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Sabar sex toy review

A stylish, well-designed vibe that gets the job done--very quietly! If you'd like to try a beautiful vibe without breaking the bank, this is a good idea.
Design, looks, easy to clean, nice vibes, quiet.
Not super strong.
Rating by reviewer:
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The first thing that struck me about the Sabar massager|Sabar Massager is that it’s actually prettier in person than in the photos. The carved-out portions near the slimmer tip did not make a lot of sense to me until I saw them in person. Online, the Sabar looks awkward, but in person, it looks like an art object, like an aestheticized phallus. The carved out portions are not just for looks: they create a wider head and provide a texture that causes some stimulation during insertion. The gradually increasing width means it goes in easy but also provides a sensation of fullness. It's light in the hand and so smooth and glossy that it feels like some material better than plastic. It offers a lot of looks for the price--other design vibes are much pricier.

The vibrations are nice and buzzy with a little throb, but not super strong. Like all battery-operated vibes, it loses strength as the batteries fade. It gets the job done, but doesn't blow my mind. I would have given it another star if it were stronger. It’s very quiet even on high speed, possibly the quietest vibe I’ve ever used. The shape does invite a variety of uses. Its curvature means that it stimulates my G-spot quite nicely when inserted. You can also press it along the outside of your vulva (but note that the vibrations are concentrated on the smaller tip), or use the tip to stimulate your clit. You could also use it on various parts of the body during foreplay: its slight curve lets it touch many parts very nicely.

The Sabar comes in a nice paper box that most people would throw away, as well as a nice velveteen pouch to keep for storage. It comes with two sets of instructions that, strangely enough, provide a wealth of information about maintenance and care, but fail to provide step by step instructions for turning on the Sabar. It’s pretty easy to figure out, however. At the wider end, a small lighted button marked with a “+” on one side and a “-“ on the other controls the device. Press the “+” once to turn it on, then increase or decrease the vibrations by holding either side down, or pressing down once at a time to change by increments.

It’s made of ABS plastic, which rates pretty high on the safety scale, just below silicone. The plastic used is of the highest qualities, and absolutely every edge is smooth to the touch. It’s easy to clean with an antibacterial wipe|Sex Toy Cleaners and Wipes, but cannot be totally sterilized like silicone.
Follow-up commentary
I'm still enjoying the Sabar on a daily basis. What I most like about it has turned out to be what I listed as a Con: it's not that strong. I find that two types of vibrators give me the longest, strongest orgasms: insanely strong ones (basically only the Hitachi Magic Wand falls into this category) and milder ones that let the pleasure build slowly, like the Sabar. With the vibes that fall somewhere in between--that is, stronger than the Sabar but not as strong as the Wand--I can come in under 6 minutes, and I usually do. In order to compensate for this quicker, shorter orgasm, I usually go for a second and third with these stronger-than-the Sabar vibes. With the Sabar, I have a strong, deep, spasmatic orgasm in about 15 minutes that leaves me exhausted and satisfied.

My girlfriend, I should add, tried it and didn't like it. I wasn't surprised because she usually has a hard time coming with anything less strong than the Magic Wand|Hitachi magic wand. If this describes you as well, then this toy would probably only interest you for foreplay.

Also, I put in Lithium batteries. They last longer, and maintain a steady strength longer. I use them in my wireless mouse and digital camera for a marked difference, and I'm starting to use them in toys too.

Final words: the Sabar is a pretty impressive toy to whip out on a date. 
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  • Excellent review. This toy is reminiscent of vibes that are two or three times the price... I'm practically sold!
  • Dame Demi
    I've been quite curious about this vibe since I first saw it on Eden.  The carved out portions kind of baffled me as well.  Thanks for a great review!
  • Bulma
    I was curious about the design of this, it does sound quite lovely though.
  • Great review. Thank you very much for the wealth of information. I'm a photographer at Eden. You mentioned that the pictures doesn't really describe the vibe. It is true, I've made tons of pictures of it in different positions - nothing really was good enough. May you suggest the position that would show its beauties and craftsmenship so it conveys it better through the picture? If you have something in mind, please let me know and I promise - I'll make the special set of pictures based on your ideas. Thanks.
  • Jimbo Jones
    Wow, the chance to give an Edenfantasys photographer some assistance! This thing does seem to be very pretty. Sounds like it is enjoyable as well. Thanks for the review!
  • Ilya
    I actually created a forum topic Product Pictures|Product Pictures

    Feel free to give me some assistance there

  • Safo Garcia
    Ilya, the photographs at Eden are great and a big selling point for me! I love the multiple views and especially the "view actual size" function.

    I don't think that the problem is with the photos, actually. And there are plenty of angles. Some things just have to be seen in person in order to be fully appreciated. It's the extremely smooth and glossy texture, the slight weight of it in your hand, and the ability to move it around that let you appreciate the carved out portions. 
  • Safo Garcia
    Looking over the photos again, maybe a photo from the perspective of the narrow tip would help.

    BTW, in one of the photos, I just noticed you can actually catch the reflection of the flash umbrella (I am ignorant of the technical term)--that's how glossy it is! 
  • Ahhhh....I just had two incredobly satisfying orgasms with the Sabar slipped into my panties, hugging my pussy, on the lowest setting. The other vibrators I use are either low-quality egg vibes or the Hitachi, but this one has become my favorite. The vibrations are not remotely as strong as the Hitachi Magic Wand, and there much nicer than those of your run-of-the mill egg. They're concentrated in the tip but distributed throughout. And they give me the most delicious, longest orgasms ever! And the smooth, glossy surface wipes clean so nicely!

    I guess it's just right for me. If I could change the star rating, I'd give it a full five stars. 
  • Online
    Good review.
  • maebey
    good review, thanks!
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