Plaisirs Secret - Can You Feel It Now?

I love new technology and new innovative approaches to pleasure inducing devices, this just didn't cut it though. The simplicity of the remote and clarity to see which setting you're on is great but the vibrations just aren't strong enough to be felt internally.  I was hoping this would be a lot like Oh-Mi-Bod vClub Vibe 2.OH, where I could wear it in the office, but the high pitched whine of this toy would easily be heard in a quiet environment.
Contemporary design, sleek design, remote simple to operate, elegant looking.
Just not strong enough, especially for internal stimulation.
Not Rechargeable not even by USB
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Plaisirs in French is translated to mean sensual pleasure or agreeable feeling in English.  While I can agree that it is somewhat pleasurable and agreeable, orgasmic inducing it wasn't, not for me.

The Plaisirs Secret Vibrating Egg is made for internal and external use but I found the sensation of the vibrations strong externally, more so on my nipples than I did on any one of my internal erotic spots.  You name it, G, A, X, the posterior fornix, it just didn't get simulated by this egg.  Even for my clitoris I found it only a good warmer upper; those of you with a clit of steel won't even feel this is there.

It is also advertised that this is good for anal stimulation and I can see the exterior region but would not insert anything without a flared base in anally.  The 'rip cord', as I like to call it, does seem secure but who wants to take that chance?

I found the vibrations truly secret with the egg inside me and not even close to what I felt with Jopen's Vr1 deep rumbly vibrations.  Length and width wise, the two are just about the same size but the plastic egg just doesn't transmit the vibrations as well as I hoped.

Both men and women should enjoy this toy on the more sensitive and erotic external portions of their bodies.  It's a definite good beginner and intermediate toy for those that are sensitive to light vibration stimulation.
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    • Couples
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    • Campus/roommate living
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Clitoris
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    • Nipples

Material / Texture

I've seen this product advertised on other sites as a silicone egg; if so, then I believe it's only silicone coated since it does have a velvety texture to the outside.  The Plaisirs Secret Egg is made of non-porous and phthalate-free material that is hard but smooth on the outside.  The inside of the egg is definitely a solid, sturdy plastic shell but the two ends are joined in the middle by a silver metal band.  There is a 4" long looped plastic "rip cord" attached to the battery end of the egg.

The color purple of the one I received is very similar to the Jopen Vr line of products with a smooth matte like finish.

The good thing about the egg is that water, silicone, and oil-based lubricants can be used with it.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The egg itself is 3 1/4 inches in length by 1 1/4 inches wide in the middle width with a 4 inch plastic "rip cord" attached to the battery end of the egg.  Care should be taken when twisting the thin plastic threads of the egg together so as not strip them when screwing them together to connect them.  With the two AAA batteries in the egg, I found it to weigh 2 ounces on my small food scale.  Jopen's Vr1 weighed in at approx 1.5 ounces and my Smartballs Teneo Duo at 3 ounces.
Remote and Plaisirs Egg

The remote control is 3 3/8" x 1 1/2" x 3/8" deep.  The screen is back lit when changing vibration settings, making the display clear to read, but after 5 seconds dims to conserve battery power.  The iPod Nano is 3.01 × 1.56 × 0.21 inches, making the remote for the egg slightly larger.

This is not a discreet toy at all; leaving it in plain site would make it apparent it is a pleasure toy, especially with the remote by its side.  Although, the remote alone does look like a run-of-the-mill MP3 player.

I liked that the shape of both the egg and remote is small and easily transportable but the toy doesn't even come with a drawstring bag for that purpose.  For the price, it should have!
    • Beginner
    • Futuristic
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The egg itself has no control or function buttons but is entirely operated by the remote back lit digital control.
Unlit Display
Lit Display

The egg does take two AAA everyday alkaline standard batteries, which are also included in the package.  The compartment for the AAA batteries has it clearly marked which way they are to be placed in the two compartments.
Egg Battery Compartment

The remote is also simple to operate and comfortable in the palm of my hand with easy one thumb operation.  A 5/8" wide single round button with a silver circle around it with the following indicators:
Top = ON
Bottom = OFF
Right = +
Left = -

The advantage of this control is that you don't have to cycle through all 10 settings to get to the previous one, hitting plus (+) or minus (-) will take you forward or backward as many times as you want to change.  Even when you're at 10, you can cycle + to 1 or - to 9; it's that simple.

