Precious Metal slim G - g-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Ayumi

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My Precious?

Precious Metal G Slim is far from precious and far from metal. Though powerful, it packs less of a "targeted" punch than some cheaper one-function bullets. This makes PMG-Slim a great choice for beginners wanting to experiment with versatility, without too much intensity. Even for beginners, the buzzy vibrations and pointed tip might be a no-go and if you do not already know where your g-spot is, you might give up searching for the mystical spot before too long.
*Pointy tip
*Small size
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Precious Metal G Slim, here on referred to as PMG-Slim, is a G-spot vibrator manufactured by Cal Exotics that is designed to be sleek, fashionable, and non-intimidating. Although it is advertised as a g-spot vibrator you can use it to stimulate the clitoris, nipples, and other erogenous zones. If you like stimulation up and down your inner thighs, scalp, or neck, these are other areas where it can be used too that do not often get thought of. I would say it would be nice as a general massage tool, but the way the vibrations conduct themselves, it is mostly uncomfortable. More on that later.

Additionally PMG-Slim can be used by men for stimulation on the penis, perineum, or scrotum and some of the additional areas I mentioned. I do not recommend anyone use this for anal, as there is sure to be an unfortunate story to follow. Even for a beginner, this thing will get sucked right in and disappear.

PMG-Slim is best for beginners, but it is certainly not the first of its kind, as Cal Exotics and other companies have manufactured similar vibrators with different functions and controls. Some of these are included at the end of the review, and I also discuss a bit more in Design. PMG-Slim's sleek design and 10-function controls provide different vibration patterns that are great for beginner and intermediate users, but advanced users who also prefer things like greater girth and better quality vibrations will find themselves disappointed.

For intercourse, this toy, though not incredibly long may get in the way a little bit. You could comfortably rest this against the mons with the tip stimulating the clitoris while your partner penetrates you, but due to a particular design caution, having it deep in during intercourse may not be particularly comfortable. Although, I am sure that everyone can find a way to make this work.

This isn't really designed for thrusting and though the tip is curved to reach your G-spot, I would recommend caution since it might bruise the inner vaginal walls if you move this with too much frequency. The tip has a bit of a scraping feeling when you start to try to get a good motion going and it is not particularly comfortable. It is perfect for targeting the G-spot which I was able to stimulate without trouble, but this feature is one to point out as an issue for more sensitive users. I am not particularly sensitive and I found this incredibly annoying.

  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Sensory play
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Travel friendly
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

PMG-Slim is made up of Plastic which rates an 8/10 on Eden's safety scale. Plastic is usually synthetic or semi-synthetic with this particular product being made up of food-grade material. It is also hypo-allergenic, latex free, and phthalates free.

The Senses

When holding this up to the nose, even out of packaging, there isn't any smell to this that you might get if this toy was actually made of metal.

When not in use, PMG-Slim is cool to the touch. When in use, with the vibrator going and frictional motion it definitely warms up a bit. Nothing hot or uncomfortable, but it really adds a nice feel to the use of this.
It is also very smooth with no drag to the surface area. It is shiny, and designed to look like metal even though it is plastic, with a shiny finish. This is really a plus because next to no lubricant is needed to use this toy, which is fantastic if you are in a hurry or in a place where lube would be a little too much additional trouble!

How this toy feels and performs is definitely very accommodating to beginners. There are really no extra sensory features except for the tip, which is curved slightly to form an obtuse angle aimed at maximizing that users reach their g-spot. As mentioned earlier though, for anyone extremely sensitive (and even for me!) this feature might be annoying or even painful if you hope to be thrusting a bit. This just isn't the toy for it because of how rigid it is.

When I licked PMG-Slim it didn't really taste like anything, so feel free to lick it all you want if you feel like being sexy and licking off your cum, or your partners during play time.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

As mentioned, this toy isn't anything impressively new. Cal Exotics has two vibrators I was able to find that look exactly like PMG-Slim. The first is the Body and Soul Lust - G spot Vibrator and the I-tap G-vibe - G spot Vibrator.

The main differences from PMG-Slim is in their material's and safety features, measurements, number of available functions, and some minor control differences. They all have the same shape, which is a rigid, paint-brush design with a curved tip that holds nicely in the hand. I will say that if you do your research, each may have something different to offer based on the variations in features and functions and not necessarily shape.

For instance, if you like the colors available in PMG-Slim, that it has 10-functions, and that it looks like metal, but isn't actually--this might be a great choice for you.

