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Maximus Has Entered the Ring

The only downside to this toy is the darned charging cable. If I didn't have such a hatred towards it, this toy would be the perfect go-to cheap alternative to most high-end wands. It's wireless, powerful, and has a very flexible head. It's everything all bundled into one at an affordable price. Five stars regardless of charging cable because that power is hard to find for the price that it is offered at.
-Strong Orgasm
-Does the job
-Charging cable
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First impression

I got this toy because I have mainly been on a wand kick. Mainly, I wanted to compare this affordable option of Le Wand brand of wands. On comparison, Le Wand has a much more "luxurious" feel to its packaging. But once you get down to the bare bones of it all, they look a lot alike. A three buttoned controlled wand with a super soft, velvety tip -- Maximus can be compared to that of the petite line of Le Wand. Maximus feels to have a more flexible head as Le Wand's is very stiff. In that aspect, it would make Maximus very easy to use. The charging port for Maximus is very inconvenient in terms of placing and one of my least favorite charging ports -- the dreaded two-pronged magnetic cable. For those of you who do not know, this cable is my least favorite because it can be easily bumped off while charging, and they are so hard to find -- it's a unique charger, so if you lose it, it's likely gone forever. Aside from that, as you can see, Maximus is a great toy that can be compared to the Le Wand. (Petite line)

First Use

This toy doesn't have a gentle vibration. All the way through, it is either hardcore or off -- don't get me wrong, I like a nice gentle rub on my clit, but this one will have you squirting in about two seconds. The big head of the toy allows it to cover everything -- making sure not to miss the elusive clitoris. You must be warned, though -- this toy will give you a shakey leg syndrome for about an hour after climax. Literally left me tingling for hours afterward.

Further Experience

Now that I've been comparing it to my experience with Le Wand -- I feel the functions are much easier to use. It's very straight forward and to the point. You cycle through the ten vibrations just by clicking the plus sign. Le Wand -- boasting over 20 different vibration patterns -- sounds very impressive but can become quite a pain in rear-end when you are trying to climax in a time crunch. For the most part, I found Maximus to be the tried and true wand. It will now be known as an old reliable hither forth. Although don't get me wrong, IF you have the option to get Le Wand, don't pass up that opportunity. But if you are looking for an affordable option, Maximus is for you!

Vibration Map

As previously mentioned, the Maximus wand doesn't have a gentle mode. It is either off or on and taking you straight to pleasure town. For those of you who want more variety in your playtime, I would recommend the Super Soaker (Eden Fantasy's Magic Force). It's an old favorite as it provided me with my first squirting experience. But back to Maximus, this one is straight to the point, it's not a fancy wand, but it does the job -- which is more than you can ask for from a wand.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

That was a strong one. My legs were shaking as I was orgasming and for long after that. As I become more experienced with wands, I find that they tend to be one of the most interesting toys. They are very adaptable and can come with multiple attachments, making them a great little addition to any collection!
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