Silly rabbit - g-spot and clitoral vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Beck

Silly Rabbit - The X rated Version

The Silly Rabbit is a great toy for those it will work for. It's an affordable price for a silicone rabbit. This toy has decent power with multiple settings. The clitoral attachment is a tickler, and the shaft rotates and has spinning beads. Sold as being waterproof; however, after testing it was found to only be splashproof.
Silicone, good price, multiple functions, decent power, appealing appearance.
Splashproof not waterproof, tickler stimulation, seam.
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extremely useful review


The Silly rabbit is a dual action rabbit that has two independent motors. Rabbit style vibrators are mainly used for the female anatomy, because they are designed to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. It could also be possible for male anatomy to use a rabbit style vibrator to stimulate the P-spot and the perineum at the same time. Whether you are using any rabbit on male or female anatomy, these toys have to fit your anatomy properly to get the best results. Sometimes a little manipulation or awkward holding, by yourself or a partner, can help you work out the issues you have with fitting your anatomy. Rabbits are usually a larger, bulky toy, making them better for the warm up during couple's play. If you try to use them during actual intercourse, they could get in the way.

Material / Texture

Silly Rabbit is made of silicone, plastic, and stainless steel.

The controls are made of plastic. This is a nice smooth plastic that is great for gripping. There are some ergonomic ripples on the side for finger placement. There is no smell or taste to plastic.

The beads are made of stainless steel. This makes the beads firm, but they are under the silicone skin. They do add texture to the shaft of the rabbit, because the skin over the beads is thinner. This texture is nubby. This can be enjoyed by all users, as long as you know you can handle this. However, if you can't, don't turn on that function.

The skin of the rabbit is made of silicone. This is what you actually insert, so it is the most important. Silicone is a man made semi-organic polymer that is water resistant and can retain heat for temperature play. It's also known for repelling dirt and bacteria; however, it's usually a lint magnet, so cleaning before and after each use is recommended. It's rated a 10 out of 10 on the safety scale because of all its qualities, including being a hypoallergenic material that is latex and phthalates free.


This silicone skin is smooth, except for the seam. This seam runs down the entire toy and could affect the use for those who are sensitive. Otherwise, the silicone is free of texture, aside from the internal beads. The silicone does squish some, but not much. It does have a decent amount of drag to it, but nothing some lube couldn't fix.

Design / Shape / Size

Silly Rabbit is quite a large toy. It's not something that you are going to want to travel with unless you have a decent amount of space. It's also not going to be the easiest to hide, but it's doable.

Comparison with Vr11
(Compared to Jopen Vanity Vr11)

Silly Rabbit totals 10.25" long, but it's only insertable up to 5.25". The shaft has a curved upright head for G-spot stimulation. You can see through the silicone to see the metal prong inside the head. This is for the rotation function. Below this prong is the start of the three rows of stainless steel beads. There are 3 rows of 8 stainless steel beads to stimulate internally. These beads are lined up so they can't jam, because they spin on a prong. They do not move at all by anything other than the motor. This is where the largest circumference inserted is. That circumference is 5", or a 1.5" diameter. Shortly after the beaded portion of the shaft, an arm branches off at a 60 degree angle. This clitoral arm is 4.25" long, which includes the ears. The shape of the arm is a little bunny with two eyes and two ears. These ears are meant to be ticklers. Below the clitoral attachment is the start of the controls.

Curved Shaft and Beads:
Clitoral Attachment
Clitoral Attachment

Functions / Performance / Controls

Silly Rabbit is powered by 3 AA batteries that go inside a plastic battery holder inside the compartment. To open the battery holder, you must twist the bottom cap to the right and it will pop. You can see there are two tabs on the side of this cap; these are to help you line the cap back up to seal the battery compartment properly. When you pop off the cap, a plastic holder slides out. Now, you can put your batteries inside as directed to and then put the cap back on.


There are four buttons to control this rabbit. An arrow for up, an arrow for down, a circle of arrows, and a squiggly line. Above the up and down arrows are 3 upside down hearts that light up red when that function is in use. There are also three upside down hearts under the squiggly line button.

To turn on this rabbit, press the squiggly line button one time. This will turn on the clitoral arm. The more clicks to this button, the most functions you can discover. There are 7 total:

1. Low Steady Vibrations.
2. Medium Steady Vibrations.
3. High Steady Vibrations.
4. Pulsation.
5. Escalating that builds up, shuts off, and repeats.
6. Pulsation that is drawn out.
7. Jumps three times, goes steady, and repeats.

The arrow buttons control the beads and rotation functions. Press the up to turn it on. There are three speed levels: low, medium, and high. The arrows in a circle change the direction of the rotation and the beads. It starts on the left, so hit the button to change it to the right.

When you are ready to turn off your Silly Rabbit, hold in the squiggly line button.

The majority of the vibrations for the clitoral arm are located on the ears. That is because these are suppose to be ticklers. These are buzzy vibrations that make little noise. They might be heard under covers but not from behind closed doors; however, the sound is louder with the rotation feature. Using the rotation feature, you may run the risk of someone hearing even behind closed doors.

The box claims this toy is 100% waterproof, and after testing, the toy was found to only be splashproof. The issue is that the bottom cap doesn't provide a good enough seal to not allow water inside. When the toy was exposed to water, the cap failed to prove a good seal. Therefore, water entered the battery compartment. Luckily, it wasn't too much, so the toy was able to dry to work for another day. The silicone portion is waterproof, but the controls aren't, which makes the toy splashproof. Therefore, this toy shouldn't be submerged in water or used in the shower.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone is easy to care for because it's non porous, so even sharing is possible. For regular cleanings you should wash it with an antibacterial soap and warm water, but toy wipes and toy cleaner will work just fine. If you are planning on sharing you can use a condom, but be sure to check the type of lube on the condom. However, the clitoral attachment won't be protected. If you are sharing; it's best to wash this toy with a 10% bleach solution before and after each user.

This toy isn't going to be the easiest to store, so you will need to make room for it. It can fit in a night stand drawer or something along those lines. Be sure to store away from wandering eyes because it's not discreet. Don't store with other soft materials like jelly, TPR, PVC, etc. because these could become damaged. Storing 100% silicone toys with other 100% silicone toys is okay.

Silicone is only compatible with water based lubes. You can opt to spot test with other lubes if you wish.



This Rabbit comes in packaging that is minimal. There is some useful information on the bottom about the material, but otherwise it's very basic. It should be wrapped for gifting to make it more presentable. It's not the best for long term storage, but it's effective short term.

Personal comments

I wanted to comment on the price of this rabbit. For the most part, silicone rabbits aren't cheap. There are even $100 rabbits that are made of Jelly. So, purchasing a silicone rabbit for $70 is awesome - there aren't many better deals.


The Silly Rabbit doesn't fit my anatomy. The clitoral arm overshoots my clit because I need an angle between 40-50 for my clit that is 45mm away from my uretha (check out this thread for more information). This 60 degree angle doesn't allow me to insert this completely and line up the arm with my clit. I can manipulate it into working. I can flex the clitoral ears down onto my clit while having the shaft comfortably inside of me. However, the tips of the ears only provide a flutter of vibrations. I don't find the flutter of vibrations to be enough oomph for my clit of steel. I really enjoy the rotation and the beads on the shaft - they really get my juices going! The beads really help the rotation feel more orgasmic.

Overall, this toy is a good one. It's best suited for someone whose body allows for the 60 degree angle, isn't seam sensitive, gets off with ticklers, and doesn't require a lot of vroom. If you fit all of those needs, this could be the rabbit for you.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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