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Getaway Wild

G-spot vibrator by Nomi Tang

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Not Very Wild

I'm not all too wild about Getaway Wild. As much as I like the feeling of the toy and its strong vibrations, I don't care for the base of it at all. The base is oddly shaped, making it difficult to hold. The controls are not easy to work with at all. I wish this toy was rechargeable, considering the price,quality, and how attractive the packaging is.
silicone material, shape, slim, comes with storage box and pouch
not rechargeable, base is difficult to hold, only 3 vibrating functions, difficult to control
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Getaway Wild is an ergonomic vibrator designed for g-spot stimulation. At the end of a long, gently curving neck is a small head with a hooked curve on the top. If you prefer not to use it for g-spot stimulation, this toy can also be used for external stimulation on the clitoris or wherever you'd like. The base of Getaway Wild is flared, so it can be used for anal play as well.

The packaging lists this toy as waterproof up to a depth of 1 meter. I am guessing that the water pressure deeper than 1 meter would be too much for the toy to handle and would end up seeping in through the seal. Simply using it in the bathtub or shower would be fine, but you may want to be careful if using this in a pool or hot tub.

This vibe is made of velvety soft silicone over a hard plastic body. Considering how slim the neck and head are and the safety of the material, this toy would be an excellent choice for all users.
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    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Anal
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

This vibe is made of velvety soft silicone over hard plastic. The silicone is nonporous, hypoallergenic, and phthalates free. This material makes the toy very safe for use. It can be shared with a partner after it has been cleaned. Getaway Wild is completely smooth in texture aside from the velvety feeling and drag of the silicone. There are no visible or felt seams at all on it. The head area of the toy is a bit more squishy than the rest of the body.

Right out of the packaging, there is a very light scent to this toy. It kind of smells like burned rubber. It's gross, but it can only be smelled if Getaway Wild is stuck right under your nose. The scent does not dissipate after washing this or leaving it sitting out.

The texture of this toy is good for any user. The silicone has enough drag to it to provide some extra stimulation if you don't use any lube with it. Using lube will create a nice slick surface. I would definitely recommend at least this smooth silicone to beginners, since it's easier to insert than more textured toys.
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Getaway Wild is a long, slim toy. It measures about 8 inches total in length, with 6 inches of that being insertable. The head measures 4 inches around at its widest and the neck measures 3 1/2 inches around. The neck curves very gently upward. I like how the head has a gentle hook to it to help keep it in place. The top of the head is flat, making it great for external stimulation. My fiance likes the feeling of the head pressed against his penis.

I think this toy's size is pretty good. It's slim enough to work for most people, yet it's not so slim that it doesn't provide a "full" feeling when inserted. The g-spot stimulating head is positioned perfectly to stimulate my g-spot without irritating me or catching on anything. This toy is also pretty easy to insert, especially since the head is only a little bit bigger than the neck. I think this should work well for any user.

The base is shaped kind of like two big fins. I'm not really a fan of this shape. No matter which way I hold the toy, the big fins get in the way of me comfortably holding it. I think a rounded base that is larger than the neck would be easier to handle.

The base comes off right above the power button, which is where the required two AA batteries are inserted. There is a small cage inside of the battery compartment which holds the batteries. I was a bit confused by this at first as there are no instructions on the batteries other than which end goes in first. There is a plastic pull ring inside of the battery compartment that pulls the cage out. This ring is very flimsy. It's also difficult to push the cage back in. I only pulled it out halfway or so, which was enough room to get the batteries in. This must be pulled back out to remove the batteries. I personally think making this toy require batteries instead of making it a rechargeable toy is kind of cheap. I would have preferred a rechargeable toy, considering the price of Getaway Wild.

I don't find this toy to be discreet at all. It looks like a vibrator. I think the size and curved shape make it a bit more difficult to hide.
    • Beginner
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

This vibe has some pretty fancy controls. At the base is a small power button above a white plastic bar with a small Nomi Tang logo on it. The first time I played around with it, I felt pretty hopeless in ever being able to use the controls correctly. Now that I've played with it a bit more, I feel somewhat more confident using this. The controls are a bit frustrating to work with, especially if you want to change patterns, like, NOW.

Once Getaway Wild is turned on, this plastic bar is used to control the functions and the speed of each function. Gently hold a finger over the logo for 2 seconds to change the function. Getaway Wild has three functions programmed into it. Once you find the one you want, you gently slide your finger down the plastic panel to adjust the speed. If you hold your finger over the bottom of the panel, it will lock the toy at your current selection of function and speed. Locking it will not keep it from turning off. Just to note, the speed slider does not adjust the level of vibrations (like from constant low vibrations to constant high vibrations), it adjusts the actual speed of the two available patterned functions.

As interesting as the controls are, I think I'd prefer just two or three buttons on the base: one to turn it on, one to change function, and one for speed.