The remote takes two lithium cell CR2025 batteries that fit in a small removable drawer at the bottom of the remote.  Both batteries go in (+) positive side face up in the little drawer compartment with the back of the remote facing toward you.  I found the little drawer stiff at first to open and had to use a letter opener but now can easily open it with my finger nail. It does stay securely shut.  I did not see any indication in the small plastic drawer which way the batteries were to be placed and didn't see it specified in the small booklet, so was glad I paid attention when opening it.
Remote Battery drawer with 2 batteries and paper protector

I tested the remote to operate the egg at 20 paces away and could feel the 10 changes of vibrations settings in the palm of my hand and when the egg was both turned on and off by the remote.  Hubby had a fun time with the remote, changing the variations easily, something he does very well with the TV remote to change the channels.  In the palm of my hand the bullet felt strong and sensational.  I had to gauge the 10 different vibration settings, however, in my hand to determine what they were; I couldn't tell what it was doing while inside me.

Along with the different numeric values on the display is the English word Pleasure in various languages:
English - Pleasure
Dutch (I think) - Plezier
Spanish - Placer
Italian - Piacere
French - Plaisire

The 10 vibrations settings are:
1 - PLEASURE - Low steady
2 - PLEZIER - Med steady
3 - PLACER - High steady
4 - PIACERE - Quick Buzz.. Buzz.. Buzz..
5 - PLAISIRE - Short Buzz.. Buzz.. Buzz.. Long Buzzzz..
6 - PLEASURE - 4 long buzzes, 6 shorter buzzes and then 12 quick buzzes
7 - PLEZIER - long rumble then 9 quick buzzes
8 - PLACER - 1 long buzz then about 20 quick buzzes
9 - PIACERE - 1 long buzz that starts low, med-low, med, med-high then high
10 - PLAISIRE - Many pulsating quick buzzes followed by one 2 second buzz
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Weak

Care and Maintenance

This toy is PFC plastic, making its Eden safety Rating an 8.

The egg is advertised on the package as waterproof but I would consider it to be more splash-proof because there is no O-ring between the two egg connecting halves; also, there is the metal ring to consider.  I've washed mine with toy cleaning wipes but a damp cloth with antibacterial soap or isopropyl alcohol would work as well.

Special care should be taken to clean around the metal ring and the tip where the 'rip cord' is connected; these are small, seemingly unnoticeable places for residue lubricant to be left behind, whether it is artificial or natural.

This toy is not safe to be boiled or placed in the dishwasher, which could easily melt the plastic.

Of course the remote, made out of plastic and with internal electronics, is best cleaned with toy wipes.  If you are going to share this toy, a condom is definitely advised because of the type of material.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The small box is 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 2" deep, about the size of a thick paperback book and opens just like one, with a magnetic connection to keep the lid closed.  The box itself was sealed in clear plastic wrap, most likely heat sealed but not vacuumed shut assuring me this was a brand new device.
Open package with protective window

The package did include everything: the egg, remote control, both sets of batteries and a small 2 1/2" x 2 1/4" booklet of the Plaisirs product line.  Instructions, fortunately, are clearly diagramed, which is a good thing because the verbiage is mostly in French with very little English.
Front & Back cover of booklet
Inside book 1
Inside book 2
Plaisirs Egg Instructions

I found the sturdy cardboard packaging attractive in design without any erotic pictures.  You do see the lips of one individual close to the cheek of a woman in prelude to a kiss. The coloring of the box is in dark shades of grey (no pun intended) and because I have the purple one, it has a small thin purple ribbon image across the bottom from the front that continues around the left side and on the back.  This would make an excellent bridal shower gift and I would easily present this to the bride-to-be in mixed company, even with non-toy enthusiasts present.
Front of package inclosed in clear plastic

