Oh, YES! It IS A Banana In My Pocket!

Oh Oui! Pink Banana is a fun and functional dildo to add to your collection! The non-intimidating, beginner friendly design is a great way to break the ice and try something a little bit different. The bullet is on the weaker side and it might not work with everyone's anatomy, but even for laughs alone, this is a must-have toy!
- Cute 'Realistic' Design
- Great Materials
- Quiet Bullet
- Great Gag Gift
- Weak Bullet
- Doesn't Come With Storage
- Firm Silicone
- Won't Work With Everyone's Anatomy
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Oh Oui! Pink Banana from Love To Love turns asking the common, "is that a banana in your pants.." line into a reality!

This fun toy is a great product for someone with a sense of humor; but at the same time is a great toy for sexual pleasure. This is a much safer option than inserting an actual banana inside of you, so it should also help with satisfying a fantasy for some as well.

This cute banana is great for vaginal penetration and can be used with or without the included bullet. If you're someone that responds better to clitoral vibrations, the bullet on this toy can easily be used externally while you're carefully thrusting the banana inside of you, or it can be inserted into the hole in the banana for some internal vibrations. There is a curve to this dildo, but whether or not this will satisfy your G-spot will depend on your anatomy.

Aside from solo play, this toy is great for mutual masturbation and for couples play. Do keep in mind that the silicone this toy is made from is quite firm, so vigorous thrusting is discouraged since it could cause discomfort. The included bullet can be used on any sensitive external area of the body, no matter what gender you are, and is a great way to tempt and tease your partner while they're using the dildo on you.

Both the dildo and the bullet are not considered anal safe. There's no flared base to either piece, so only external anal play is acceptable. No one wants to end up at the ER with a pink banana lost up their butt, so look for another product if you're interested in anal play.

Thanks to the design of this toy, it's very non-intimidating and makes a great introductory toy for a beginner or for introducing toys to your partner. It might be slightly large for someone who's not accustomed to penetration, but is a great conversation starter. Do keep in mind that this toy isn't a serious looking item, and it may cause more laughter than pleasure when first presenting to a partner.

The bullet has an o-ring around the base of the battery cap, making it totally waterproof. It's not necessary to limit yourself on where you can enjoy your banana; taking it into the tub or shower shouldn't cause any concern at all and it makes cleaning the toy much easier.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Bachelor/ bachelorette party
    • Gag gift
    • Solo
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

There are two materials this toy is made from; the silicone dildo and the ABS plastic bullet.

The silicone rates a 10/10 on the Eden Material Safety Scale from being made from food-grade material, for being hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free. Silicone is one of the safest materials since it can be fully disinfected and resists bacteria and dirt.

The silicone on this toy is very firm; having only the smallest amount of give to it when you try to squeeze it with your fingers. It's not very plush considering it's a silicone toy, but does have some movement to it lengthwise. The whole toy can be fairly easily bent in half (but only along the natural curve) when the bullet is not in place, but is more difficult with the bullet inserted.

The surface of the toy is a on the velvety side, though not the smoothest toy I've ever felt. There is a small amount of drag to it, but not as bad as a lot of other silicone toys, and is easily fixed with a small amount of water-based lubricant. It's not at all tacky or sticky, and is mostly smooth. Lengthwise, through the center of the banana is an obvious seam that can be felt with the fingers, but can't be felt during use unless you're extremely sensitive to textures. The very top of the banana has some slight imperfections in the silicone, but it's in an area where it doesn't make much of a difference.

The black bullet is made from ABS plastic which rates an 8/10 on the same safety scale. It's also made from food-grade material, is hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free. The plastic can't be boiled or put into the dishwasher which is one of the reasons that silicone is rated slightly higher.

Since the bullet is made from plastic, there's no give to it. It's totally firm aside from the button on the end of the battery cap. The surface of the toy is velvety smooth and has a matte looking finish to it. It glides easily over the skin without the use of lubricant and is easily pushed into the banana.

