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Pegger's POV 3: Call the Doctor, My Mini Bullet Broke!

All in all I would never suggest these particular bullets to anyone, unless they were hoping for heartache. They're cheaply made, not waterproof as the package ours came in suggest, and they broke after just two uses. However; the vibe is great while it lasts, and it's fun to insert them into your partner and unexpectedly turn them on during normal intercourse. Just don't expect them to last you a very long time.
Good, strong vibration in both bullets, Adjustable speed, Common battery size.
Broke after second use, Not enough then suddenly too much vibration, Not waterproof at all.
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I absolutely loved the Doc Johnson Mini Bullets when we first got them. They were our first sex toy. Because the bullets are so small, you can use them to stimulate pretty much anywhere: clitoris, the head and/or base of the penis, testicles, labia, mons, vaginal or anal opening, nipples, stomach, back, etc. The possibilities are only limited to your own imagination. Also, because of -OUR- package's claim of waterproofness, we discovered they were fun inserted vaginally and anally as well. (Editor's note: It is not recommended for small bullets such as these to be inserted anally due to the lack of flared base and the high possibility of them becoming stuck.) These are best as a first sex toy that you don't plan on keeping around a long time, or to pick up when you're out and about and decide randomly to buy a throw away, one time use bullet for some playing, say, in the car.

NOTE: I do NOT recommend inserting these into your vagina or anus. Ours rusted inside and were NOT waterproof as the package claimed. But it's your choice. More on that to follow.

Material / Texture

The Mini Bullets are made of hard plastic, so they're scent and taste free. There is no texture at all unless you insert them, then you can feel the plug that is supposed to keep them water tight and the cord. For me, these bullets were a great size as my first sex toy, because being so small they were not intimidating in the slightest. They're smooth and evenly sized all the way down their one inch length. They're great for insertion, but if you have kegel muscles at all you might push them right back out. I would recommend these only for beginners and the timid, because they really are very small and because you will not be using them for long.

Design / Shape / Size

I absolutely loved the design of these bullets. They're small and not intimidating, and evenly shaped all the way down their short length. The size for me was good; I could set one at my A-spot, one at my G-spot, and let them do all the work, leaving my hands to do other things like play with my nipples or clitoris, pull my own hair,cover my mouth, etc. The possibilities were limitless.

However; for my boyfriend, once his body became accustomed to having something inside him he said unless the vibe was all the way up, he could barely feel them at all.

These are only good for beginners; advanced toy users will find they are small and difficult to feel. Two AA sized batteries will last for a long time, longer than the two uses we got out of them. So, at least the motors are energy-efficient! The toy travels well because it is so small, though as noted, they do break easily, so make sure they're padded well.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Since the bullets are so small, the vibration can be felt equally in the entire one inch bullet. My favorite part is, once inserted the controller can be handed to a partner, who can tease you until you're silly with desire, and then some. Beware though. The package on ours claimed they were waterproof, which it turned out not to be, so be very careful what you use these for if you get them at all.

The controller is comfortable in your hand, though just a tad too long because the dial is just a little hard to turn with just my thumb. This makes it harder to tease with because he could probably tell when I was about to amp up the vibration, but it was fun anyway.

Note: The package here on EdenFantasys doesn't appear to say they are waterproof, but the package ours came in did. THEY, HOWEVER; ARE NOT WATERPROOF. Ours rusted inside, sadness of sadness.

Care and Maintenance

These bullets turned out not to be water tight, as the package claimed they were. Thus, it's very hard to clean them well. Use a warm, damp towel and antibacterial soap, being careful not to get the controller or any connections on the bullets wet.

The clam shell packaging, if you open it carefully without destroying the plastic, would have been good for storage. Unfortunately, we were excited, so we destroyed the package and ended up keeping them in a pouch in a drawer.


I must say, our Doc Johnson Mini Bullets came in a very different package than is shown on this site. The background paperboard was white, to start. The entire device was packed safely in a clear clam shell-style package, with the controller on the right side, and bullets set off to the side a little, and the wire safely tied up with a twist-tie between the two. It was well-protected therein, and the box even told us how long the cord is, that they can be used externally, vaginally, or anally, and that the bullets are waterproof. WHICH, THEY ARE NOT. I can't stress that enough.


My boyfriend and I picked these little bullets up soon after we started seeing each other, about a year ago now. They were our first sex toy. We stood there in the shop for probably an hour while I was staring ashamedly at the floor and trying to pick something that didn't terrify me. Being basically a virgin at the time, that wasn't an easy task. Finally I selected these off the wall, we paid and left. I picked them because they're very small, a nice color, you can see everything inside them, they're multi-speed, the cord is fairly long, and they said they were waterproof.

We got back to my dorm and immediately took them out of the package and slipped the batteries in. The ensuing buzz (which was not very loud, even on the highest setting) was so exciting. When he dangled them down, they clicked together over and over from the vibration. (I don't suggest doing this, it was probably very damaging to their hard plastic casing.) He pressed one onto my mons over my pants, and it felt amazing, so I took the other and returned the favor, making him shiver and moan.

It wasn't long before he was begging me to lube them up and slip them inside him, so with very little trepidation, I did. For several minutes I teased him with them, turning them on and slowly turning up the vibration, or suddenly if I wanted, and it made him gasp and moan. We both enjoyed the experience. I found when I touched him, the bullets in his bum made his cock buzz just the tiniest bit, which I'm sad to report I could not feel when I straddled his hips and slid him inside me. It was still a fun ride for both of us, but mid-use he said they stopped vibrating. I pulled them out and sure enough, they had overheated and stopped working. We washed them and set them aside before finishing what we'd *ahem* started, and when they cooled they turned back on, but by then we were done and five minutes into “Finding Nemo”. The sudden vibe on my desk gave us a jolt of surprise and a good laugh.

The second time I pulled these babies out to use them, I was shocked to find that in one of them, the motor was starting to rust. I thought little of it, though I decided I would only use the non-rusty one for insertion, telling my boyfriend to do the same. The rusted one would strictly stay outside our bodies. He teased me with them for a few minutes before both motors gave up and we again put them away in frustration and finished our business. Surprisingly, I've kept them, probably for their sentimental value, and occasionally when it's warm the rustier one will turn on. I don't use them of course, that's not safe, and I won't be writing a follow-up review on this toy. But, as our first toy and a fear dissolving experience, I just can't bring myself to throw them away.
Follow-up commentary
I know I said there would be no follow-up review, but here I am, writing one. I mentioned before that one of the bullets still worked. Well, I decided when I lost the bullet that came with our Feeldoe that I would use this one last time before retiring it for good. I slipped the working bullet into a condom to protect my boyfriend and used it to stimulate his perineum and the plug I had inserted inside him. The vibration was as strong as ever and it felt quite nostalgic to use them, though an instant before I shut it off the vibration died for good. Afterward, we decided that was as good a send-off as any and threw the bullets away. I'll miss them for their sentimental value but it was time to make room for the new.
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