Goddess platinum massager - g-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady

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Not quite a "Goddess"

The Goddess is a good, moderately stimulating g-spot vibrator that is rechargeable; however, it does have some limitations to be considered.
Rechargeable; Multiple pulsation patterns; Curved tip for g-spot stimulation.
Useless nylon strap with a painful holder; Only one speed of simple vibration; Not waterproof.
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useful review
The Goddess Platinum Massager is a hard, smooth, plastic vibrator with a curved tip for G-spot stimulation. Because it is plastic, it can be used with both silicone and water-based lubricants without damage to the toy.

It is rechargeable, although it has no light to indicate when it is fully charged. It has a charging port with a rubber cover that stays in place. Mine did not come with any charging instructions beyond what is printed on the box – which is to let the Goddess charge for 8 hours for up to 2 hours of use. On an 8-hour charge I was able to use the it for almost 3 hours (not continuously). It also charged enough after only 1 hour to be used again for 30 minutes. I have no idea how this will affect the battery, but so far it hasn't caused any problems.

This vibrator is plastic and cannot be sterilized; however, it is non-porous so there is less chance it will hold bacteria like toys made of Jelly, Rubber, or other some other softer materials. To protect yourself the most, you should use a condom on it if you are going to share it with a partner. You should not use the Goddess for anal play as it has no flared base.

The Goddess is NOT waterproof and care should be used not to get the charging port wet during cleaning. I found the easiest way to clean it is to hold it upside down, spray with toy cleaner and then wipe with a damp (not wet) hot washcloth.

The only use I found for the nylon strap attached to the Goddess is for holding it during cleaning. The Eden Fantasys description calls the strap a “wrist strap”, but the box from California Exotic does not make any claim the strap is a wrist strap. My best guess is the nylon strap is meant for use during cleaning because it appears to have no other useful purpose. The strap is attached to the Goddess by a hard plastic round circle. That circle can be painful if inserted vaginally or pressed against the perineum during play.

The Goddess has 7 vibration patterns including 1 plain vibration setting and 6 pulsation patterns. The 1 plain vibration pattern is moderately strong, but not overpowering or earth-shattering. The pulsation patterns would be well-suited for those who are stimulated by a variety of moderate pulses.

I found the vibrations to be concentrated just below the curved tip head of the Goddess, although they travel the length of the shaft and are transmitted through the tip. The tip can be used for pin-point stimulation, but again, the vibrations are moderate.

The vibrations / pulsation patterns are controlled by a single push-button on the bottom of the Goddess. You have to cycle through all 7 patterns to turn the toy off or to go to a setting you've already passed. The push-button is nearly flush with the base and can be difficult to push with wet fingers.

This is not a particularly noisy toy. I cannot hear it while it is vibrating on top of the covers and I am outside the closed bedroom door. It is even quieter when inserted. I don't think you could use the Goddess while you are in the same room or bed as someone else without them hearing it, but you should be able to use it in the same house as others without them hearing it if your room door is closed.
The Goddess does reach my G-spot and is nice for stroking it. It doesn't “fill me up”, but it feels good for light G-spot stimulation. It feels similar to slight finger-tip pressure. I like that I can tell when the tip is pointed up by the placement of the charger port. I have been able to achieve a G-spot orgasm with the Goddess, although it wasn't an earthquake - more like a tremor. I do not like that I have to be careful to not poke myself with the nylon strap holder because that can be quite painful.

When I used the Goddess for clitoral stimulation I was a little disappointed, but in all fairness, I am a “power queen” when it comes to clit vibrations.

I enjoy using the Goddess while performing cunnilingus. It is nice for rubbing the labia/clit of my female-bodied partner, as well as teasing her G-spot. My partner prefers pulsation to straight vibration patterns, and we really enjoyed a couple of the pulsation patterns of the Goddess. My partner says a couple of the pulsation vibrations feel stronger than the straight vibration setting.

While the Goddess has a couple of design flaws, I still think it is a worthy buy for some people. It would be a good toy for people who enjoy light G-spot stimulation, as I sometimes do. It would also be good for those, like my partner, who prefer vibrating pulsation patterns over straight vibrations.

I have seen the Goddess advertised for the same price as here on Eden, but also for $15-$20 less. I think I would buy it at a lower price as a simple, rechargeable toy for light stimulation.
Follow-up commentary
Unfortunately the Goddess has landed in the back of my toy box, and I haven't seen much of her in a while. She just isn't strong enough to do it for me, and she is a real pain to keep charged. There just really isn't anything about the Goddess that motivates me to get her out of her box, charge her up, and try to use her when there are many better options out there. I did have a female-bodied partner who enjoyed the pulsation patterns, but also found them to be just a little too weak to get off.
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  • Epiphora
    Yeah, this thing is weird. I agree that the strap circle is totally stupid and gets in the way. I also found the vibrations not strong enough for my clit.
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Ep: I know! For me it teeters on the line of pleasurable vs. weird. Smile
  • Cinnamon Chambers
    Great review! I wonder what else that wrist strap could be for?
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    I really think it was meant for cleaning use Cinnamon.... seriously - there's nothing else it could be!!!!
  • Missmarc
    Thank you for sharing
  • dsumrow1
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