Silicone Wireless Naughtiness!

The Adventure rechargeable remote control egg is a beautiful silicone toy featuring powerful remote controlled vibrations in a small wireless package. It lacks the ability to be entirely waterproof and has several places that could collect bodily fluids and does require some experience to know exactly how and where to turn the toy on. It is a good toy that with a little work could be a great toy.
Powerful rechargeable vibrations in a small wireless package!
Water resistant, difficult to turn on, with several hard to clean places.
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The Adventure rechargeable remote control egg is one of those toys that fulfills a need you didn't realize you had. What a great idea right? So your kids are up or your company is over and you want to push the boundaries of your naughtiness...? If nobody knows the two of you being naughty isn't it just that much better?

The best use of this toy is without a doubt playing the tension game. Controlling her stimulation secretly from downstairs, the next room or even stairing at her from across the room.

It fits perfectly in the little cotton pocket inside of most women's panties so it will stay still. If your body is wrapped tightly against the toy it wont make a noise.

So who would benefit from such an awesome idea. The truth is anybody feeling naughty. This could be great from anywhere to an office building to a college lecture hall. I wish I had a toy like this when I was in school with my girlfriend.

Idealy the best use for this would be something along the lines of what I use mine for. I let her wear it when we are cleaning up the house or watching tv usually in other rooms. Its kind of like a punishment and this way even if it makes the smallest of sound you shouldent have to explain what the noise is to anyone.
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    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Sensory play
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Anal
    • Clitoris

Material / Texture

The Adventure rechargeable remote control egg is made of food grade silicone. Food grade silicon which is a 10 on the Eden Materials Guide. The silicone used in this toy is rated as a 10 due to the fact that silicone is a durable non porous material that is easily disinfected. Silicone can be disinfected by boiling the material for 3 minutes or by throwing it in the top rack of your dishwasher. It is also rated at a 10 because it it retains heat very well and stands up to lots of usage. This is great for the fact that it makes the toy ideal for sensory play as extended play.

This specific toy does not really have a smell. I found that right when it came out of the package it more or less smelled like the package and when it sat by itself the smell went right away.

The Adventure rechargeable remote control egg feels fantastic. It is smoothly molded and and flexable but rigid enough to provide stimulation where it is needed. It has very little texture so the toy really has to depend on its vibrator which truth be told is more than enough stimulation.

The silicone material is something anyone can use and everyone can appreciate. Silicone started off only being used in expensive toys but now you can have a luxury material on an affordable toy. I love the fact that more toys are made with silicon because a safer material always makes play time healthier and healthy play time leads to more play time!
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The toys design is very unique. The package you receive contains the egg, its remote and its charging cord. The egg has an interesting shape with a large and small bulb and a long retrieval cord. It is interesting but it lacks a function for its form. It is not a big toy but if you were to use it simply as a vibrator to you will find that the retrieval cord will get in your way. I am not really sure how the designers intended to have you use the toy. When looking at the toy you will find that the toy looks as if it is meant to be inserted into the body. It looks as if could be used vaginally or anally but due to there being no way to stop the toy from going to far into the body other than the retrieval cord I would not recommend it for anal play. Vaginally I would have the same reservations although the Secretary says that she feels like it would not be a problem. The true downfall of the toys design unfortunately is the way it is charged.

The egg as well as the remote are rechargeable which is a huge plus. Unfortunately both toys are charged by something resembling a stereo plug. It is inserted into the toys charging port which is a small hole in the side of the toy. The plug pushes down through the tight fitting into the toys reception port. Now silicone is a tough and durable material however over time that hole will get bigger and I would assume would eventually be prone to bodily fluids getting inside of it. This would force you to use a condom on the toy for internal usage vaginally. Unfortunately if the toys surface is pierced by anything that will make the toy not waterproof and would also prevent the toy from being completely sterilized by being boiled in water. (The usual sterilization method for food grade silicone)

This toy is fantastic for a first time user. It is well priced, made out of silicone so it is durable and and has a great texture as well as having multiple orgasmic vibration settings. Due to its size it is an easily hide able toy. This does make it a fantastic toy for playing with in public and transporting the toy. Some people may be concerned with the fact that the toy has some noise when being used but it also has a certain way it needs to be activated through holding the power buttons until the remote flashes to confirm the toy is active and ready to go. This feature of the toy prevents it from being turned on accidently so that your luggage wont vibrate in front of the wrong people.

