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G-spot rabbit vibrator by Feelztoys

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O! Fonzie!

The Fonzie by Feelztoys is a 100% platinum silicone delight. Its ergonomic curves stroke your g-spot and deliver delicious vibrations to your clitoris simultaneously through seven different vibrating and pulsating settings. The Fonzie is waterproof and has a clever locking cap to keep moisture out, so take this cutie into the shower or bathtub!
100% non-porous silicone, ergonomic, waterproof.
Ridges may be a little too much for some, a little loud.
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The Fonzie by Feelztoys is made of 100% platinum silicone. Right out of its easy-to-open packaging, it is an ergonomic piece of body-safe art.

The Fonzie's silicone body gives off only the lightest of scents when put right under the nose and even that scent is a clean one. The material is the perfect blend of flexible and firm, providing enough give to achieve the right angle for g-spot stimulation while firm enough to provide pressure. The g-spot shaft also features sloping ridges that stimulate the anterior wall of the vagina when thrusting. The back of the shaft is smooth. There is a visible seam that runs the meridian of the Fonzie, but it cannot be felt during toy use and does not take away from the aesthetic value of this toy.

The clitoral nub, a few inches down at the base of the shaft, services the clitoris while the shaft stimulates the g-spot other parts. It is a single raised nub, the size of a pea, on a small, flexible silicone platform. The one drawback of this design is that different women have different "layouts" and this nub may not be positioned optimally for every woman out there. However, the vibrations can still be easily felt through the little platform, so even if the nub itself does not reach the clitoris, the clit doesn't miss out on any of the action.

The cap to the battery compartment is the silver base of the toy, and it unscrews in an interesting way. Much like a child-proof pill bottle cap, one must apply enough pressure onto the cap and twist for the cap to come off. This is due to a unique locking design in the cap that also helps in waterproofing the toy. Two AAA batteries are popped inside and the Fonzie is ready for play. Unscrewing the cap and screwing it back on does take a little practice before it can be done easily, and please be sure to screw it on TIGHTLY (no visible gaps!) before using the Fonzie in water.

A single button on the bottom of the toy controls on, off, and seven different functions. A single click of the button turns the toy on, and all subsequent fast clicks cycle through the seven functions. These functions include three modes of steady vibrations and four different pulsating/escalating rhythms. To turn the toy off, press and hold the button for 5 seconds.

The EdenFantasys 'Properties' tab does not describe Fonzie as a waterproof toy. The manufacturer's website, however, does. After some extensive testing on my own part, I have reached the conclusion that Fonzie is, indeed, waterproof, but only when the cap is screwed on properly. If the cap is not completely in place, then moisture WILL seep through to the battery compartment and quite possibly damage the toy. It is very easy to have the cap screw on enough for the toy to operate, but to leave a little gap through which moisture can seep through. Make sure that the cap is closed as tightly as possible!

Fonzie is a little louder than a cell-phone on its loudest setting. Under a nice thick comforter or in the shower, however, its soft buzzing becomes virtually nonexistent.

100% silicone toys can be sterilized. Since the Fonzie has a battery compartment, it is best to leave it out of the dishwasher and pots of boiling water. Instead, sterilize with a solution of 10% bleach and 90% water. Just to be on the safe side, it's never a bad idea to cover your toys with a condom when sharing with a partner. Between uses, however, a little extra sterilizing will ensure that your Fonzie will last for a while.
The Fonzie is my first 100% silicone toy and even though she and I are still getting acquainted, I have a bit of a crush on her. Her silky soft texture and non-porous body are gorgeous and after taking her out of her box for the first time, I spent half an hour just stroking her lovely curves.

The vibrations that Fonzie gives off on two AAA batteries are simply delicious. While warming up in the shower, I pressed the tip of the shaft against my clit and almost fell over when I got to the 3rd setting--the high steady vibration. Fonzie is a little powerhouse! Inserted, the Fonzie's ridges are easily felt. I am not a huge fan of ridges--even ribbed condoms make me uncomfortable, but I was determined to make an exception for Fonzie. Slowly thrusting, Fonzie's head rubbed up against my G-spot, the vibrations carrying through well and making me weak in the knees. Unfortunately, the clitoral stub was designed for a woman with a more pronounced clit, while my clit is very much hidden. However, I still got the vibrations I craved from the parts of the little stub that did touch my clit. I definitely had to work for an orgasm, especially since Fonzie isn't the type of toy I'm used to, but it was still very worth it in the end!

The one thing that frustrates me about Fonzie is that pesky cap. It is a wonderful design, what with the locking and all. However, the opening and closing of the cap takes a lot more twisting strength than I usually need to use on other toys with twisting caps. It doesn't require mad jar lid unscrewing skills, but it's still a fair bit of twisting. I would warn those with joint pain in their fingers that this might be a more difficult toy to use.
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