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Traditional vibrator by Erotic Embrace

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Oddly Beautiful

Although this toy lacked the ability to get me to full clitoral orgasm, it more than made up for that fact with its unique body pleasing shape and angled tip. It does have some girth to it, so if you aren't a size queen it might be too much!
Unique shape, nice girth, good all over vibration.
Only one speed, vibrations lacked oomph, battery sleeve is difficult to insert.
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This toy caught my eye with it's oddly graceful lines and different shape. I had tried jelly toys and while I like the texture of these toys, I am forced to use a condom with them to prevent irritation possibly due to phthalates.

The sleeve on the vibrator base is listed as an elastomer though on the box it is said to be medical grade silicone. Since I trust Eden Fantasys, I treat it as though it's an elastomer given that it isn't waterproof and I haven't been brave enough to remove the sleeve and boil it.

I really was pleased with the look and feel of this toy. It has a hard plastic chamber which fits inside the elastomer sleeve and this hard plastic core provides the color for the toy as the sleeve is clear. The base of the toy is circular and twists to turn the toy on and off. The base twists completely off to expose the battery chamber. It takes one AA battery and does not come with instructions. If you place the battery with the positive side toward the coil the battery will get super hot and it could damage the toy. Place the battery with the negative contact to the coil and it runs super quiet! The plastic battery sleeve, for lack of a better word, is difficult to remove from the toy and is much more difficult to replace. I was afraid to force it back in because the elastomer sleeve gets in the way and looked to me to be in danger of tearing. This design flaw was perplexing to say the least and left me a bit deflated. After a few long minutes fiddling and worrying over the base it finally slid back in and I was able to turn the thing on.

It has only one speed, which was a bit disappointing for me as I like having choices. The speed and intensity was very medium, it felt pleasant but after an hour I realized it just wasn't going to get me off with clitoral stimulation.

The toy runs with almost no discernible sound. I left it on the bed and before I had even left my small bedroom I could no longer hear it. A plus for apartment dwellers, roommates, or households with small children!

The sleeve is very nice on the skin and has no smell what so ever. The toy is vaguely triangular shaped while still being round, like I said it defies description! The tip is very different as well, it has two flat sides and is bulbous which makes insertion a breeze and gives many different sensations depending on how you hold it.

Though this toy didn't do much clitorally, for me, it did feel absolutely delightful inside. The elastomer was very easy to grip and the gripping did not diminish the vibrations which are felt from the base of the toy to the tip. The toy is fairly big around being 6" in circumference so those who prefer a smaller, thinner vibe might find this too big.

The Astro was very easy to clean in warm water and feminine cleanser. The toy is definitely not waterproof so care should be taken to prevent the insides from getting wet. The elastomer is a sleeve and could presumably be removed but I have not yet tested that theory as I kinda like this little toy and don't want to ruin it. I gave it a spritz of anti-bacterial cleaner and let it air dry. I rinsed it off before using it a second time and I have not had any irritation or burning in my vaginal area from either use.

Elastomer is rated as good for use with silicone and water based lubes.
After reading the box, I was intrigued by the idea that this toy could be used hands free. I knew it wouldn't exactly do for a clitoral orgasm but a hands free g-spot orgasm? Now that sounds nice to me! I played with a combination of toys to kinda warm up and then I inserted the Astro until it rubbed nicely against my g-spot. I got up on my knees and pressed the base of the toy against the mattress and realized that this felt GOOD! The toy was just long enough to make me feel really full and the medium vibration of the toy was making pleasant things happen for my g-spot. It wasn't long before I was rocking and gasping and then it happened...giant wet spot! It was a very satisfying orgasm and gave me a whole new appreciation for hands free fun.
Follow-up commentary
Although this vibe only has one speed, it is still a favorite of mine. The materials in the sleeve don't irritate my lady parts and it's easy to clean. It hasn't torn, or turned any funny colors, and the gem like look of the teal hasn't dulled or scratched. All in all I would still recommend this toy, though I would jump at the chance to purchase another one, if it had several speeds. Or better yet, different schemes!
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  • Victoria
    This one is different looking - glad to hear there's something to it! I would guess it'd be better for insertion though - glad you tried it that way in the end.
  • PurpleReign
    Good review Airen. Kind of you say Oddly Beautiful. Does seem a bit girthy.

    Price seems a little high for the material and power though.
  • Sammi
    It is kind of pretty - too bad it only has 1 speed.
  • TinyTease
    I didn't realize this could be used hands free! That sounds like a lot of fun. I like the unique look of this toy - it's so pretty! I do wonder how well it will keep its beautiful clear appearance, tho.
  • Mamastoys
    It is cute but I don't really like one speeders..glad it was OK with you..thanks
  • Carrie Ann
    Very cool it can be used hands free! And the color is awesome. Good review! Smile
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Sad face I wanted to review this so bad! It has been on my list forever. Sounds like it wouldn't have been THAT great. Thanks for the review!
  • Airen Wolf
    Ya it was on my list forever as's just so unique looking. It is a shame it's only got one speed and I have no idea how pretty it'll stay but I will weigh in if there are any really nasty surprises with it. It is realy fun hands free and with a partner...could be a nice anal toy with a condom if you like em BIG!
  • lamira
    Great review, thanks!!
  • LavenderSkies
  • ToyTimeTim
    What a cool looking vibe! Might have to try it.
  • sixfootsex
    Thanks for the review! I hate fiddling with poorly designed battery cases...
  • Curves
    awesome review. thanks!
  • Ivy Wilde
    Despite the issues you mentioned with the sleeve, you make it sound like fun! I especially liked the hands free information.
  • Beck
    Thanks for the review. Great as always!
  • systematicweasel
    Great review ^^
  • Fuck it.
    Thanks for reviewing! I just got mine yesterday and can't get over how big it is.
  • momma22js
    Great review this one caught my eye and I think I might give it a try
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