Upon first opening the toy, there was only a faint 'new' odor that was eliminated once the banana and bullet had both been washed.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this toy is realistic to a small degree, but not in the way you normally would think of when reading a review on a sex toy. Rather than this looking like a realistic penis, this toy looks like a realistic fruit; a banana. The vibrant pink silicone does take away from the realism, but when it comes to the shape, it's exactly like a banana.

The natural shape of the banana works surprisingly well when it comes to vaginal insertion. Where it connects with your G-spot will depend on anatomy, but this seems to be a toy that will work fairly well for a wide variety of women. The end of the banana is very comfortable to hold and the location of the bullet makes it easy to change functions without accidentally bumping it.

Though this isn't a super girthy toy, the lack of give to the silicone makes it feel a little larger than it is. Beginners might feel that this toy is a little too large for them, and size queens might feel that it's slightly lacking, but the size should work for most average to advanced users.

This isn't exactly the most discreet toy in the world, but isn't an instant giveaway that this is a sex toy. The vibrant pink naturally draws people to want to see what it's all about, but unless you have the bullet inserted into the back of it, I doubt 'a sex toy' would be in someone's top three guesses. Just sitting there without anyone touching it, it looks more like a dog's chew toy than anything else. Either way, since it's not a dull color, it's best to keep this hidden so that it doesn't attract unwanted attention; unless of course you're interested in breaking the ice with a comical dialog about your neon banana!

This toy is fairly travel friendly; it obviously will fit into any area a regular banana would. It fits fine into a medium sized purse, a backpack, suitcase, or other bag. You might get some sideways glances should you pack it in your suitcase for travel, but it's still discreet enough that your secret should mostly be safe.

The included bullet is standard sized; 5/8" in diameter. Likewise, the hole in the banana will fit any bullet of that diameter. If you should feel that this bullet isn't strong enough or would just prefer a different one, as long as it's the same size you shouldn't have a problem switching them out.

Length: 7 1/4"
Insertable Length: 5 1/2"
Circumference: 4 7/8"
    • Beginner
    • Realistic
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The only area of this toy that has functioning parts is the bullet. The bullet requires three LR44 watch batteries in order to function, and one set is included and already loaded into your toy. When you first open up your package, you'll need to unscrew the battery cap and remove the small round paper that prevents the batteries from connecting to the cap. Once that is removed, your bullet is ready to be powered on.

The bullet only has one button on it which is located at the end of the battery cap. It controls turning the toy on, cycling through the vibrations modes, and turns the toy off. When it's inserted in the banana, it's not easily bumped but is easy to change functions when you're trying to. Every time the button is pressed, you hear a little click; there's no question about whether or not you actually changed modes.

The vibrations seem to be located pretty evenly throughout the bullet, but are slightly stronger at the end opposite of the battery cap. The vibrations aren't super strong and are on the buzzy side. Even holding for a few seconds while it's turned on will cause your fingers to tingle. When used outside of the dildo, it has the same effect on the clitoris, nipples, etc. but doesn't feel as numbing when used with the dildo. When the bullet is being used with the dildo, the vibrations travel well through it, but are obviously focused more in the area where the bullet is housed.

The included bullet has seven vibration patterns. They are:

1) Low Steady
2) Medium Steady
3) High Steady
4) Slow Pulsing
5) Quick Pulsing
6) Pulsing and Escalating
7) Quick Pulse followed by two Slow Pulses (pattern)

At any point you can turn the bullet off by holding the button down for a few seconds, or you can cycle through the patterns; the eighth click will turn the toy off. No matter which setting you're on when you turn the bullet off, you'll always start on the first setting the next time the toy is turned on; it doesn't hold your place.

The bullet isn't terribly loud. It can be heard from under the covers, but not through a closed door. It's quiet enough that adding a little bit of white noise (such as a fan, radio, or TV) would prevent someone in the same room from hearing you from under the covers. It's a fine choice for someone who has a roommate or has another reason why they need a quieter toy.

Because there's an o-ring around the base of the battery cap, there's no concern about water leaking inside of this toy.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

This banana is easy to care for! It doesn't become overripe, doesn't get brown spots, and doesn't need to be mashed and made into banana bread (though banana bread is awfully yummy!).

