Lia lover i 10 - traditional vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Noira

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Like a Lover, like a Song

Lia lover i 10 does it all: internal, external, thrusting, g-spotting, anal. It's waterproof and reasonably powerful for the price. It's an all around great toy that, while upstaged by its more expensive companions, ought to be in the toybox of anyone without a 200 dollar toy budget. If you have the budget to buy only one toy, this one is a good choice.
A flexible, body-safe toy that's great for anyone.
Only has three steady vibration levels, cannot scroll backwards through patterns, not rechargeable.
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Lia lover i 10 is designed to be an internal vibrator for women. The wonderful thing about its unique design is that, because it's so very interesting, it doesn't have to only be an internal vibrator. The vibrational focus is near the tip, which makes it a decent clitoral vibrator. It's flexible, so you can hopefully get that tip to hit your g-spot, and it's incredibly fun to thrust with.

I can't stress how interesting the design is: it's wavy, it's ridged, and overall unique. A little bit body-specific as to whether it'll work for you as a g-spotter, but definitely interesting. You'll definitely feel it, and it's far more interesting to thrust with than something with no sculpture.

Because of the ridge near the top, I think it would be reasonably safe to use anally as long as you pop a condom over it if you're going to also be using it vaginally. You'd have to work pretty hard to lose it, anyway...and I'll tell you this much, it feels quite interesting used that way. I do believe I like it better as an anal vibrator, because it just doesn't get my g-spot when used internally.

You're probably going to want to like internal vibrations if you get this, whether vaginally or anally, because it is designed for internal play. Is it fun? Why yes! It is body-specific, like most potential g-spotting toys, so whether or not it will work for you depends on how you're set up. If you want a unique internal vibrator though, and a toy that can be used for a myriad of things, the design is optimal for multiple uses.

If you don't have a vibrator collection going on, this is a good toy to start with simply because of how versatile it is. It's a pink vibrator designed for women who know they want something better than a jelly egg or a hard, plastic, noisy battery guzzler, and as it stands, Lia lover i 10 is a good mid-range toy for someone who doesn't already have a few high end toys.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Everyone
    • Solo
    • Waterproof
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Anywhere
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Waterproof
  • Body / part areas
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    • Anal
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The insertable length of Lia lover i 10 is made out of silicone. It is hypo-allergenic, phthalates-free, and happily body safe. Being a vibrator, you can't boil it, but you can feel safe knowing that this toy isn't going to cause an allergic reaction (unless, of course, you're allergic to silicone or plastic). The controls are plastic and there's a little ring between the silicone and the plastic section. However, due to the shape of the toy, you're not going to be getting the plastic part in without some serious effort.

Now, I'll be honest: when I received the toy I couldn't actually smell a thing due to allergies. It might have had a smell when it was opened, but it doesn't now, and it doesn't taste strange either. I can't think of any reason why you'd want to put it in your mouth (not when there are much more interesting places for it) but there you have it.

Now for the interesting part: the material. The insertable length of Lia lover i 10 is silicone, a slightly matte silicone that doesn't have the drag of a more glossy silicone (such as Tantus' toys) and it's not quite so silky velvet soft as an extremely matte silicone (such as LELO's toys). If you're naturally very wet, you could probably use it without lube, but because it has a bit of a grab, I would still recommend using a water-based lube unless you're not planning on using it as an insertable. For me, it's just about the right balance of silky smoothness and drag, making for a very fun thruster. The silicone can be a little bit of a hair-grabber, but not to the extent of some other silicones.

The tip is flexible and can easily be bent in any direction (though the material is hard), but closer to the top, it's more solid and the toy won't bend. It's not particularly squishy, likely due to the mechanics inside, but, like the drag, it's a nice balance between very hard and too soft.

I feel it's safe to say that most people will like the material because it is at no point extremely one way or the other and is quite body-safe.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this toy is going to be what draws most people in. It has a really unique design, and I think that pays off. It's more visually appealing than the average straight and narrow internal vibrator, and more functionally,! The first thing I noticed was the flexible tip meant that you could bend the toy so that the ridge near the top hits your clit while the strong vibrations are (hopefully) hitting your g-spot. You would need an incredibly sensitive clit to actually get off like this, I think, but if your body is the right shape, the design makes for some fun and inventive play. The real joy is figuring out just how it's going to work for you. Ridges. Bumps. Flexible tip, solid at the top, graduated many options besides just sticking it in and letting it do its work.

