Petite couture precious - g-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Luscious Lily

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Not Gollum's Precious Nor Mine

The Precious was a disappointment. It had a lot of potential. The shape, smooth, non-phallic, and non-intimidating, was pleasant. The upgrade to pure silicone was great. The design and colors are attractive. Unfortunately, it is also rather underpowered for a premium vibrator, and the "waterproof" battery compartment leaks in the shower, so forget submerging this one. Overall a great step forward in quality and safety, but it still needs some work.
100% silicone body!, supposed to be waterproof, dedicated on/off button, multiple settings.
Not really waterproof, underpowered, can't use rechargeable batteries.
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extremely useful review


The Precious is a lovely multi-purpose "couture" vibrator. It can be used internally, though not for g-spotting as it bends too easily. It can be rotated while inside, making the grooves running down the sides of the Precious much more noticeable; I did not particularly enjoy this sensation, as I found the grooves too deep and sudden, which my tender vagina interpreted as a scraping feeling. While it can be used for thrusting, due to the flexible middle of the shaft, it may not always go where you intend.

The vibrations can be felt while inserted, but are by no means earth-shaking. Used externally, the the vibrations seem lighter. They are a fast vibration, but they are not the deep, penetrating vibrations I've come to expect from higher end vibrators. They are what many call "buzzy": fast, high pitched, and superficial. They sound strong, and feel strong when a finger is lightly touched to the toy. But, when firm contact is made, the vibrations seem to skim across the surface of the skin instead of penetrating to where they can really be felt. They also tend to numb more quickly than deeper vibrations.

This toy would be best for female-bodied users who enjoy lighter vibrations, slow, gentle thrusting, and vibrators that are on the shorter but thicker side.

Material / Texture

The insertable body of the Precious is made of soft, silky, ever-so-slightly matte white silicone. It feels very luxurious, and I felt drawn to run my hands up and down the shaft to savor the smooth texture. The silicone was tasteless as silicone usually is, but there was a slight but pleasant scent to the Precious when it first arrived, like it had been washed in a lightly scented soap. The scent disappeared after the first washing. (Whereupon the Precious took on a hint of the scent of my bodywash. Mmm, almond!) The toy seems to have a tendency to adsorb (not to be confused with absorb) scents onto its surface, but it also releases them with a quick washing.

Soft though it is, the matte silicone is a fuzz magnet. It managed to find bits of lint and pet hair to cling to, while air-drying on a spotless bathroom counter. Keep a tub of toy/personal wipes nearby when you plan on using the Precious out of the water.

The plastic of the base is hard and very smooth, with almost mirror-finish chrome accents.

Design / Shape / Size

The specs claim a diameter of 1 3/8", but this diameter is only reached at the non-insertable base. Of the insertable portion, the narrowest point of the neck is 1 1/8", and the widest is 1 1/4". The insertable length was closer to 5 1/2" than the documented 5", but it turned out to be a good length and girth for me.

The design looks great on paper, and feels great in the hand, but my vagina felt otherwise.

The very slick silicone led to most of the lube being squeegeed off during insertion. Instead of guiding lube in as I expected them to, the grooves seemed to funnel lube back out of the vagina, leaving me over and over again with a once-dry hand full of lube and a dry vagina. While I may be able to get away with glass without lube, it's a no-go with matte silicone.

The vibrations are centered in what feels like a bullet acting as the core of the top 1 3/4" of the toy. The next 3" are very flexible - it can be bent forward and back to a 90 degree angle without resistance, though there is more resistance when it is bent from side to side. To their credit, the vibrations don't weaken when the vibrator is bent, whether by hands or by vaginal muscles. Unfortunately, it bends in odd directions when the muscles clench down. It wasn't painful, but it was annoying and distracting to have the head of the vibrator move every time I started enjoying it.

My personal anatomical issues with the toy aside, the size and shape of the toy are at the wide end of the beginner range or the low end of the advanced range, depending on how you look at it.

The battery case had me stumped for a while, as there are no instructions on how to open it, and it's not immediately obvious. Hold the base of the toy in one hand, grip the cap firmly in the other, and twist the cap counterclockwise. This will take some force, and when it goes far enough the cap literally pops up and can be removed. To replace the cap, line up the tabs with the slots, push down against the springs, and twist clockwise. It will click into place.

There is a rubber o-ring at the entrance of the battery compartment, but it's rather thin. Also, rechargeable batteries don't fit into the battery compartment; you'll have to go with disposables. the tight compartment reduces battery rattling noise to make it a quieter vibrator, but it is too small for the wider rechargeable batteries.

While not obviously phallic, this is not a toy you can leave out on your dresser. It is better than many vibrators for travel because you have to push the on/off button to turn it on, then push the function button to start the vibrations.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations are located in what feels like a bullet in the top 1 1/2" of the vibrator. On the plastic base are a dedicated on/off button and a function button. Pressing the on/off button turns on the vibrator, but the vibrations are not turned on. Pressing the on/off button again at any time turns off the vibrator, regardless of what setting it was on. It doesn't remember your last setting when you turn it back on, but that can't be expected in this price range. The controls are unfortunately placed right where I would put my thumb, but moving my hand slightly fixed this without becoming uncomfortable to hold.

