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To introduce yourself into the world of triple stimulation toys, the Playful Rabbit would be the perfect choice for you. Nothing about this toy is intimidating or complex to use.
Slim shaft, triple stimulator, easy to clean
vibrations not strong enough
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First impression

As a reviewer, the packaging is nothing special. I'm not sure if this is because I am a reviewer, or if this is how all products are packaged and shipped now. It doesn't bother me as a reviewer, but if I were a customer and the item I ordered came in a plain, clear, plastic bag, I would be rather annoyed.

Upon seeing the Playful Rabbit, I was very intrigued by this toy. I loved that it is a triple stimulation toy. I feel like not enough women pay attention to all three zones going on between their legs.

The size is very unintimidating, so I feel like a novice or beginner would feel far less threatened to try this. There is also no noticeable smell. The material is body safe TPR with a mild to moderate drag to it.

First Use

I was very excited to try this toy and actually managed to try it the same night that I received my package in the mail. I tested this out in the shower. Note, that I did not submerge this toy, nor do I recommend that anyone who gets this product submerge it. I was in the shower, away from the stream of water.

My first use of this was standing up and in the shower. No one was home, so it was the perfect time to give this baby a try. Inserting the main shaft was easy peasy and smooth. At first, I only used the anal teaser laid across the opening. It wasn't until I got into a groove with the bunny stimulator and shaft that I decided to insert the anal teaser. I had fun doing it this way as it allowed me to lift and position my legs in certain ways to allow me to explore with the toy deeper.

The second time I used this, I was lying on my back in bed. Both times I was alone.

Further Experience

At first, I was highly skeptical of the beads inside of this toys. I had never used a beaded toy before this one, so I may have been more skeptical than others. With the first use, I began to feel differently about them. These are not the most noticeable beads, I believe, but they create a sensation that I had not felt before with a toy. However, the spinning mode is exceptionally loud, and when I used this in bed, I had to cover with my sheet, comforter, another blanket and a small pillow just to cut the noise down. Sound wise, this toy is not at all discreet.

The bunny ears don't carry the vibration very well, and I feel as if the bunny itself is placed too close to the shaft and won't fit on a person's clitoris very well, though, all bodies are different. For someone who doesn't want or need a lot of power, the vibration will be just fine for them. But if you are seeking power, I would find something else. The bunny ears are slightly too pointy and thin to be comfortable.

The texture is actually more pleasant than it looks, as it is made out of TPR and not jelly material as it appears.

My absolute favorite part of this, however, is the anal stimulator. It is small and tapered, so it is perfect for someone wanting to try out any sort of anal play. The vibrations from the motor in this section of the toy do carry well

However, in order for me to get off with this toy, I had to add an additional wand vibrator to get the kind of power that I needed.

Vibration Map

As stated above, I feel as if the power in this toy is lacking. The vibrations are mild to moderate at best. The bunny ears are pointy, and the bunny itself is located too close to the shaft and will likely not fit every body type very well. It would be easier if the bunny were more flexible so that it could be placed better on the clit and labia.

The vibrations carry better, I feel, to the anal bead teaser than to the bunny clit vibrator. I'm not sure if it's the motors or because of how the shape is of these individual items.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

To be frank, I personally could not orgasm from this toy alone. I had to add in the use of another vibrator to get the job done for me. I believe it was simply because of the mildness of the vibrations and nothing else. Your mileage may vary, and this could possibly be the perfect toy for you. This did disappoint me, however, I will not give up on beaded toys and I will try another one for certain.
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