The Adventure remote control egg comes in pink. It has a length of 7 and 1/2 inches. It is insertable up to 2 3/4 inches. It has a circumference of 4 1/4 inches and a diameter of 1 1/4 inches. It also weighs in at 0.2 lbs.
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Adventure rechargeable remote control egg has some great features. You will find that the toy has 7 vibrating funtions. The first is the slower speed with a constant strong vibration. The second function has a the highest speed with a constant strong vibration. The third setting starts the pulsate at a medium speed. The fourth function pulsates also but this time it produces a delayed pulsation. The fifth function starts out slowly and builds to a strong vibration at a medium speed. The sixth function also starts out slowly but speeds up to a fast strong vibration. Finally for its last function it produces a surging pulse.

The functions of the toy can be switched by the remote by pressing the button located on the remote by the cut out. That same button turns the toy off. There is also a similar button located on the egg itself used solely for turning the egg off. The functions of the egg cannot be toggled at the egg.

The controls are a bit frustrating. You will find that the remote's power button has to be pressed just right for it to turn on. Unfortunately that same issue occurs with the egg when attempting to power it up.
I thought that both of the toys were that way because they were both waterproof and that turned out not to be the case.

The controls are very easy to use once the toy is powered up. It simply is an easy click to change the functions of the same button you used to turn the toy on with and with the toy already powered on the button seems to respond much easier to commands. This is actually a good thing, if you decide to transport it it wont end up turning on by itself in your luggage.

You will find that this toy is a bit noisy. Now I am not saying that is is very loud but it certainly has a distinct sound that you will be able to hear unless it is being used and pressed against something to deaden the sound. Keep in mind though this toy has very strong vibrations in a very small package and sometimes you have to give up quiet for performance when it comes to a vibrator.

The battery is pretty strong and long lasting for the size of the toy. Also the fact that is charges through USB is really great considering that most cell phone chargers in cars and indoors use USB for their cables. This makes the toy very versitle when it comes to where it can be used.

You may also find out that the toy is does not have much of a range when it comes to the wireless aspect of the toy. Like for instance if she is upstairs I would have to hold the remote above my head to make it switch functions. But keep in mind it is a sex toy! Not a cell phone! The truth is I would use this for the most part in a close proximity because OBVIOUSLY I want to see her reaction so not having a long range does not bother me.
    • Battery guzzler
    • Multiple settings
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

The Adventure rechargeable remote control egg is made up of plastic and food grade silicone. Silicone is a 10 on the eden materials guide. This is because silicone is a smooth non porous material. It can be disinfected by being boiled for around 3 minutes or even being ran through your dishwasher. The material also has the benefit of having a tight molecular structure which better retains heat for a nice warm feeling when used for temperature play. It is also a durable material that repels dirt and bacteria. The plastic used is also a very good material rating an 8 on the eden materials guide. This is because plastic is also a non porous material that is easily cleaned and maintained. Plastic can be cleaned by being wiped down with a good toy cleaner or being cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

In regards to this toy I however would consider the fact that is water "resistant" NOT "waterproof". It is entirely possible that you can submerge this toy or clean it in your dishwasher and the toy may take the abuse but I certainly would not recommend doing it.

When using toys with silicone and plastic it is always recommended to go with a lube that is compatible with both materials. In this case silicone us recommended to be used with a water based lubricant while plastic can be used with water, oil or silicone based lubes. So you would want to use a water based lubricant to make sure your toys material will last long and perform strong.