The function button cycles between 7 different vibration patterns:
Low vibration - feels like a phone vibrating through the side of a purse
Medium vibration - about as strong as a weak phone vibrating in your hand
Strong vibration - about as strong as a strong phone vibrating in your hand
Escalating - quick pulses rising from almost nothing to the highest vibration setting over about 4 seconds
Slow pulse - slow pulsing (about 2 pulses per second) at the strongest power
Faster pulse - faster pulsing (about 4 pulses per second) at the strongest power
Fast and slow - 3 pulses (about 3 pulses per second), followed by a longer 1 second long steady pulse

None of the patterns really blew me away, but the fast and slow combination was the one I preferred. The patterns were pretty basic. Unfortunately, they didn't have the power to back them up. This vibrator is rather underpowered for a "premium" vibrator. It runs on 2 AAA batteries. A slightly wider base would have allowed room for 2 AA batteries, which might have made this a more powerful vibrator. As it is, the power tops out in the beginner level. If you need stronger vibrations to get off, then the Precious won't do it for you. Pressing the vibrator harder against your clit won't help, either: because of the soft middle section, it just bends instead.

This is a rather quiet toy. On the highest setting, it is significantly quieter than my cell phone on vibrate. Putting it under blankets didn't seem to damp the sound very much, but insertion did. Just laying on the bed under the blankets, it was audible across a quiet room, but not at all through the closed door.

The Precious is advertised as waterproof. I love waterproof toys, but this one was a disappointment. Remember that rather thin rubber O-ring at the battery compartment? It's not enough. After use in the shower, the compartment and batteries were wet. After drying it all off, re-seating the O-ring, and closing the compartment very tightly, I took it in the shower again. Again, water got into the battery compartment. Forget going under water, this toy can't even brave the shower. For a "premium" toy that claims to be waterproof, this is a serious fault.

Care and Maintenance

If the battery compartment had been waterproof as advertised, the Precious would be very easy to wash: soap and water. Unfortunately, while washing I had to be careful to keep the area around the cap dry to keep water out of the battery compartment. Toy cleaning solutions worked to clean the Precious, but if it was wiped off with anything but a lint-free towel, I had a mess on my hands. Toy wipes worked little better, as they tended to cling to the silicone and resist gliding along the toy to remove sex juices.

As the toy is made of pure silicone and hard plastic, it can be wiped down with bleach to sanitize. As with all vibrators, even though it is silicone it can't be boiled or put in the dishwasher because of the electronics.

The Precious should be stored separated from other toys because of its silicone body, wrapped in cloth or paper towels, or in a bag. Touching other silicone toys in storage can result in deformed toys.

Any lube other than silicone is safe for use with the Precious. Some high-quality silicone lubes may be safe with the Precious, but always do a small spot test before you use it, or you may end up with a sticky mess and a ruined vibrator.


The Precious came in a paperboard box easily large enough to hold three of the petite vibrators. Inside the box, the vibrator is found in an open-ended thin packing-foam sleeve that I found to be enough to store it in. The box is pretty, but has little to no useful information. It proclaims things like "Innovation" "Luxury" "Premium" and "Sophisticated", but only the waterproof symbol provided useful information (which turned out to be false). There were no instructions anywhere in or on the box, about opening and closing the battery compartment, the functions themselves, or even what kind of batteries to use.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Carrie Ann
    These are actually the affordable version of the regular couture line; not really considered high end at all. Good material, etc, but from what I've read they were created to cater to the market who doesn't spend high end prices. At $40 or so apiece... They really are midline products.

    That totally sucks that yours didn't hold up in water!
  • Fun Lover
    Thanks for the review was thinking about buying one but not if it lacks power we already have enough of those.
  • Sammi
    Definitely sucks about not being waterproof!
  • Luscious Lily
    Thanks for clearing that up, Carrie Ann! I was under the impression that thy were just scaled-down versions, not affordable versions.
  • Luscious Lily
    Fun Lover: from the reviews I've seen, you'd be better off going with the full-sized Couture line. I thought I'd prefer the petites because I'm not a fan of lengthy toys, not realizing what other differences there would be.
  • Luscious Lily
    Sammi: Yeah, the lack of true waterproofing was the last straw with this one.
  • Alan & Michele
    Aw, sorry it didn't work out for you. You did an excellent review on it though.
  • Luscious Lily
    Thanks Alan & Michele! The vibrations may work better for those who enjoy more surface vibes.
  • potstickers
    Thanks for the honest review on this one.
  • Shellz31
    I was thinking about getting this too. But the lack of power and not being able to use rechargeable batteries sux.
    Great review!
  • Xavier7
    Great review! It looks very classy.
  • mikebooks
    A nice review. Thanks!
  • systematicweasel
    Great review =)
  • Ash1141
    Awesome review
  • Momfia
    Amazing review that is 100% spot on. This vibrator was a waste of money and a BIG disappointment
  • Fidelity
  • MissCandyland
  • Nirelan
  • FruityCloudPuff
    I love your title!
    Also, this is not completely waterproof, but that box basically advertises that? That's really worrying. :/
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