The front of the box has in delicate script the following:
"Plaisirs Secrets" (in English)

(The following in French)

(The following in English)
"This Set Contains a Vibrating Egg and its Remote Control"

Back of package
On the back of the package, there are details of the product in both French and English. I will detail the English verbage here:

"Shared pleasure.
An incredible sex toy which promises to take you out of the ordinary.
This small vibrating egg is set off by your partner via remote control.
Lets play...
Diametre: 3.5 cm
Length: 6 cm
10 vibration settings
Batteries included
ABS plastic

Also included is a picture of the product and package, bar coding, the Plaisir's website and logo.

Inside the box, the contents were nestled securely in black soft foam, each component in a shaped compartment protecting each one.  I was disappointed to not see the two lithium cell CR2025 batteries at first in their compartments but found them neatly placed in the remote itself with a round paper battery protector between the two, saving the battery life.  I'll be saving that round paper to use after remote use; it's a good place to store the batteries do they not get lost and save their strength at the same time.

The contents will not escape from their nestled compartments when opening the box since they are protected by a clear plastic window in a black plastic frame that is tucked into both the left and right sides of the foam.  The frame does have a small black nylon tab for ease of removal for access of the contents underneath.

The package itself will make an excellent storage container for the toy, keeping it all together and protected.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

My first use of this egg I had was inside. I was hoping to give my kegels a workout and couldn't even tell if it was on. I had to concentrate while switching vibration settings to identify it was on.  The vibrations are more of a high pitched whine than a rumbly vibration, unlike other kegel vibrating toys I've had.  It took me a while to even believe it was on and it was only by changing to each of the 10 settings that I discovered it was vibrating.  Sitting here writing this reveiw, I feel the vibrations more in my tail bone then within my vagina itself.

Personally, I would have much preferred to make the egg blu-tooth compatible so I could use it with my iPhone and a free app just as the Oh-Mi-Bod does, making the remote unnecessary and even saving on the cost of the egg.  I have too many remotes as it is; this one just means more batteries to buy instead of just recharging my phone.  My local drug store sells the lithium cell DR2025 batteries in a 2-pack for $6.99.

I will upload photos to the product page at the bottom here on EF. I still haven't gotten the hang of inserting them in the review.
    • Easy to slip in
    • Secure 'rip' cord
    • Thin sleek design


I was thrilled when I felt this in my hand with the various vibrations but was disappointed when I inserted it within myself.  The plastic cord was convenient for easy removal and the egg is thin enough to slide right in; very little or no lube is necessary at all because of its sleek design.  It did stimulate me enough inside to provide significant natural lubrication.

Curious to about how much a power hog this egg and remote would be, I turned it on at 3PM EST and three hours later, it was still going strong. I intended on leaving it on until bed/sleeping time in another six hours.  The batteries didn't last that long in the egg and it stopped vibrating after 4 1/2 hours of continuous use.  The remote, however, is still going strong.

Determined as I was to get as much pleasure from this egg as possible, I tried it with Crazy Girls Naughty Nymph sex arousal creme, Shunga's Secret Garden for clitoral stimulation and even Wicked's Ultra Heat.  Yes while I agree I was stimulated, it was not to orgasmic proportions, not even close.

I did feel the vibrations of the egg while laying on my back and performing my kegel exercises but had to hang onto the 'rip cord' to keep the Plaisirs Egg from slipping either in or out.  Still, I could tell my kegel or PC muscles were properly tightened when they contracted against the egg.
Follow-up commentary
I'm a great lover for new and innovative technology, the Plaisirs Secrets Egg Vibe still hasn't made the grade for me and is not only a Secret but a Mystery as well. I would be more excited with the egg even if it could be remote controlled from my iPhone which could also play music at the same time as operating the toy.

Further development on this product in my opinion is essential especially for the egg so the vibes are stronger and can actually be felt internally. The 'gimmick' of identifying the remote with an MP3 player while cute stretches the imagination as to why it needs to be so complex. I mean really, how many of us watch a numeric digital display while pleasuring ourselves?
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