The design really is a nice attempt at a concept for targeting the G-spot, but not the best idea (see diagram below). My g-spot is a little higher up and so it works for me, but it was still uncomfortable.
Female anatomy
I found the vibrations and the pointed tip to be right on the money for stimulating the clitoris and not the g-spot. It is possible that PMG-Slim would benefit from a tip that has a broader surface area more like a dime (the size prior to stimulation), since the G-spot can swell to the size of a quarter. Additionally it would be better if the toy itself was more curve-angular than rigid and straight. Finally, it would make this toy feel less like an annoying vibrating pencil on my g-spot and more like a targeted vibrator.

PMG-Slim is so tiny and neat that it is best suited to those newer to g-spot stimulation who are graduating from toys that have less available functions to experiment with. Initially it isn't uncomfortable, but just more awkward than anything. The tip does not become a huge thrusting issue until you are at a higher point in stimulation where more swelling occurs. This toy does not yield at all due to its rigid shape and that might be a problem for some users.

It is extremely light in the hand and even with batteries in it does not get too heavy. The size is perfect for slipping in the corner of a purse, overnight bag, or suitcase. I do not think it would easily draw suspicion, but the shine makes it a little harder to hide if you are traveling by air and may draw attention for this reason. At the very least, it would not be embarrassing for someone to hold and inspect it, due to the ergonomic, simplistic, and discreet features of this toy.

Length: 6 1/2"
Insertable length: 5 1/2"
Circumference: 2 1/2"
Diameter: 3/4"
Weight: 2.5 oz
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic

Functions / Performance / Controls

PMG-Slim has a single push button control that is located at the base of the toy. This is also where you unscrew the toy to put your batteries in. The push-button is black, surrounded by silver that has the same sheen as the rest of the toy. The button is conveniently does not have the same finish as the rest of the toy and has a bit of a matte finish with some drag, which allows you to not lose your fingering and miss pushing the button. You also do not have to worry about accidentally pushing it. It really isn't difficult to use. You just push a button and the fun begins. At first I was not sure how to turn this off, but on the back in the tiny box dedicated to English speakers, 4 bullets down, it says "Hold for 3 seconds to turn off."

PMG-Slim takes 2-AAA batteries and is listed as having escalating, pulsing, and vibrating functions. It has 10-functions to be exact. The vibrations are located mostly from the tip to the middle of the toy, but do vibrate toward the base. It is not so strong toward the base that your hand would become numb which is nice. PMG-Slim packs a little punch and has some great functional variety, but it really isn't all that powerful.

First set are classic steady:
1. Low
2. Medium
3. High

Pulsating - All of these occur at the highest vibration level. I also tried to diagram it. Forgive me, but it didn't come with a manual!
4. 1 sec vibration, 1 sec pause (VVVVVVV ______ VVVVVV_____)
5. 2 half sec vibrations, half second pause (VVV VVV ___ VVV VVV ___)
6. 2 sec vibrations, 1 sec pause (VVVVVVVVVVVV ______ VVVVVVVVVVVV ______)
7. 3 half sec vibrations, 2 two sec vibrations (VVV VVV VVV VVVVVVVVVVVV VVVVVVVVVVVV)

Escalating - The Low, Med, High in this set occurred for 1 sec each
8. Low, Med, High, 1 sec pause
9. Varied patterns all on high occurring each for different durations
10. Low, Med, High, 1 sec vibration, 2.5 sec vibration, 4 sec vibration

Performance & Pattern Commentary
The biggest issue with this toy is its buzzy vibrations. A great way to tell this is not only by how the toy sounds, but also how it feels when you touch the tip to your nose. Rumbling vibrations produce less of a tickle. This one makes me want to sneeze.
The lower steady vibrations are nice enough, but the higher up you go and the more varied the patterns, the more buzzy it gets. It is my opinion that it seems like in the effort to make this toy resemble metal in its design, it conducts the vibrations similarly through the plastic. I prefer rumbling vibrations and this toy just isn't it. It makes it quite noisy the higher up you go and if you have a roommate, even on the lowest vibration, it might be best not to use this with them home. You could at the very best get away with using it in the shower with its special waterproof feature. Someone might think you are shaving instead of having a good old fun time.

I went outside my room and left this directly on my bed and I could hear the higher and more varied patterns. Unfortunately this toy makes more noise in contact with other things and does not really muffle unless it is buried deep within your juicy folds. Even then, it is just kind of loud.

In the bathroom with our bathroom fan on, you can't hear it, no matter what setting it’s on. So if you have a loud heavy shower stream or even listen to music while you bathe, this might make for some low key times. A little water did get into the compartment when I used it, but I may not have put it on tightly enough. I will be testing this out again though to make sure it isn't a flaw of PMG-Slim itself.

