Mini-marvel - pocket rocket by Cal Exotics - review by Red Riding Hood

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Mini, but not a marvel...

This isn't the best pocket rocket you can buy for the money and you're most likely better off looking elsewhere. It's a great design and waterproof and has it's good points, but failed to deliver the most important thing. Pleasure.
Easy to clean, convenient controls, comfortable grip, waterproof.
Heads pop off, no power.
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This is a little pocket-rocket style vibrator that is intended for all over body usage. It serves it's purpose, but leaves much to be desired. From complications of operation to batteries this thing could have been made better, more powerful and have general changes to make it a better product all together. Again, this is intended for all over body usage (sensual massage, neck and shoulders, feet and so on). Some areas seemed to respond well and I didn't feel others much at all. I'm not one to want super strong vibration, but this was weak even to me! Very rarely do I detest a product and this came close to me chucking it across the room.

With three heads to switch around, you would expect this product to have variety and keep you busy. Without power to back it up, it doesn't really do much and I couldn't feel the difference between the heads. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. I'd point them to something else. I've seen cheaper pocket rockets that have worked way better than this one. Perhaps I got a dud or perhaps the product just didn't offer what I wanted in a vibe.

Material / Texture

This is a simple plastic massager that has interchangeable heads with metal accents. There's a rubber-like push button on the bottom and the metal bits are used like nodules to accent the heads and add texture. The plastic is a slick plastic that washes pretty easily and doesn't have a foul odor. Fresh out of the box you may smell a plastic scent, but that had faded before I ever washed it.

The metal nodules couldn't really be felt in my opinion. Perhaps if the product were more powerful, I could tell a difference. It certainly was better than if they had left the caps to be smooth plastic, but they didn't feel different from each other.

Design / Shape / Size

I actually did like the design itself. The entire product is about three inches long and is flared at the base and top to be a more comfortable grip. It is a smart design. The flared base and top keep it from slipping about and sliding out of your hand and it is a more comfortable grip than the simple pocket rockets. Plus with the button being at the base, it's easy to reach and control the product. The size was suitable for long broad strokes or pinpointed areas. It's a good design for anyone.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Now here's where I have my issues. This product is a push-button control. The button is on the bottom of the base and is pretty easy to reach during toy use. With every push of the button, you change functions/speeds. I didn't feel they were that different from each other. Nor did I feel that they were strong at all. This product comes with two batteries and it runs on a 1.5v battery which is inserted by screwing off the bottom and being inserted into the shaft of the product. Thinking that maybe the battery was bad, I put the other in and I still didn't feel that much going on. I double checked to make sure they were in the right way and that I had everything screwed back in place the way it should be. There were definitely vibrations, but I didn't feel them so well. So I put the battery in another toy and it worked in that toy. I had decided it was the product that was the problem. I must say with so little vibration going on, that this product was also quiet. In fact it was almost silent! I had heard good things about this and I always assume that in these cases I just ended up with one of the few that aren't so great. I know I have replaced other products and even though it's the exact same model, some just worked better than others.

That said, I also don't care for the battery that's used. I like something simple to replace, that I can recharge and that doesn't run out as quickly. This didn't offer me that. It is waterproof and held up well. I can't say that it's poorly made when it comes to that. The water ring stayed put and it seemed to hold well. The mistakes in construction came with the caps. First of all, they never wanted to stay on. One slide skid on the skin and they would pop right off. Nor could I feel any difference between the heads. I've used other pocket rockets that cost much less and seemed to be better quality than what I received.

Care and Maintenance

Being plastic, this thing is a piece of cake to clean. Almost anything can be rinsed off, then you just use mild soap or toy cleaner and some warm water to disinfect it and you're good to go. It doesn't collect lint and get sticky. Pretty simple. It's waterproof which makes it easier to clean in a rush. It didn't come in a suitable storage container, so I just stored it in a bag with other plastic toys that I have. Being a hard plastic, it won't melt to other toys. YAY! And since it's plastic, you can use any lube that you like!


This product came in a box. Inside the box was a bag and two batteries that were held together by some sort of shrink-wrap plastic. This didn't make for easy storage, nor is it a pretty gift wrap. But as I wasn't giving it as a gift I didn't care.

There were instructions on inserting the batteries inside the battery compartment, but that was the only paper item inside the box.

Personal comments

It seems that a lot of people like this toy and maybe they have good reason to. It didn't work out for me, however and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone when there are cheaper and better quality products that I KNOW have worked for me. This is based on personal experience and opinions, of course.
Follow-up commentary
As if I wasn't a fan of this product before, I like it even less. It's been more frustrating than anything and now simply doesn't work. All together this thing may have been used 20 times and has already stopped working. It doesn't appear that anything is broken, but it stopped turning on about three weeks ago. I've changed batteries, I've examined the product closely... It simply just stopped. It's a waste of money and I want to change my rating due to this. I should be able to get more use out of a toy that's not used too often.
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