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Perhaps I Should Get My Gun License...

This toy is incredibly discreet in looks and volume, nearly indistinguishable from actual shotgun rounds. Although the ribbing did not work for me, less sensitive users may not find it to be problematic. It was powerful and only used one tiny battery, and is small enough to be slipped into a pocket.
Waterproof, plastic, battery-efficient, strong.
Ribbing is a little too intense for me.
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The Beaver Shot is a discreet vibrator, meant for external stimulation or full vaginal penetration. This toy can be used for teasing erogenous zones, and works well when placed on the clitoris, labia, base of the penis or testicles. Likewise, it works well when brushed against an erect nipple. This toy will work for men and women, as well as couples, because it is not anatomy sensitive. I found that this toy worked best for me when used externally, used on my clitoris, as a warm-up toy.

Material / Texture

Made of hard, non-toxic ABS plastic, it is odorless and tasteless, providing for a pleasant experience (I did not have to air it out before use, which I appreciate).

The shaft of the toy is very closely ribbed/ridged, and the turn-dial is smooth. At the top of the toy, there is an inset circle; I found that the ribs made penetration a bit uncomfortable, and the inlaid circle made clitoral use equally uncomfortable after a few moments. Because there is such a defined spacial difference between the inset circle and the edge of the toy, I would be using it and then have an unpleasant bump as I reached the edge of the toy. The ribs, internally, did provide stimulation but I found that, after a few moments, it was painfully uncomfortable (akin to a lot of very defined seams in the worst place possible).

Design / Shape / Size

The Beaver Shot is a discreet massager shaped, for those of you who, like me, have never been to a gun range, like a shotgun shell. Actual shotgun shell:

Beaver shot:

As you can see, they are incredibly similar in size, and shape. Best for those seeking a modicum of discretion, this toy can be easily kept on a shelf or table, or in a box with actual shotgun shells.

The toy itself is 3 1/4" long, with an inscrutable length of 2", so it cannot be used anally. Seriously, DO NOT USE THIS TOY ANALLY. Vaginally, however, it is usable, and is a good teasing/warm-up toy.

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy is a multi-speed waterproof vibrator. The vibrations are located towards the head of the toy, but they can be felt fairly intensely even at the bottom turn-dial. When the bottom turn-dial is removed, there is a small hollow plastic... Thing inside. I'm entirely unsure what its purpose is, but I can hazard a guess that it is meant to prevent the battery from rolling around inside the toy, as the battery compartment is a bit large for the battery, without the plastic case. However, even though the battery compartment is large, the toy still operates without the plastic case.

To control the speed of the vibrations, you turn the dial on the bottom of the base, until you hit your desired intensity; there are arrows on the bottom of the dial indicating which way turns the vibrations up or down. The speed dial is a separate dial from the one which opens the toy, so no worries of opening the toy accidentally. This toy takes one AAA battery and does not appear to be a battery hog.

I found, in fact, that without the plastic case, the vibrations (low) began sooner than when the case was in; I could turn them both up to the same intensity and reach the lower intensities by turning it up and then turning it down, with the case on, so all the vibration levels were the same. And the vibrations were pretty intense; I've had toys requiring multiple bigger batteries that didn't provide as much power; it's a little buzzy but did not make me numb. This toy preformed well in the bathtub, and although a bit of water got in the seams, there was no water in the battery compartment after it took a lazy swim in the sink.

Even on its loudest setting, I was unable to hear this toy over my television, so it is discreet in that aspect, as well.

Care and Maintenance

Plastic is easy to maintain; you can clean it with anti-bacterial soap and water, and dry by hand; it can also be cleaned by a rub-down with isopropyl alcohol. Because of the mechanical parts inside, you should never boil or dishwasher clean this toy, for fear of total and complete destruction. This toy cannot ever be completely sterilized, so if you want to use it between partners (never between orifices, as this toy used anally can vanish, never to be seen again without an ER trip) you should use a condom.

This toy can be stored with other toys as it plays well with others; plastic is also compatible with oil, silicone and water lubricants.


This toy did not actually come in packaging, just a clear plastic bag. If you wanted to gift this, I would suggest finding a small box and keeping it in there (or, if you have access, putting it in an actual ammo box for realism). There were no user instructions included, but the toy does state on the bottom that it is waterproof.
Follow-up commentary
I've got so many other toys made of material that's much more comfortable to use (I'm spoiled by silicone, now, and plastic is just uncomfortable!) that I find that I don't utilize this one much anymore. If discretion was my highest priority, and a bullet would be less obvious than a vibrator, this would be more used.
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