Special Functions
Small size
    • Easy to use
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

The awesome thing about PMG-Slim that the material is compatible with water, oil, and silicone lubricants. So for those of you who have your preference, this toy is perfect for whatever you like best. I usually don't have need for lubricant, but due to the design of this toy, I think water is best since it is already designed to slip smoothly in and out. Anything else would just be an unnecessary cleaning hassle.

PMG-Slim can be cleaned with antibacterial soap and hot water or by wiping down with isopropyl alcohol. I always use a toy cleaner spray. Specifically Eden's Cleene toy cleaner, which is by far the best I've come across for cleaning up any lube and is PETA-certified and Vegan. Just because this is waterproof, it is probably a good idea not to submerge and boil this toy since you might ruin the functions and vibrator. It really is quite easy to clean so that shouldn't even be necessary.

Overall, this toy is extremely to care for with no special ridges or designs to worry about things getting into it. Also it can easily be stored next to other toys.

Always remove the batteries to preserve the life of the toy (from unfortunate leaks) and the life of the batteries.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


PMG-Slim came packaged in Cal Exotics' usual plastic, recyclable box with the Cal Exotics logo, colors and fonts.
It sat snugly inside an inner plastic mold to keep the toy from rolling around during shipping.
If you wanted to keep the box for storage you could, but from my experience the Cal Exotics packaging is annoying to keep and gets beat up pretty easily. If you did want to give this as a gift, it would be mostly easy to wrap except that the top of the box sticks up and has that hole in it like if it was headphones hanging in a department store. We all know, that for those of us who are not gift masters that kind of packaging is a pain to wrap.

The packaging is not discreet and the box is clear as Cal Exotics' packaging usually is, with cursive font and pink and purple bursts proudly displaying "10-Function Precious Metal G-Slim" and "10 intense functions" across the front. Someone will soon figure out what is going on here.

There was a little page of instructions included taking up about half of the front page. The remaining instructions were in other languages taking up the other half of the page as well as the back of the page. I'm not sure if they just stuck this in there, but the "Vibrator Instruction Manual" is definitely not for the one I got. The battery diagram isn't even appropriate to the toy. The only instructions included specific to the toy are on the back of the box. The only relevant thing you need to know that wasn't displayed everywhere else is how to turn it off and that it is waterproof.

So, if you are going to invest, PLEASE READ:
1. If you do not want to lose your batteries forever, there is a round plastic casing inside the toy (picture below). I had to use a knife to pry this out. I only noticed because my batteries were going in a little too snug and I wondered, "If I put this in all the way, how do I get it out?" I peered in and took my chances prying what I thought was getting in the way out. I simultaneously prayed I was not destroying the toy, but whatever it was needed to come out. After that the batteries went in fine. The instructions do not tell you this. So please be careful!
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable
    • Very informative

Personal comments

20 minutes into my first use, I couldn't help but think "man this is work."
I don't like feeling that way about my toys or any hedonistic endeavor.
The buzzy vibrations were more suited to my clit than my g spot. I think this toy did a whole lot more noise-making than stimulating. I was really happy I tested it out when my roommate was not home, due to how loud it becomes when doing its thing on higher settings. I would have liked to give it 3.5 bees, so since that isn't an option it is closer to 4 than 3.

I do not want to undersell the benefit of this toy for beginners and sensitive users, but even for sensitive users, this toy isn't quite sensitive enough. It is more annoying than anything and may actually cause some damage if used improperly with its pointy tip. I thought a bath experience might be more pleasurable and it was, just for stimulation and not for getting off.
Follow-up commentary
Although it has been a long time since I have been on Eden, I have still be diligently using my toys. Precious Metal slim G has not been one of the ones used often for the same reasons I mentioned in my initial review. here is not anything too special about it and though powerful, it feel more buzzy than anything and the tip is an altogether unpleasant poke inside.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Beautiful-Disaster
    Thanks for your review. .. Just looking at it, I wouldn't expect it to be so loud. I'll pass.
  • Ayumi
    Thanks so much! I didn't expect it to be so loud either.
  • Hummingbird
    WOW! What excellent supportive and useful detail! I especially like the photo showing the G-spot location, best one I've seen so far and am definitely saving that for future reference.

    Your photos very clear and I like the way you describe the vibrations, more descriptive than anything I've been able to describe so far. I can see why caution is used with this toy and how the point would cause discomort.

    All in all I found everything I saw and read in your review extremely usefull!

    Great job!
  • Ayumi
    Thanks Hummingbird. The G-spot is a little elusive and I think it is important for people to know that certain toys might not be accommodating to their bodies.
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