The Adventure rechargeable remote control egg is very small and easy to store. It is easily kept in a sock drawer or in a toy chest which makes it very easy to conceal when traveling. The toy was sent in that it was sent simply in a clear plastic bag and had no reusable packaging so you will want to find something nice and soft to keep your toy in.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Adventure rechargeable remote control egg was sent to me in a padded envelope. Once I opened the envelope I found that the toy had been shipped in a clear plastic bag resembling. Truthfully I was a little disappointed because usually I try to store my toys in the package it came in. Since the toy is very small it can be easily stored pretty much any place so it really isn't a problem but I love it when a toy company goes that extra step and includes something that I can use to store my toys.

The packaging also included a small booklet of instructions. The directions were printed in various languages but made and adequate description of the toy and how to use it.
    • Minimal

Personal comments

Well the secretary and I have played around with this toy a bit and we like it but we don't think its all the toy that it is capable of being. By making this toy waterproof and making it charge on another way where bodily fluids wouldn't have the chance to collect would really make this an unbeatable winner.

The truth is we LOVE silicone and we couldn't wait to get our hands on this one. It is a good toy but if I had my way and those things I spoke about got changed I really think that this toy has the potential to step up and become a great toy.

So far we have had two different remote control eggs and this BY FAR was the best one out of the two. Although it does have its short comings I have a feeling we will end up wearing this out out anyway. Take care of those two things and I will buy one the day it comes out!


Well we are parents now... kinky parents.... but still parents. The truth is its kind of hard to get the chance to use a toy like this that often. Yeah it's fun to use with the kids awake as long as they can't hear it and it's fun to use when you are alone at home also. BUT If the kids are awake and home you have to find the right situation to get the idea and put the toy into play and if you are home alone lets be honest your having sex before the toy really gets into its groove.

It has made an appearance a few times while we have been cleaning the house or watching tv together but my favorite use so far was to use it on her as a vibrator as I went down on her while we watched a movie. Yep that's right the best use for it I have found so far was to hold the toy almost like a pen and press it just above her clit as I went down on her. She seemed to enjoy it!
Follow-up commentary
Hey all! IT-GUY here. Well its been a while since I last spoke with you about the Adventure Rechargeable Egg.

You know... I still feel the same way about it as when I reviewed it. Still love the powerful vibrations, however, I am still bugged out about how the charging port seems to be open to the environment. I still like it but I still don't love it.

The truth is even though it is rechargeable, I want to play with it more than she is willing. I thought: 'well if it is easily charged it will be played with more'. I am finding out that is not so much the case.

The truth is its hard to get her in the mood to play with the toy during the middle of the day due to work and all because she really has to be in the mood to do that. And usually in the swing of things she just isn't in the mood to insert a toy and continue on with work. I think she would rather just stop all together and have sex than insert a toy and let me tease her. Truth is I think I can completely understand why.

I still like it but I really don't have a huge desire to try and coax her into playing with the toy. If I have to suggest using the toy that is kind of a bummer.
Now If I could just get her to want to play with it more. Its charged and sitting on my desk as I type this!!!

For us... and our situation it really hasn't been used that much. But I think in the right hands and in the right situation it could really be fun for someone. I cant blame the toy for our lack of occasions to play with it.

Either way... I still like it. Hopefully the summer will allow us some more time to mess around with the toy.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: unfulfilled
    Great review. I understand about being kinky parents, it is so hard to get couples time in with a house full of kids around. It's good to see you around the site again. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I do you.
  • Contributor: unfulfilled
    Great review. I understand about being kinky parents, it is so hard to get couples time in with a house full of kids around. It's good to see you around the site again. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I do you.
  • Contributor: unfulfilled
    Sorry about the double post.
  • Contributor: unfulfilled
    Sorry about the double post.
  • Contributor: unfulfilled
    Sorry about the double post.
  • Contributor: unfulfilled
    Sorry about the double post.
  • Contributor: unfulfilled
    Yikes, lol.
  • Contributor: The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary
    Thanks Unfulfilled! Of course I remember you! Hope you are well and thanks for checking out my review!
  • Contributor: Peg
    Excellent review
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Sounds like it has good enough range. Kinky ?
    More like naughty ! Great review. We have something similar but in the U shape line. Clit and inside stimulation. I'm still trying to get her to wear it while we are out on walks. Would love to remote her !
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