To clean, make sure that the bullet is removed and wash with antibacterial soap and warm water or your favorite sex toy cleaner. The banana can also be sterilized by boiling for up to three minutes or being placed on the top rack of your dishwasher. The bullet cannot go through those steps to be sterilized since it has mechanical insides. Always make sure to fully sterilize when sharing to help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Drying with a lint-free towel or leaving out to air dry is best. You should never put your banana away when it's wet (this sounds like the start of a dirty joke, but it's true!) since that could also cause bacteria to grow.

Both the banana and bullet are compatible with water-based lubricant. The use of other lubricants could damage the surface of your banana, and you don't want to see this one peel! The bullet is compatible with water-, oil-, and silicone-based lubricants, but it's safest to stick with what works for both pieces; the water-based.

Since this is a silicone toy, you want to make sure that it's not stored with toys of similar materials. Unfortunately, this toy doesn't come with storage, so using a quart or gallon sized Ziplock bag or medium sized toy pouch are the best options. The bullet can be stored right along with the banana, but always make sure either the round paper piece is placed back over the batteries, or that the batteries are removed to keep it from accidentally turning on and draining them.
    • Easy to clean


The packaging this toy comes in is very simple, but not discreet. It's a thin, white cardboard piece that is cut out to reveal the plastic tray that houses the banana and bullet. The only words on the front of the package are the name of the toy (Oh Oui!) and the company name (Love To Love). The banana and bullet are easily seen and since the color is so vibrant, it draws the eyes to it. The back of the box has a small amount of information about the toy and is in several different languages. It also shows a small drawn image of the banana with the bullet inside of it and is drawn so that the banana looks as though it's vibrating. The packaging is tasteful, containing no nudity and nothing offensive, but is in no way discreet.

To open the packaging, you have to tear the side of the package apart. Once you open the side, you'll see that the banana and bullet are nestled in their own areas of the plastic piece, and you'll find the small booklet that comes along with the toy. The packaging does not double as storage, but can be recycled.

The information included with this item is very minimal. It tells you some warnings, how it should be disposed of, and shows an image of how to insert the batteries into the bullet and then on how to insert the bullet into the banana. Nothing special and can be tossed if you feel it necessary.

This toy would make a great gag gift for a friend with a great sense of humor, but wouldn't be the perfect item if you're looking to get something romantic for your special someone. Keep that in mind if you're purchasing for someone else and not for yourself.
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

Though this bullet isn't the weakest one I've ever felt, it will highly disappoint power queens, especially because the vibrations are buzzy and don't rumble. Though that's disappointing, it's not a big deal since both We-Vibe Salsa and We-Vibe Tango fit inside the bullet hole in the banana!

If you do find that the included bullet is fitting for your needs, than keep this in mind; just because it went into the banana easily, doesn't mean it's going to come out just as easily. It can be a little bit tricky removing the bullet from the banana. Wiggling the bullet in a back and forth motion while pulling on it helps to remove it, but also adding a little bit of water-based lubricant when you insert it should also help when it comes time to remove it.


For a long time now I've had this banana on my wish list. The idea was so comical to me, yet intrigued me; it had to be mine! After talking with another Eden friend about it, I decided to jump in and grab it. When it arrived and I removed it from the packaging, the first thing I noticed was how firm the silicone was. My excitement faded slightly. I prefer soft silicone and wasn't sure this one was going to work out for me. I decided that since it was mine, I might as well give it a shot.

First I tried it with the included bullet, but that didn't last long since I need something stronger to satisfy me. I grabbed my Salsa and started again. Though the banana is a little firm for me, I was quite surprised by how well it worked with my anatomy. The natural curve made it easy to stimulate the right places, and though it didn't make me climax through penetration alone, it did make the experience a lot more intense.
Follow-up commentary
Though this toy is a little too firm for my taste, I still get such a kick out of it! It's a fun little toy that's sure to bring a smile to your face! If the silicone had been a little bit softer, this banana and I would have been best friends!
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