Remote Control Bullet

Remote Control Bullet

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Anyone tried this one yet?
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Useful topic breakdown on Bullet vibrators:

Mini Magic from Vibratex is now available
Mini Magic from Vibratex is now available: link

How do I tell if a bullet is waterproof?
This may be a dumb question, but I have a bullet that I bought about 2 years ago (it still gets used a lot) so I no longer have the packaging. I am...

Mini Magic Questions answered
I completely forgot to update on this. When I received the Mini Magic for review there was literally no information about it to be found. Not in the..

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Has anyone had a Tenga Egg develop a smell after multiple uses even though it was washed and dried before storage after every use? My husband used...

Tenga Eggs and Foreskin?
So I'm curious because I'd love to get my boyfriend one of these. He is not circumcised, meaning he has his foreskin (thank goodness ) but that...
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Originally posted by wettmiss
Anyone tried this one yet?
now there is a review!
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