Silly rabbit - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by *Camoprincess*

This Rabbit Will Make Your Toes Curl

This is my new go-to vibe, that I hope lasts a good amount of time. Packed with lots of power and can be sterilized. This is an amazing vibrator!!
Strong Vibrations
Dual Stimulation
For some vibrations too intense
Collects Lint
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"WOW" is about all I can say right now with this AWESOME rabbit! The Silly Rabbit is best used for vaginal penetration with clitoral stimulation from the ears. Silly Rabbit is a G-Spot vibrator that has rotating stainless steel pleasure beads, but that isn't all! I can't forget about the clitoral stimulator, it is a rabbit head with WONDERFUL ears! I would honestly say that this isn't going to be a beginner's rabbit, not so much due to size but due to the vibrations this baby has. This will work for a variety of women who love clitoral stimulation with penetration, this baby packs A LOT of power. You could also turn the vibe around if you wanted some anal stimulation with the rabbit ears.

You can use your Silly Rabbit alone or with a partner. I used mine alone, since my partner was away working, which was okay cause I sent him some "nautghty" shots which he enjoyed!! I used mine in many different ways, from laying on my side, to doggy, and laying on my back, this is my NEW go to rabbit.
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    • Couples
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
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    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

I love that the Silly Rabbit is made mainly of silicone, aside from the plastic for the control panel, and the stainless steel for the rotating pleasure beads inside the shaft. There is really no kind of texture to this vibe at all, for the most part it is smooth all over. To me, it is a more softer silicone, since I am able to squeeze the tip of the vibe and it has some give to it.

Silicone is non-porous and can be sterilized, which is always a plus when choosing toys. On Eden's Safety Scale this falls at an 8, I think mainly because of the plastic at the bottom where the control panel is. Many things I absolutely love about this vibrator- it is made with Food Grade Materials, Hypo-Allergenic, Latex Free, Non-Porous, and Phthalates Free! All very important things to me when choosing a toy. I love Silicone since it doesn't suck in all the horrible things that more porous toys can! With this being Latex Free, Hypo-Allergenic, and Phthalates Free, that means that it is more compatible with many people's bodies. I know my body is fully against latex items, if I use latex you will know, and after foreplay or a solo session I don't want to be walking around scratching due to a reaction.

Being that this is silicone, it had absolutely NO smell at all, just another reason why I love silicone toys. However, a downfall with silicone toys is that you MUST use a lube since there is often times a dragging feel while in use. I did experience this while using my Silly Rabbit, but it wasn't anything that turned me off from using this vibe.

The texture would work fine for beginners as well as the more advanced users. The texture is super smooth without any kind of ridges, bumps, or things of that nature.

Along the back and around to the front of the Silly Rabbit there is a noticeable seam that you can feel with your fingers. I personally couldn't feel this seam while I was using my Silly Rabbit.

Please note that if you don't want this to collect lint, hair, or anything else you should make sure you store this in a pouch or back in its box after you have fully dried it off.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

I love the design of the Silly Rabbit. Most all my vibes that I buy are rabbit style since I must have clitoral stimulation. Silly Rabbit will be my 3rd G-Spot vibe that I have used so far, they don't really do much for me.

This shows you how it compares to other objects, this is a pretty big vibe. In the picture above, as well as below, you can see the Clitoral Attachment that is a rabbit it shows his head as well as his TWO clit-tickling ears. The G-Spot curve is very distinct, you can clearly see the curve on the tip; it isn't a huge curve, but enough to give G-Spot stimulation. Inside, you can find the Stainless Steel Pleasure Beads that provide stimulation internally, and at the base or opening of the vagina, depending on how far you like to penetrate yourself.

What it Sizes up to
*Length: 10 1/4"
*Insertable Length: 5 1/4"
*Circumference: 5"
*Diameter: 1 1/2"
*Clitoral Attachment: Rabbit Style
*Weight: 1lb
*Color: Purple

I wouldn't say this toy is very discreet at all, I mean if you leave it laying on your nightstand if someone were to walk into your room they would definitely know what it was. Can you easily hide this?! Well considering it is almost a foot long I think it would be a little hard but no impossible you can always toss it in your underwear drawer or wherever you store your toys. If you travel with this I recommend that you take the batteries out so you don't have to have your luggage ceased and the bomb squad called for odd noises coming from within your luggage. All jokes aside though I personally wouldn't travel with the Silly Rabbit unless I was driving myself.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Controls for the Silly Rabbit are simple easy-to-push buttons. Below you will find a picture of the controls. The Up & Down Buttons control the speed of the head and pleasure bead rotation. There are 3 speed settings: slow, medium, and fast. You simply push the Up Button to make the rotations go faster and the Down Button to slow the rotations down. There are 3 heart shaped indicator lights that show you what speed you are on. In the middle of the control panel you will find the Rotation Button, push this button to change the direction of the pleasure beads and head. The very bottom button, I will call it the Wavy Button, is your Power Button and Speed Change Button, press this button to turn on your Silly Rabbit. Once your Silly Rabbit is on, you can push your Wavy Button to scroll through all 7 patterns; from weak, medium, to strong vibrations, followed by escalating and pulsating patterns. Below the power button you will also see the heart-shaped indicator lights, these help you determine what vibration setting you are on. How do you power off your Silly Rabbit? Hold down your Wavy Button for 4 seconds and it will turn off. For me, the controls were easy to use even while the toy was in use. I didn't have to remove the toy in order to change the vibration settings, or to change the rotation pattern.

Vibrations can only be felt in the clitoral stimulator where the bullet is located. This little stimulator is very POWERFUL, this is the most powerful rabbit vibe I have ever owned. I wasn't let down or disappointed at all by the power this baby packed. No vibrations can be felt in the shaft of the Silly Rabbit, well at least for me I couldn't.

