for 90 degrees of customization. To sweeten the deal, the Twist is rechargeable.
Strong vibration, cool twist makes it into a boomerang, rechargeable.
No lock on buttons, not waterproof, no battery indicator light.
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Climax Twist has two ends. The rubber coated, round end is great for overall external stimulation, and pretty much electrocutes the clitoris with its strong vibrations. The other end is plastic and curved for G-spot stimulation.

The Twist packs a punch, so it's not for delicate toy lovers. If you want it hard and fast, though, the Twist will deliver. The G-spot tip is also quite large and I found it difficult to insert even with lube. If you're like me and have difficulty with girthy insertables, I would skip this end.

Of course, the Twist is also a great massager for general issue sore muscles. Here, the G-spot curved tip is the best tool to wiggle loose those tense shoulders and to deliver pin-point relaxation.

The Twist is by no means discreet. It is loud, large, and heavy. Other uses include anti-burglary device and cat deterrent. However, if you've got room in your bag, it's great for a weekend getaway. No batteries needed - just charge it up the night before.

Material / Texture

The Twist is made of plastic and rubber. Most of its body is solid, matte, purple plastic, including the G-spot tip. The external massager end is covered by a cap of lavender rubber with a band of semi-flexible rubber further down on the neck. There is a similar band of rubber on the G-spot end as well, but it is rigid, not at all flexible. The four control buttons are on the G-spot half of the massager and are coated in rubber. Likewise, the recharging port is sealed with a rubber stopper.

The plastic is velvety to the touch, what Topco calls "Silky Smooth". The rubber has a bit more traction, which helps the external vibrator stay in place. Theoretically, the band of rubber on the G-spot end may provide ribbed stimulation when used for thrusting, but as I can hardly wrestle the tip of the G-spot end in, I cannot speak from experience.

The material is pthalates-free and there is no obnoxious odor right out of the box.

Design / Shape / Size

The Twist's design is what makes it special. It can either be used in its 180 degree, stick-straight scepter shape, or you can twist it 90 degrees and achieve... the Boomerang! This makes it easier to hold onto and find the right angles without the other end sticking straight into the air, ready to impale your partner or passing cat.

How the Twist, well, twists, is different from how it looks on the package. In the photo showing the transition from COOL to AWESOME, it appears that the twist merely bends to 90 degrees, affording a wide range of in-between angles. Allow me to clarify: The Twist does not bend. The middle of the massager is "sliced" diagonally so that you grab the top and bottom and twist it like you would a pepper grinder. The twisting motion locks in two positions: Straight and Boomerang. Technically, you can achieve all the angles in between as well, but the massager will not lock at these angles and the bases of the halves will not line up.

One of the drawbacks of the Twist is its size. It is about a foot long from tip to tip and it has quite a heft to it. There's no chance that you could take this to work with you in your purse - this purple monster would keep better in your bedroom dresser or in a sufficiently large weekend getaway bag. You might want to make sure you have the house to yourself, too - this boomerang is noisy!

While the size of the massager end is not a problem function-wise, the G-spot end is a bit girthy. I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to moderately large toys, and the G-spot end of the Twist was completely impossible for me.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The four control buttons are located on the G-spot half of the toy. The controls are easy to access and to use, but it is also easy to accidentally change a function or turn the toy off when in use, especially since all four buttons are in such close proximity.

Each end of the Twist has its own motor, which is controlled by two buttons. The power button lights up and controls on/off for its respective end, while the button labeled "XL" cycles through the 7 vibration and pulsation patterns:

1. Steady, strong vibration
2. Rapid pulsation
3. Random vibration and pulsation mix
4. Random mix of pulsation speeds
5. Random mix of vibration strengths
6. Fast pulsation interspersed with short bursts of vibration
7. Fast pulsation interspersed with long bursts of vibration

There is no purely "low" setting for the vibration and pulsation, so sensitive toy users beware!

Although each end has its own motor, turning on one end will still allow vibrations to travel down the other end. Turning on both motors will lead to a slight decrease in overall power. Also, when both motors are running, one end may have "hiccups" at first. It feels like a very fast pulsation even if it is on the first setting, but after about half a minute, it turns into a steady buzz. I am not sure if this is a glitch in my model, but it has not affected overall performance.

The G-spot end may have been too large for me to enjoy internally, but it delivers a great back massage! My boyfriend has terrible back pains from sitting in front of a computer all day, but fifteen minutes with the Twist's pointier end poking and prodding his sore muscles helped him feel much better. The strong vibrations are just as good at getting your muscles to relax as they are for getting you ready for action.

Indeed, the Twist is very powerful and has a noise level to match! Fortunately, an appropriate playlist of music put together prior to your play session with the purple boomerang should keep your roommates and neighbors in the dark about your toy.

Unfortunately, the Twist is not waterproof. It does seem to be splash-proof, as I discovered while cleaning it in the bathroom sink. However, the package warns against submerging the toy or the charger in water.

Care and Maintenance

Although my Twist seemed to have been charged prior to my receiving it in the mail, it is recommended that you charge the Twist for 12 hours prior to use. The Twist comes with its own 110V recharger. You plug one end into an electric socket and the other into the toy's charging port, and leave it overnight. After a single charge, the Twist gives powerful vibrations that last and last and last. It is unfortunate, however, that the toy does not give any indication of when it is charging, is in need of charging, or is done charging. An indicator light would be most welcome.

Plastic and rubber are best cleaned with warm water and antibacterial soap. To keep the splashing at a minimum, I use the lavender bands on each end as a guide to how far up I should wash. Since we use this toy for external massage, I pay the most attention to the parts that come into direct contact with intimate bits. If shared, you may want to use a condom or a toy cover. Silicone or water-based lube will work fine with the Twist.


The Climax Twist's box is all thin plastic and cutting edges with a plastic slide-out tray containing the toy and the charger. I have kept this box for traveling purposes; there is no lock function on this toy and as I cannot simply take the batteries out, I store it in its box to prevent "accidental buzz". However, this box is pretty darn bulky. Also, the photo on it of the Twist "bending" is fantastically confusing.

Personal comments

My boyfriend and I call this my "jump starter". Even on nights when I'm not in the mood, a few quick passes with this boomerang and I'm ready to go. My first solo expedition with the Twist led to my flying off the bed screaming, and I'm not a wuss when it comes to vibes! There are some design changes that would make this toy a complete dream come true: a locking function, waterproof-ness, battery indicator - but as is, the Twist is still pretty darn awesome.

It also scares the bejeebus out of my cat.

"What is that thing? It sounds like a small vacuum cleaner! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH IT?!"

Twist: 1
Cat: 0
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