Silver impulse - traditional vibrator by WHK GmbH - review by Darling Dove

Silver impulse

Traditional vibrator by WHK GmbH

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Not quite the magic bullet

A heavy hitter, but it's loud, too. This is a nice portable quickie, but prolonged use may find you numb.
Small, easy to hide, very powerful for its size.
Loud, push-button control.
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This vibrator is best used for clitoral or nipple stimulation. It has pinpoint vibrations, very high frequency, is not quite large enough for vaginal insertion, and definitely not for anal insertion. Although if you merely wanted external stimulation around the area, it would be fine.

Material / Texture

As far as material it's pretty standard, smooth and shiny plastic. It has no real scent, besides a very light whiff of 'new plastic' smell. Because of the slick texture it is very beginner friendly, but it does not add any extra stimulation. This allows for the vibrations to truly be felt, unimpeded, from the toy.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this toy is standard. It is a bit confusing as the cap's design looks likes a screw-on, dial-adjusted toy, but it actually works via a push-button. Size-wise the toy is larger than most clitoral toys, but too small to be used for insertion. It is rather easy to hide. Though due to the push-button, I recommend unscrewing the cap slightly so that it does not turn on accidentally if you jostle it around.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The toy has rather average performance. It does what it says it will do, though you may have a bit of a tough time at first due to lack of instruction. The controls are convenient, as it's just push-button, but you DO have to cycle through all the options to turn it off. My favorite functions personally, are the constant vibration functions. It lists 7 'hypersonic' functions, but does not appear to describe them, so I shall attempt to.
Function 1- constant vibration, rather intense, though it is the lowest setting the toy has.
Function 2- constant vibration, higher speed and a bit stronger than the first setting.
Function 3- constant vibration, even higher speed than the last settings.
Function 4- a strong pulse setting, rapid pulses of the highest speed.
Function 5- a short-short-short-long pulse setting.
Function 6- roller coaster setting, it cycles from the lowest speed to the highest, and back down again.
Function 7- a slower pulse setting that seems to be escalated as well.

This toy is rather strong but, the vibrations are so high frequency that, it can be hard to tell one speed from another. Also, unfortunately, it is rather loud. This toy claims to be waterproof as well. The waterproofing is simply a rubber washer, and it actually seems to not be a perfect fit. So, I would say it is more splash proof, than water proof, but it handles getting wet with lube, natural or otherwise rather well.

Care and Maintenance

I would say this toy is easy to take care of. The material is easy to clean, it's small enough to store anywhere, and easy to hide. But the button-type vibrator has an issue with turning on, sometimes when you don't want it to, if you keep it somewhere where it may be jostled around. Being plastic, it is compatible with all lubricants, but the surface would get very slick and hard to hold onto if you used too much.


This toy is packaged in a simple, plastic clamshell-type package. The only instructions included are small stickers on the inside of the toy, denoting what direction the batteries are meant to go in the casing. This is bad, because you actually MUST take out the plastic sheet inside the toy, or it will not operate properly. You also have to reseat the battery holder (which comes out with the plastic sheet) the correct way.

The company should have included more documentation, as the toy can overheat with the plastic sheet inside the toy. This package probably could not be used for a gift box, and it's not intended to be used for storage, as far as I can see.

Personal comments

My personal opinion is that this toy is not the best of its kind. It works well, yes, but the functions are simple, and there isn't enough variance in speed to really tell the difference where it counts. It's also rather loud for its size, and thus the fact that it's easy to hide is negated. If you're someone who needs to hide toys, you probably need a very quiet toy as well.

It is good for beginners or new toy owners, and it's not exactly a BAD toy, but it simply doesn't have an outstanding point. It is POWERFUL for it's size, but unfortunately due to the high frequency of vibration, it is just as capable of numbing you as it is getting you off.


My experience with this toy is a mixed bag. At first I thought it was terrible and defective, because no instructions were included to tell me how to properly setup the toy. Once I got the toy working though, and once I was assured that it WAS working properly, it is a nice toy.

Personally I go for deeper lower frequency vibrations for clitoral stim, but this toy is nice for a quickie. And because it's larger than an average bullet, it makes it easy to get the vibes where you want them as they travel through the toy nicely. Even my significant other, usually quite unwieldy with toys, was able to hit the spot. Due to the smooth texture, it may require some movement of the toy as well, but it is still a satisfying orgasm.

My only problem anymore is that prolonged use WILL numb you, and it will especially numb your hand or your partner's hand. The toy is nice. Not outstanding, but nice. And for it's price range, I would say it's a good buy. Just make sure you have something to cover up the high-pitched noise.
Follow-up commentary
It's hard to put into words my opinion of this toy. It's continued working fine, but the vibrations are just too high pitched and strong for them to be much use to me. The strong part I like, but I like lower frequency vibrations that penetrate deeper than the skin. I can't say I wholly don't like this vibe, since I think that's drastically unfair... But I think it isn't quite my cup of tea.

Some people do love higher frequency vibrations - and if you don't mind the noise, these are great for that. It's a nice little vibrator, simple enough, that would most likely satisfy your needs clitorally. Had it been meant for penetration I may not have minded the frequency of the vibrations too much, since my g spot is much, much less picky than my clit. Unfortunately this isn't meant for penetration, and is too big to fit into most bullet fittings in dildos or cockrings and the like. However- I think this same company is making a new "Impulse" style vibe that IS meant for penetration, so they've definitely heard some feedback and made improvements.

If you're just looking for a simple bullet - You can do a bit better than this, but this toy honestly is more intense in the level of vibrations than most watch-battery bullets. For the price, if you know you like high pitched vibrations, it's worth a shot - You aren't losing much if you don't end up liking it. However if you know you like deeper vibes and need those to get off clitorally, you may want to abstain.
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