My first G-spot kit - vibrator kit by Topco Sales - review by BlueEyedBitch

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My first G-spot kit sex toy review

While I personally would not recommend My First G-spot Kit as a g-spot vibrator, it is meant for beginners, and others may in fact enjoy it. It is a great shade of pink and has the added benefit of also being able to be used as a bullet. If you're curious about it like I was for the price, it is not a bad deal; especially as if you do not like it, you don't need to feel as if you have broken the bank on a toy.
Jack compatible with other toys in the same collection
Cannot use both items at once, size, vibration settings
Rating by reviewer:
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As I sat going through my mental sex toy inventory, I realized that never once have I ever purchased or used a true beginners' toy. Upon this realization, I felt that I had almost been robbed of some sort of experience. With this thought in mind, I stumbled onto My First G-Spot Kit|Vibrator kit: My first G-spot kit Vibrator kit by Topco-Hustler and requested it as my next item to be reviewed.

With the images and description featured on the website, I just could not wait to receive this toy as it looked like it could provide me with endless hours of fun. Boy, was I wrong.

When I received this item, the first thing, other than the pretty pink color, I noticed was the size or more specifically lack of size. The other thing I noticed, and this more than anything was for me the biggest disappointment, was the fact that both the g-spot attachment and the bullet could not be used at the same time. One of the main reasons I requested this item was the fact that, from the picture, it appeared that both items were able to be used together. Yet, in actuality, there was only space for one attachment at a time.

After I got over that initial disappointment, I continued on with my initial assessment and evaluation of the bullets. While the parts in a brilliant shade of hot pink were not really the “silky smooth and soft feeling” as promised, they were more of a hard matte finish. To be perfectly honest, I was a bit weary about even using them simply due to the fact that they looked poorly constructed.

But onward I trudged. I rinsed them off, cleaned both attachments (careful not to get the wires wet), broke out some of my Liquid Silk lube|Liquid silk lubricant, and got ready to experiment.

Since only one attachment can be used at a time, I felt that, for the sake of research, it might as well be the g-spot attachment. So I added a drop of lube and started rubbing it on my clit. Right away, I realized how numbingly strong the vibrations were, so I changed the settings. While the g-spot kit has seven speeds and patterns of vibration, I found the majority of them to either be too strong, not strong enough, or just irritating, leaving me with about one setting that was to my liking.

Disappointed that I would most likely not get off clitorally (unless I wanted to spend a lot of time and effort on the task), I decided that I might as well try for the g-spot orgasm|Unleashing Her G-spot Orgasm - Educational and informative - Erotic Books, Video, Audio. I have, in past experience, had a g-spot orgasm both while having sex and at play, so this is something that I am not quite a novice in yet also not an expert.

However, with this toy, for me at least, it just was not going to happen. First, due to the size of this toy (about the size of my thumb in length), you're really not given much to play and experiment with, so it’s really a bit of a chore to move it around and try to find the right spot. I quickly became even more frustrated with the toy and had to pull out my handy Ch’I Illuminator to do the job.

I have tried this a few more times, and the only somewhat redeemable quality of this item would have to be the added micro stimulator bullet, which can at least be used in conjunction with other toys.
Follow-up commentary
Since receiving the my first g-spot kit I had decided to give it a few more tries to see if my opinion has changed at all.

In terms of the g-spot attachment at this point I really find that to be quite worthless as due to it's size it is to hard to maneuver around and pin-point the location of your g-spot with.  Also, if you are even able to do that you will really not be able to put much pressure on it/or your g-spot.

The bullet attachment however has gotten some more use out of it.  Once you find a comfortable setting that isn't to numbing and gradually build up you can cycle through the rest of the settings and it becomes a lot more enjoyable.  However for me personally I felt this was best achieved when someone else was in charge and in control of my orgasm.

If your looking for a bullet this works well, however  I would recommend looking around on the website as their are many other bullets products in this price range that may be more what your looking for.
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  • Nashville
    Make sure to only insert this if it's inside a condom. Pulling on the cord of the bullet could damage it, pulling on the lip of a condom instead prevents any breakage from happening.
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    wonderful review
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    Thanks for the review!
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