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Pulsatron with slim bullet

Bullet by Lady Calston

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Pulsatron with slim bullet sex toy review

The Pulsatron is the best vibrating toy I've ever tried. It's effective, discreet, versatile and perfect for clitoral use. It's quiet and small, but incredibly effective.
Multiple speeds & pulsations, quiet, tiny, easy to use, takes sensible batteries, powerful, neat.
Not suited to internal use.
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extremely useful review
One word- "Wow!"

0 to orgasm in five minutes, three orgasms in 20 minutes... This toy is undoubtedly the most effective vibrator I've ever tried. It's discreet, takes three ordinary AA batteries and looks smart and durable.

The controller of the Pulsatron is a nice size to hold onto whilst the bullet itself is very slim. Being on a long wire, you can quite easily hold the controller in one hand and the bullet in the other, or you could get your partner to hold the control pack while you enjoy whatever sensations he or she decides you're going to experience. The sleek, silver bullet is hard but smooth. I prefer a firm vibrator like the Pulsatron|Pulsatron with slim bullet because some of the squiggier materials absorb some of the movement, making the vibrations less powerful.

Should you prefer a little less power, this vibrator has three speeds as well as seven pulsating functions. At first I thought the pulsations would be irritating - why would you want a vibrator that keeps turning off every few seconds? But, after a while I realised that the pulsating functions, particularly the faster ones, provided an extremely pleasant sensation.

Despite the sensational vibrations, the toy is virtually silent. It can be heard through covers but only if you listen out for it. However, while the toy itself makes little noise, I found it impossible not to moan out loud as I approached orgasm - it is that effective. The bullet is great to slowly run over your body and concentrate on your clit or nipples, but it's probably not suitable for internal use, particularly not anally as I'm not sure that the electric wire would be robust enough to cope.

If you really want to spoil yourself, combine the effects of having this vibrating bullet on your clit with penetration using a dildo like the Leo|Leo strap-on dildo or, if you're in a lesbian relationship, have sex using a double-ended dildo|Double ended dildos like the Doppeltest lottchen|Doppeltest lottchen - Double ended dildos and alternate turns with the bullet. Straight couples can also benefit from using the bullet in bed, particularly if the man tends to climax before the woman. She can hold the bullet on her clit while the man penetrates her in virtually any position, for some added spice.

The wire from the bullet meets the control panel via a plug rather than a molded joint - this is definitely a design advantage as it's the joints that often break first in a vibrating toy. It's good to find a toy that requires AA batteries because it's easy to get rechargeables for it. This toy requires three. I like to keep one batch in the toy and one batch in my charger so that I've always got fresh fuel to help me light my fire.

The Pulsatron is versatile and effective - a bedroom essential.
Follow-up commentary
Alas, despite my optimism, my Pulsatron with Slim Bullet|Sex toy reviews: Pulsatron with slim bullet lived a short and troubled life. I had only used it a dozen times before a loose connection occurred between the wire and the bullet and not too long after that, the plug where the wire meets the control panel also got temperamental. So severe was the problem that on many occasions, just as I was about to climax, the damned thing would stop working and I'd have to prod it, poke it and jiggle the wire until it would start vibrating again, by which time I'd gone right off the boil! It was incredibly frustrating, but since all my other vibrating toys had broken, persevering seemed like the only option.

Due to their love of breaking an inopportune moments, much care must be taken when choosing a vibrator|Sexpert's tips on vibrator sex toys. I suggest you choose the simplest design you can find. The more wires, moving parts and fancy boasts, the more likely the toy is to break. The most durable vibrating toy I ever tried was a very simple, 7" plastic stick with a speed that could be adjusted by turning the base; unfortunately that one has been discontinued now. When I buy a new vibrator, I will be keen to choose one of a similar thickness (slim) and made of a similar material (smooth, hard plastic), as those were things I liked about this bullet. However, I will favour toys with internal workings over those with wires and separate control pads.
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  • Dame Demi
    It's hard to tell from the picture, but is the bullet a 'standard' bullet size, or smaller than the average bullet?
  • Sammi
    Good review :-).  The quietness is a plus, I hate when bullets are noisy!
  • Pria Synthes
    This sounds like just the thing for my cock ring fixation.  ;)

  • I love when they have plugs! Yess.
  • Medusa
    I'd say it's smaller than your average bullet, perhaps only two thirds of the size, or maybe even less. This makes it easy to concentrate on the exact spot you want to stimulate - usually your clit. It fits neatly between your labia.
  • queertastic
    Thanks so much for the follow-up review. =)

    I own the same toy and it broke about 2 or 3 months after me buying it. I thought I was the only one who had this problem. I guess not!

  • Medusa
    I wonder why there is disagreement among other reviewers about the loudness of this item; it really was quite discreet.
  • kcordie
    great review
  • samanthalynn
    thanks for the review
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