Rotation for the shaft includes not only the rotation of the pleasure beads, but also the "head" of the shaft. You can change the rotation direction from right to left with just the push of a button. The pleasure beads honestly didn't give very much stimulation at all, it seemed that the beads were barely felt since they didn't bulge out like most beaded rabbits.

The noise level on this baby is NOT whisper quiet, you would be able to hear this even using under the covers. I doubt it could be heard through a closed door, but to be on the safe side, if you don't live alone I would turn on the T.V. or turn on some tunes before getting down to business.

If you are a sensitive person to vibrations I wouldn't recommend this vibe to you, because even on the lowest setting the vibrations are somewhat intense. The highest level of vibrations is VERY INTENSE, which I love since I am a Power Queen and most anything less then a 4 on the Vroom scale doesn't do anything for me. This by far is a 5 when it comes to Vrooms. Love this powerhouse of a toy!

The battery compartment has a twist off cap that is easily opened,but sometimes hard to close since you have to line up the "knobs" on the inside for it to lock.

Here you can see the bottom of the vibe, cap and the battery cradle that holds the batteries used to power the Silly Rabbit.

The Silly Rabbit runs off of 3AA batteries that fit easily into the battery cradle. The battery cradle slides into the bottom of the vibe, make sure you have the battery cradle turned the right way. You can put this in backwards, while it won't cause damage it will leave you wondering why it was working a few minutes ago but not now. I personally did this on accident and was mind boggled on why it was working before I took the batteries out for pictures then it didn't work when I put them back in. I opened the battery compartment to find YES I put them in upside down.

While on the package this states that the Silly Rabbit is waterproof, I can't vouch for that since I didn't submerge my bunny. When it comes to waterproof toys, I am always worried that the waterproof part will fail, so I very rarely take my toys to the shower or wash them in the sink. I would NOT be very happy if I took my bunny for a dip an it got ruined for failed waterproof design. Personally, I am not a play-in-the-shower-with-toys kind of girl anyways.

Aside from the vibrations and rotations of this vibe, it also has a G-Spot curve, and for once I can say a G-Spot toy has worked for me! Normally I have no luck with G-Spot toys, but this one hit it just right.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

Care for the Silly Rabbit is very simple. You can wash with an antibacterial soap and hot water, 10% bleach solution (since this is silicone), or as I do with an antibacterial toy cleaner. If you wanted you could also boil the toy but I wouldn't submerge the whole thing just hold the part that was inserted into your body into the boiling water. Even with this being waterproof you wouldn't want to boil the whole thing because of the control panel.

To clean my Silly Rabbit I sprayed it down with Dr. Flynt's Squeaky Clean Toy Cleaner, let it sit on the toy for a few minutes, then wiped it dry.

Make sure when cleaning your toys if you lay them out to air dry that they are on either a lint free towel or a hard clean surface, since this wonderful vibe likes to collect hair and lint. I wiped mine dry with a clean lint-free towel and tossed it back in the plastic packaging it came in.

Being that this is a silicone beauty, you'll want to use ONLY a water based lube, do NOT use a silicone lube as this will ruin your silicone toys. Store this and all other silicone toys away from others. Don't let your toys touch, as it can discolor, melt and all around ruin them. I don't know about you but I don't want my toys ruining each other. Right now I store my Silly Rabbit in the plastic box that it came in. This item is not discreet at all from the toy to the packaging so if you are trying to be discreet with this I recommend storing it in a drawer or cabinet.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Packaging was very minimal, just a simple plastic box with a plastic insert that the toy laid in. Nothing about this packaging screams discreet at all either. You can see through the package, and you can see that beautiful rabbit. Pictures of the Silly Rabbit can be found on the back and along the side of the box. I wouldn't use this box as is for gift giving. If you were going to give this to your partner as a gift, I would suggest getting a cute gift bag or wrapping it up really nicely.

The front of the package tells you that there are 3 speeds of rotation, 7 different vibration patterns, that it's waterproof, and that it is made of silicone.

Back of package shows a picture of the rabbit and explains the different functions that this baby is capable of.

Side of the package just simply shows a picture of the Silly Rabbit.

Once I pulled out the Silly Rabbit, it laid in a plastic shell that was clear and shaped to fit the vibe.

The packaging is very flimsy so it isn't the best for storing, but for now that is how I store mine. There was not any sort of instructions included in the package. Thankfully, I knew what to do with it and how to care for my Silly Rabbit, if not I don't know what I would have done. I personally don't really read instructions anyways, since I read the pamphlet that came with my first toy they tend to say the same things.
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable


I have fallen In Love with this wonderful rabbit. If you are a Power Queen or require STRONG vibrations, I would totally suggest you checking out the Silly Rabbit. I have to have tons of strong vibrations and I was not disappointed at all with this. In fact, I had to turn the vibrations down a few times to give my clit a rest. I have had a few rabbits that my vaginal muscles have done a number on and made them struggle, I am very pleased that I didn't have those problems with the Silly Rabbit. The Silly Rabbit was used laying on my back, laying on my side, and on my knees and I had no problem in any positions holding the rabbit or using the controls.
Follow-up commentary
This rabbit still makes my toes curl and still gets pulled out from time to time! Still going strong. I believe this is one of the best battery powered toys I have that isn't rechargeable. If you are looking for a simple silicone rabbit with power I would suggest the Silly Rabbit
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  • Hummingbird
    Great detail in review. It look more efficient than my remote wireless Vibe dildo and quite stimulating too! Also appreciated the intuitional photos included with your review. Thanks for all the valuable info!
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