The vibration patterns available are:

- Constant vibrations
- Quickly building up pulses
- Pulses at one vibration level

Since this toy doesn't really have any variety of vibration levels, it's hard to label these as low, medium, or high. Compared to other vibrators, the vibrations seem to be at the high level. Since the body is plastic underneath a layer of silicone, the vibrations are not centered. They travel through the entire body with the same power felt throughout. The vibrations are rumbly rather than buzzy.

My favorite pattern is the last pulse pattern. It starts out with long pulses, but as the speed is adjusted, it becomes very short pulses. I find these the most stimulating. My fiance also prefers the feeling of this pattern over the other two,

I don't like how few patterns this toy has and the lack of vibration level. I would have liked to see some lower-powered settings as starting out with higher settings can be too stimulating and sometimes a bit painful for me. If I want to start out with less power, I have to pull out another toy.

As mentioned above, the controls are difficult to use, especially if you know exactly what you want but you can't get the plastic panel to cooperate with you. Slick hands definitely do not work well with the controls.

Getaway Wild is very quiet. Under some blankets, I could only hear a faint hum from 15 feet away. This is quieter than the vibration setting on cell phones. I highly doubt it could be heard through a closed door.

The vibe worked fine in a waterproof test. No water leaked into the battery compartment. As I noted above, the packaging does specify this is only waterproof up to 1 meter in water depth. If you use this in water deeper than that, you may have some leak into it.

I haven't used this toy enough to drain the batteries yet. It's been played with for about an hour total and the already used batteries I put in it are still okay. According to our camera's battery life bar, the batteries only drained a little bit.
    • Discreet sound
    • Hard to figure out
    • Not enough variety

Care and Maintenance

Caring for Getaway Wild is pretty simple. This toy can be washed in soap and warm water, your favorite toy cleaner, or it can be sterilized in a bleach solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. Since Getaway Wild has working parts inside of it, it cannot be boiled. I personally prefer to just use soap and warm water.

Once it's clean, I suggest leaving it out to air dry. Silicone can attract a lot of lint and hair if it is toweled dry. I have noticed this particular toy is a bit less of a lint magnet than some. Holding it in my lap did not instantly coat it in cat hair, which usually happens if I hold a silicone toy. Instead, it only had 3 or 4 hairs that were easy to just pluck off.

Storing silicone toys can be a bit more tricky. Silicone toys must be kept separate from each other or they may bond together and be ruined. You can store them in their own separate Ziploc baggies and place them together in a storage container. The box is perfect for storage, especially if you want to leave this sitting out on a bedside table. I like the box for decorative storage, so I am keeping it in there. The included satin pouch also works well for storage if you don't want to sacrifice the space for the box.

Silicone toys are only compatible with water based lubricants. Silicone based lubricants will also bond with the toy and ruin it.
    • Easy to clean


Getaway Wild comes packaged in a cute white storage box. The outside of the box is a white textured material with the Nomi Tang logo (NT) printed on the top in a deep purple. Smaller versions of the logo in silver cover the entire box. Opening the box up, the inside of the lid has white satin covering it with Nomi Tang written on it. The bottom where the toy is set is an indent created with cardboard underneath the white satin. Tucked behind the satin is the user manual. This box is a bit larger than Getaway Wild, but not much. It measures approximately 9 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 2 inches. Folded inside of the satin lining is a small white satin pouch, just big enough to hold Getaway Wild.

Outside of this box is a paperboard sleeve. This sleeve states some basic information about the toy. I noticed a small flaw on this sleeve where they didn't fully finish some of the icons. The outer sleeve points out some important details of the toy, like how it's ultra quiet, waterproof up to 1 meter in depth, and is made of safe materials. It doesn't discuss how this product is used. When Getaway Wild is received, the whole shebang is wrapped up in shrink-wrapped plastic.

I like the packaging for this toy. It's very nice looking. It's great for storage. I can see the packaging working well for gift giving since it's discreet and very presentable. I like how it offers two methods of storage: the box or the satin bag. Since I store Getaway Wild in the box, I use the silk pouch to store a different toy.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

As fancy, ergonomic, and high-tech as Getaway Wild is, I'm not too wild about the toy. The vibrations are strong enough to suit my tastes once I've warmed up a bit beforehand. Unfortunately, I find the controls a bit aggravating to work with since the toy is operated through a plastic panel you slide your finger over. The panel doesn't have any indicators of where to press for certain things, so I sometimes end up locking it when I was just trying to increase the speed.

I think I would really like this toy if the base was something completely different. As it is, I don't like the shape of it, since it's uncomfortable to hold. Unfortunately, all of the Nomi Tang toys listed on EdenFantasys have the same base.
Follow-up commentary
I still am not a huge fan of Getaway Wild. I've been having a lot of difficulty inserting the toy and have pretty much given up. I was able to a couple of times prior to my initial review, but now I can't. The head seems to be a bit too big for me to insert, regardless of how relaxed I am. Using other toys to warm up with first does not seem to help, either.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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