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Lock And Load!

The ammunition is a versatile bullet with a variety of functions. Available in 3 great color options, ammunition is a wonderful buy. It's made of a body safe material that can be thoroughly cleaned. It's packed with buzzy vibrations that should be enough for most women. Though, it requires 3 watch batteries, it doesn't appear to be a battery guzzler.
Safe material, variety of functions, color options, waterproof, and versatile.
3 watch batteries at a time, buzzy, and not enough power for all.
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The ammunition is used as a external vibrator. It's compact size and lack of a base and/or retrieval cord make it unsafe for insertion. The external areas it can be used to stimulate are the clitoris, nipples, shaft of the penis, and the testicles.

The ammunition is also used as a replacement bullet for Evolved's Cock Rings. Though, ammunition can also be used as a replacement bullet for just about any toy that requires a replaceable bullet.

This bullet is best for those looking for moderate vibrations. Ammunition isn't packed with vibrations for a power queen, but for it's size packs a decent punch. There is a variety of functions to choose from with this bullet too. This is overall a decent toy that has it's place. It'll shine mostly when used with the cock rings it's meant to. Should you pick the properly designed cock ring.

Material / Texture

The ammunition is made of Plastic. Plastic is a synthetic or semi synthetic polymerization product that is firm and smooth. It's a hypoallergenic material that's latex and phthalates free. Plastic is non porous and can be completely cleaned with alcohol for sharing amongst non fluid bonded partners. Rated an 8 out of 10 on the safety scale, plastic is a decent material for toys.

Plastic, for the most part, is scentless and tasteless. It feels firm and smooth to the touch. A firm material allows you to apply pressure easily, but depending on the motor the vibrations could lose power with pressure.

The Ammunition is just about texture-less. The tip of the has a raised circle that stands out more then the rest of the vibrator, but this shouldn't bother anyone who is texture sensitive.

Design / Shape / Size

Available in a color selection of red, blue, and black the ammunition isn't girly and can appeal to those who are masculine. This is most likely because this is the replacement bullet for the Evolved Cock Rings. I believe Evolved wanted to keep the color options gender neutral, which is smart on their part! The coloration isn't still somewhat clear. You can see thru the plastic. The motor and batteries are exposed for you to see.

I purchased the red. Mostly because I was given an assignment for The Flame Thrower Double. Upon arrival of my cock ring, both my bullets were defective. Rather then sending the item back, I checked the reviews to make sure this was the replacement bullet. After discovering it was the same bullet, I decided to order the replacement bullets, rather than returning the cock ring.

The ammunition is in between the size of a double A battery and a standard chapstick tube. Measuring 2.5" in length, ammunition is about as big as my ring finger. It has a 2.25" circumference or a 0.75" diameter. The design appears to mimic that of a bullet or shot gun shell, but not enough to be discreet. While it doesn't scream sex toy, you should store it discreetly. 3/4 of the way down is the breaking point to twist the cap off. This will allow you to insert your batteries.

This petite size is great for traveling. You can throw it in your makeup bag and you're ready to go. Be sure to remove the batteries because the push button is easily hit.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The ammunition is powered by 3 watch batteries. You can purchase LR44 batteries in a 12 pack here. These batteries have lasted a decent amount of time. I have been using the ones that came with the toy for over a week now for about 10 minutes each time. And a total of about 6 times. So, far they are still going strong. So, it doesn't appear to be a battery hog.

When you first get your bullet, you need to peel off the sticker on the button. After which, you must read the sticker. It tells you to open "Unscrew cap and remove insulator." It's impossible to read when it's on the bullet. After you do as instructed you put the cap back on and your ready to fire up your toy.

This bullet is controlled by a single push button at the base of the battery cap. (Where you peeled off the sticker!) A single click and you begin to cycle through the 7 functions it offers. To shut it off hold in the button until the vibrations stop. When you turn the toy back on, it won't remember your setting. So you will have to cycle through them every time you use it.

The functions are as follow:
1. A low steady vibration.
2. A medium steady vibration.
3. A high steady vibration.
4. A high steady vibration for about 3 seconds and then a pause.
5. Pulsation that starts high, goes to low, then off, and back again.
6. A quick pulse, then a weak pulse, and back.
7. A pulsation that builds up to high.

These vibrations are good moderate vibrations. They will be enough for most women, but not enough for power queens. They are all worthy of 3 vrooms. They are buzzy, but not surface vibrations. They are pin pointed mostly at the rounded top. The vibrations are pretty quiet. No one should be able to hear them behind closed doors or under the covers.

When you remove the cap, you reveal the rubber ring for water protection. The toy is marked as waterproof and it very well is. The vibrations aren't muffled if the toy is completely submerged, but the sound is. You might notice it heats up quicker underwater, so you might not want to use it that long underwater. After being submerged, my bullet was completely dry on the inside as well.

Care and Maintenance

The Ammunition is easy to clean. You can wash it with soap and water, toy cleaner, or toy wipes. Should you be sharing, it's a good idea to wipe it down with alcohol or a 10% bleach solution. This would be for your own safety!

After the bullet is completely dried you can store it just about anywhere. Though, in a collection of mine's size, this bullet would get lost if it weren't in a pouch or something. You should store it discreetly because to those who know sex toys, it's a vibrator.

Plastic is compatible with all lubes. So, enjoy it with whichever kind you like best.


Minimal packaging that is not great for storage. I'd recommend wrapping for gifting.


The bullet as a clitoral vibrator is nice. It doesn't pack a punch like Salsa, but it's not bad. I do prefer more power to my clitoral toys, but overall it's fun. It's a great toy to pack along with you and rub one off quickly in not so discreet locations. This is the kind of vibrator you are going to want to throw in your purse and bring it for those "just in case" moments.

The bullet inside the cock ring is interesting. I have the Double Flame Thrower and I have to admit it's poorly designed. I don't understand it at all. I'll be posting a review about it as well, but I'm working on it, currently. The double flame thrower has a hole for a bullet to go at the top and a second hole for the vibrator to side through on the bottom. Like pictured below:

The top vibrator is meant to stimulate the clitoris and the bottom vibrator is meant to stimulate the base of the penis and the testicles. This will work, but only for those who can fit into the cock ring with stretching it too much. The TPR material is thin around the holes for the bullets. And the hole for the cock insertion is tight especially with both bullets in place. The top hole on my cock ring already ripped just putting in the bullet and removing it a few times.

If you are looking at the Evolved Cock Rings, I don't recommend the double flame thrower. The design is poorly done to work with these bullets. These bullets are too big to be comfortable during use with the double flame thrower. It's just a fail.
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