The size is a good, generic size...a little over six inches of insertable play and a bit over an inch wide at the top.

It's not discreet at all. Don't even think about leaving it on your nightstand if you don't want people to know about it. You could try to pawn it off as art, but it looks too much like a vibrator for that.

The most unfortunate part about the design is that it only comes in pink or purple. Tragic indeed.
    • Beginner
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The controls of this toy are great. There are two buttons. One turns it on and off, and the other turns it up and accesses the functions. I love how easy it is to use. I don't love that there's no way to scroll back through the functions. The easiest way to go back is to turn it off and scroll back up and as someone who likes control, that bugs me.

It's pretty ergonomic though. It didn't bother my wrist.

It takes two AA batteries. Unscrew the bottom, pop them in, screw it back on.

There is a wide variety in the functions, props to them. While there are only three steady vibration patterns (boo), after you go through slow, medium, and fast, there are seven interesting, distinct patterns.

1) A steady pulse.
2) Short pulse, long pulse.
3) Reminded me of Jingle Bells.
4) Escalating pulses.

Another reviewer describes the next three as 'growls.' That's a fairly good description of the next three. They start low and slowly grow. They are fairly similar, but I've never experienced anything quite like it so they are quite hard to describe. I do wish they didn't have the pulses after the escalating...I would like one that just slowly growls up and then slowly growls down. It's pretty intense internally and I don't even like internal vibrations all that much.

5) Escalating, then two pulses, repeats.
6) Escalating, three pulses, repeats.
7) Intense Escalating, three pulses, repeats.

Unfortunately, at this point, if you want to go back down to another setting, you're just going to have to scroll back through everything...there's no back button.

As for the three speeds, I really like the first speed best. There's an irritating sound with the higher vibration settings, and they're quite buzzy. Too buzzy. I would like it much better if I could use the pulses on the low speed, but I find myself either using setting one or the final escalating patterns.

The noise level is not terrible. I couldn't hear it through a closed door with some white noise on in my room, but you would hear it in the same room on a higher or pulse setting, even if there was a fan running, I think. It's no kitchen appliance, and the first setting is fairly quiet. Even still, I wouldn't use it with a roommate. There is an irritating sound on the higher vibration levels, so if you're particularly noise sensitive, you might want something quieter. It's not quite mosquito, but it is definitely a bit grating for me. Quiet, but still grating. If you don't have to worry about the noise, by all means, party on.

On the topic of vibration intensity. If all you've experienced are cheap vibrators or perhaps an electric toothbrush, this will blow you out of the water. If you're very sensitive, it may very well be too strong. If you need a Hiatchi to get off, it's not going to be enough. Judge by what you already use and need to get off. Someone with an average clit will have a great time; someone who loves internal vibrations will have a party in their pants...but someone who hates internal vibrations and has a clit of diamond will likely find the vibrations are wasted on them. Maybe my batteries were weak, but it's not usually enough to do it on its own for me. I have to crack out a clit vibrator. The vibrations are buzzy, I found, and my real joy with this toy is using it as a thruster. Maybe it's just me and how my body interprets sensations, but I really find the lightest setting offers more impact than the higher steady vibration settings.

The vibrations are very strong at the head (which actually makes for a fun clitoral vibrator) but run up and down the shaft as well.

It is definitely waterproof. The first thing I did was take Lia lover i 10 and chuck it in the tub, crank up the shower, and go to town. At no point did water get into the battery compartment and it still works great. I ran it for a while submerged, and I ran it underneath the shower, and it still works as good as new.
    • Easy to use
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Not very discreet

Care and Maintenance

The material can be a little bit of a hair grabber, like many silicone toys seem to be, and I'd definitely recommend giving it a little wipe with some soap and water or a toy cleaner before going to town just to take off any dust, as it unfortunately does not come with a bag for storage. Because silicone tends to pick up dust and hair, just tossing it into your nightstand will bring out a toy with a few extra tag-alongs, so putting it into a bag for storage wouldn't be a bad idea.

