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Mystic? No. Mediocre? Yes.

This toy is nice in that it provides a heck of a lot of options for the sexual explorer - but to anyone else, it's just going to seem too basic and overly complex for such a simple toy. A jack of all trades, a master of none.
Three interchangeable heads, ten vibration settings and it's waterproof - that's a lot of options!
Vibrations lackluster, heads oddly shaped, easy to open the battery compartment when turning off.
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The Mystic Wand is a toy that gives you options – three interchangeable heads, ten different vibration settings/patterns, a quick and easy on/off switch, and waterproof ability. Unfortunately, however, a plethora of options isn't enough to make up for the fact that this toy is not all that exciting – a bit of a disappointment, really. With a name like “Mystic Wand”, I expected something magical.

Mystic Wand features interchangeable heads – three are included. The heads are made from soft TPR molded over a twist on plastic cap – simply screw on or screw off to change the heads. For some reason, this TPR is a little unpleasant – rubbery and sticky – but on the plus side, it doesn't smell at all, so it's likely phthalates-free. First off, there's the so called 'love dome', with its 'mystical pleasure rings' (it makes the wand look like a scepter!), which is all right, I guess, but the rings are more annoying than mystical. Next, we have the 'mystical diving dolphin', which I have to admit, I just don't understand. Is it insertable or a clit stimulator (because it doesn't do either all that well)? The dolphin is cute, but fixed onto the screw on head via a very thin tail, so it bends very easily and readily when any sort of pressure is applied to it. Plus, it's very skinny and its nose is a tad pokey – sort of like a woodpecker's beak when the vibrator is pulsing. Finally, there's the 'intimately shaped and contoured plus pinpoint stimulation', which I did quite enjoy to some extent. This cap looks like a big cup filled with nubbins, presumably for massage. Since I enjoy vibration over a large area surrounding my clit, I didn't mind this cap, but it did lack the *oomph* I needed to get off. The pinpoint stimulation comes in the form of a small nub on the side of the cup – it feels nice rubbed up and down over sensitive spots, and turned out to be the key I was looking for to get off with this toy.

The Mystic Wand vibrates at three different intensities in a variety of different patterns. All of these settings can be accessed via a simple push-button control on the base – three constant buzzes in the three different levels, followed four different pulsing patterns with varying speeds and intensities, and finally three overly complicated combinations of pulsing and escalations. As vibration patterns go, these represent what could be considered a good selection, but are mostly too varied and and quick to change to really give a decent amount of pleasure. Power wise, the highest setting on this toy is not really all that powerful – I have felt far stronger outputs from other single battery toys – but is sufficient to do its job. Noise wise, however, the Mystic Wand rattles and moans pretty distinctly given it's lackluster vibrations – you'd be hard pressed to keep this under the radar behind a closed door.

The pastel purple plastic body of the Mystic wand cracks open to reveal a cavity that accepts a single AA battery. The opening mechanism is actually a good one – very easy to use, locked tight, and splash-proof all on its own. It is furthermore backed up with an o-ring, rendering the toy completely waterproof. When closed up with a battery inside, the toy is then set in the “off” position – twisting a little further will set it to the indicated “on” position. Unless in the “on” position, the push button control won't work at all – and conversely, the switch provides a good quick way of turning the vibrator off without having to cycle through all vibration settings. However, when turning the toy off with this switch, it is very easy to twist a little too far and have the battery compartment open up – so it would not be recommended to manipulate this switch if using the toy in a watery environment.

In short, the Mystic Wan is a nice idea, and does provide a heck of a lot of options. It would be a good toy for someone looking to discover what *exactly* about vibrating toys they find pleasurable, but otherwise, there are better options out there
Follow-up commentary
This is still a mediocre toy, and still not worth its price. Additionally, the exchangeable caps, which are made of TPR, are very hard to clean well. The material feels sticky, not sticky in the way tacky jelly gets sticky, but the finish doesn't feel very smooth; and almost comes off as oily when I run a finger along it. Whatever the material is, exactly, it's very undesirable.
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