Silicone is wonderfully easy to clean. Unfortunately, vibrators are less able to be sterilized, so don't go throwing this toy, even though it is waterproof, into a pot of boiling water. You can wipe it down with bleach if that's your concern.

Due to the design, you may wish to pay special attention to the ridges, perhaps with a toothbrush.

Because it's waterproof, you can just hold this toy underneath the tap to clean it, or chuck it into the sink with no fear. As long as you're not too concerned about disinfecting, you won't have a problem cleaning Lia lover i 10, a little soap and water will do it, or perhaps some toy cleaner.
    • Easy to clean


The packaging is exactly what you see in the pictures: a little bit gaudy with pink and purple butterflies adorning the informational packaging. It's by no means discreet, and you're definitely not going to want to give this as a gift in mixed company because it makes no mistake as to what it is: this is a lover with ten functions and high power.

I'll give it this much: everything you need to know is on the package. Pure silicone, ten speeds, powerful motor, waterproof. All the stimulation is at the tip, these are the buttons to control it, and it's got an insertable size of 6.25" by 1.75" if you couldn't tell by looking into the plastic clamshell packaging how big it is. There is also a note that recommends using water-based lubricants with this toy.

The packaging is tailored to the crowd. This isn't a vibrator to buy if you've already got a collection of excellent, luxury brand toys, but it'll definitely appeal to the people looking for "Powerful!™ Ten intense speeds!™ Sparkles!™ Flowers!™ Pink!™" while providing an actual quality vibrator rather than some dubious cocktail of chemicals, by which I mean that Lia lover i 10 isn't the classiest vibrator out there but it's going to appeal to the people who would normally buy bad quality vibrators...and they might as well get something good out of the deal.

As I said: the packaging tells you all you need to know, and if it's what you'd ordinarily find a turn-off, then look to the luxury brands which have beautiful, discreet, gift-wrapped packaging. But if you love the packaging, Lia lover i 10 lives up to the expectations built on the outside.

There was a small instructional paper included in the packaging, but it appears to be generic for all of this brand's toys. Not that you really need instructions to figure out how to unscrew the battery compartment and pop in a couple of really are good to go if you read the packaging.
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative

Personal comments

I'm not really the type to use internal vibrators, and as I thought, the Lia Lover i 10 did not change my mind. It's a fun toy that I break out when I want some bubbly, ridged, thrusting action, and that really strikes home my thoughts that this is a well rounded toy that most people will enjoy. I enjoyed the experience of using it anally, which makes me think that men would like it too. If a dildo version of this toy were to come out, made from a nice hard silicone, in a nice green, orange, or black...I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat.
    • Internal
    • Sculpted
    • Versatile
Follow-up commentary
What can I say about this toy and its awkwardly long name that hasn't been said in the review? It's pink (and I suppose I can forgive it a little bit for being so pink) and it doesn't do what I think it ought to do for me. Maybe I'm a toy snob but it only sees the light of day when I feel like having vibrations going on in the shower.

At first, I was willing to forgive its drawbacks because I do think it is a fun dildo. I just can't get off on the buzzy, loud vibrations that, while they're not so loud they can be heard through my door, are still so loud that for some reason I hear them more than I actually feel the vibrations. If I liked patterns, I might like it more. It has a lot of patterns.

But my initial point still holds: if I could get a dildo shaped like this in a nice hard silicone or maybe glass, I'd get it and probably never touch this toy again. But vibrating, I own better clitoral vibrators and internally, I only like it off.

I would still recommend it because it's a good size to use either internally or externally, has a decent variety between plain vibrations and patterns, is waterproof (great for cleaning!) and has the potential to be fun used vaginally or anally. Because I still think if you can get it in past that lip, it's your own damn fault. Plus it's way nicer of a design than a run of the mill straight up and narrow toy.

It's a solid toy with a fun design that in the end just hasn't quite been for me.
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